Art of Conquest 2

Art of Conquest 2

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Game Features

Since the destruction of the Chronosphere by invaders, Aeonis has been on the brink of ruin. As a Lord, you must pursue justice and bring back order to this chaotic world! Unite with allies and fight to protect your homeland! When the shadow of war blots out the sky and evil forces spread their influence, you shall stand strong! Summon amazing warriors from different dimensions of space-time and command them to usher in a new era!

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RTS Battles in a Fantasy World
Just as a wisp of breeze can cause a terrible storm, even a single Lord can have a profound impact on Aeonis. Perhaps you enjoy freedom and peace, and would rather stand alone...or maybe you have many ambitions, and aim to conquer together with your doubt you will find your own place in this vast unknown world, and enjoy the many challenges and trials that await!

More than 30 Races to Command
A warlock who turns into a gigantic tidal beast. A human mage who controls the power of the elements. An elven marksman who never misses a shot. A dwarf inventor who utilizes mechanical machinations. Bring them all under your command to form the most powerful army on the continent of Aeonis!

A Vast World Map, with Breathtaking Ancient Battlefields
Choose your battlefields wisely. Make full use of over 15 landscapes to achieve victory and glory! Occupy the only Crossings and Bridges to dominate Alliance Wars. Traverse craters guarded by mighty dragons. Take down Cities and Passes guarded by defenders that require hundreds of Lords to work together. The drums of war beat, and iron hooves pound the ground, as war sweeps across Aeonis!

Global Real-Time Competition
Join players from all over the world and compete for domination of the continent! Fight side-by-side with allies, expand your territory, conquer Cities, crush your enemies, and achieve the impossible!

Tons of Equipment and Fief Decorations to Explore
Rune-engraved blades gleaming in the night. Enchanted shields humming across the battlefield. Hundreds of awesome Equipment to make your Heroes truly a sight to behold!
You can plan and build your Fief however you want! It will serve as the origin of your new a dazzling torch to illuminate a world in darkness and chaos!

Challenge Legendary Creatures
Angry fire-breathing dragons...ancient demigods arising from their slumber...giants striding through ice-capped mountains...headless knights looking for lost souls to devour...Wendy the Wind Spirit shall guide you on a journey to challenge these Creatures of Legend! Bring back their heads (or legs in the case of headless knights), and show all of Aeonis your glory and power!

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  • Click the Art of Conquest 2 icon on the home screen to start playing

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