Features & Details

Star Jumper puts you in command of one of the 6 available starships.

Use it to explore and encounter different random events within the galaxy and make your way to the center of the galaxy.
Discover new items, systems, weapons that you can use to augment your ship to make it stronger.

Trade with various merchants to repair your ship, get fuel for the journey, or to buy new items.

Fight off hostile ships. You can distribute power to your ship's weapons, shields or engines to gain an upper hand. But be careful, powering a system will drain power from the other two and make them weaker!
You can also use your advanced sensors to target specific enemy systems to shut them down!

When weapons aren't good enough you can always board and capture the enemy ship.

- 6 ships to choose from
- 80 to 145 random locations to explore
- over 30 enemy ships
- 80 weapons distributed in four types
- various items that you can trade

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