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Page Modified on: Jul 7, 2022

Game Features

Omniheroes, a medieval fantasy RPG with dark and mystical artstyle, is available now!

Recruit over 100 heroes from 5 different factions and strengthen them even more with epic Relics! Strategize as intensely as you want, or take it easy and go idle, as you conquer many challenges! Bring the war to the demons in a fight to the finish!

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Dive into a Dark and Mystical World
Step into a realm of faith and gods; of immortals and an eternal war; of the divine and the strange; of corruption and purification. In this medieval realm of high magic, carve your deeds into legend as you partake in a battle between those demonic and divine, in a realm ruled by swords and sorcery.

Collect a League of Stunning Heroes
Gather a league of legendary heroes from across 5 different factions. Designed and modeled by masterful graphical artists, watch and behold as your heroes unleash spectacular skills in stylish 2D graphics molded to bring you closer to the magic and grandeur of the setting.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Heroes
Play and strategize your way to victory across a myriad of game modes! Play smart, not hard: switch up your team compositions from 5 different factions for each encounter, breeze through the stages, and earn the most unexpected rewards.
Experience unique campaigns for each hero and battle across hundreds of 5v5 stages, PVP battles, roguelike labyrinths, and dominate the Legend Archive where you can earn legendary hero shards to fuse stronger heroes!

Grow Strong Without Regret
Using the game's unique leveling system, you can upgrade your favorite heroes and gear without fear of mistakes. Should you make a choice you regret, merely head to the Flashback Tower to experience the "Rebirth" feature to get all your expended resources back at zero cost! There's no need to grind, so feel free and experiment to make your ultimate teams.

One-Shot Bosses Using Epic Relics
Collect epic Relics to face incredible bosses. Each Relic has its own unique features. Intricately designed and made to synergize strategically with your heroes, feel free to dive deep into the Labyrinth mode and indulge in rogue-like style gameplay. Who knows, maybe your Relics will be the deciding blow between victory and defeat.

Master Blackjack to Earn Precious Treasures
Fancy a game of 21? Roll the dice and feed the Flowers of Evil deep in the Gloomwoods. Do this right and you might just watch your flowers change color as the rarity of your gems increases evermore. Or perhaps you want something more hands-on? Pillage the Flowers of Evil and share in the joy of the raid with your friends as you engage in intense battles.

Reap a Rain of Diamonds Even While Idle
When you are tired, treat yourself to rest and let the automated mechanics take over. Accelerate your gains and loot with the press of a button as you demolish countless foes.
As long as you log in daily, you're sure to earn a deluge of diamonds! And should you feel that luck is with you, let fortune take the wheel as you draw ten heroes or items at a time! Eventually, everyone wins.

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Play Omniheroes on PC. It’s easy to get started.

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC

  • Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later

  • Look for Omniheroes in the search bar at the top right corner

  • Click to install Omniheroes from the search results

  • Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Omniheroes

  • Click the Omniheroes icon on the home screen to start playing

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