Features & Details

Dive into a dynamic 3v3 arcade PvP sci-fi action game with tons of weapons, tactics, and fun!

Choose your class and get ready for a fast-paced multiplayer PvP shooter! Gear up with a wide range of weapons and unique armor sets to shoot your way to victory. Climb to the top and dominate the battlefield. This New World needs someone who can take action into their own hands!

-Action-packed 3v3 PvP arcade excitement
-Three unique classes to master
-Variety of distinct weapons
-Easy and responsive controls
-Shooting done right for your mobile device
-Play solo, or team up with your friends for some co-op fun!

In the distant future, the people of Earth have reached for the stars in a global effort called “Exodus Zero.”
Time has passed, and colossal ark-like spaceships have ended up in the far reaches of the solar system in the constellation of Boötes near the Arcturus star. After a period of hostilities, three strong factions were founded.
Step into the boots of a mercenary who profits from the New World's never-ending conflicts.
Join the mercenary brotherhood and become part of a team that's skilled, armor-clad, and ready to use any tactic to gain the upper hand in battle.
Build up a reputation among your fellow mercenaries and show the New World that you're the strongest force to ever exist. And if anyone disagrees, let your gun do the talking.
What are you waiting for, soldier?

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