Features & Details

The coming doomsday inspires your fighting instinct to survive in a chaotic city!
Hunt the infected zombies! Be more powerful!
Arm yourself fully and become the most powerful doomsday SURVIVOR!

 Rich in-game items:
You can choose your favorite weapons among many weapons- pistols, sub-machine guns, rifles, etc., all kinds of powerful weapons waiting for you to take, bring your strongest weapons and fight in this doomsday battlefield!

 Various types of game zombies:
You will face a variety of different zombies- speedy zombies, power zombies, integrated zombies, variant zombies... Use the fastest speed to solve all zombies and survive in this dark city!

 Unique props:
- There are special props that offer unlimited ammo, so you no longer have to worry about this!
- Double props: There are mysterious props that give you double EXP and double gold! You can grow faster in danger
- There are special props to enhance the power of the weapon and the firing rate.
- Get more grenade first aid kits that will save you when you are in danger!
- Challenge a variety of high-value bounty missions to hunt zombies, and you can grow faster with more tasks.
- A good body armor can help you survive better. Remember to fix it in timeand constantly upgrade it!

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