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Page Modified on: Apr 18, 2024

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KOF'98 UM OL" 7th Anniversary Release! The super popular title masterpiece fighting game "THE KING OF FIGHTERS" (abbreviated as "KOF") has finally reached its 7th anniversary! As a commemoration, a new LR fighter will appear!
We will hold a 7th anniversary thanksgiving festival where you can receive gorgeous rewards with gratitude to all the players who always support "KOF'98 UM OL"!
Let's join the event and celebrate the 7th anniversary together!

[Game Features]

▼Faithful reproduction of popular KOF characters▼
The familiar KOF All Stars such as Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, and Mai Shiranui are in full force!
That street-style fierce battle, fighting scenes, sounds, special moves, even character voices are reproduced as they are, and they are unfolding in front of you again! The battle of KOF never ends...

▼Collaboration unique to SNK▼
Popular KOF fighters familiar with SNK Samurai Spirits such as Haohmaru, Ukyo Tachibana, and Nakoruru have collaborated!
A dream tag battle with strong men from different dimensions who have traveled beyond time and space in search of strength!
A new serious game full of tension begins again!

▼ Your own dream team ▼
Breaking through the restrictions of a team of three people, allowing many KOF characters to participate at the same time.
Choose your favorite KOF characters as members without being bound by the team frame, create your own dream team, and defeat the enemy through the unique fists of KOF fighters!

▼ Advantageous formation of the team ▼
Attack power and defense power increase depending on the formation of the team. Devise the arrangement and attack order of KOF characters, and develop a battle strategically with a formation suitable for your team!

▼ Exhilarating combo experience ▼
A new sensation battle that connects combos with rhythm taps!
Tap the KOF characters at the right time and aim for perfection!

▼ Equipped with the first battle QTE continuous attack system ▼
Each KOF character's unique "special move" can be revived with your own hands! A simple tap activates super special moves such as Orojanagi, Yawakime, and Kono Shoken.
Grab the rhythm of the battle, aim for the perfect timing to unleash your moves, and enjoy the exhilarating combo!

▼ Variety of play modes ▼
In addition to classic story quests, KOF now has a variety of PVE + PVP modes such as gacha, talent, ultimate trial, KOF tournament, female KOF fighter, clone team battle, fighter legend, arena, arena between servers, brawl street, etc. appeared in the world of

Challenge the strongest champion, excite the KOF world, and establish an undefeated legend on all servers!

Now, in "KOF'98 UM OL", which perfectly reproduces "THE KING OF FIGHTERS", become a true champion with the Fighters of the KOF world in a heated battle unique to fighting games!

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