3P Mahjong Fury - hottest in Malaysia & Singapore

3P Mahjong Fury - hottest in Malaysia & Singapore

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Page Modified on: June 23, 2021

Game Features

Can you defeat rival challengers, unlock the 9 Dragon Gates, and become the true KING OF MAHJONG?

Why you will love 3P Mahjong Fury:

✔️ Play for Free - Enjoy the full game with no purchase necessary.
✔️ Stunning Visual Effects - The most realistic Mahjong game around.
✔️ Easy to Learn - A few simple rules to learn, infinite strategies to discover!
✔️ No Win Limit! - No Fan Limit! Only limited by your skill and imagination.
✔️ Fast & Intense - Finish each game in just two minutes! Will you win big or go bankrupt?
✔️ Real-time Multiplayer - Test your wits against millions of players from all over the world!
✔️ Raise the Stakes- Grow the Bomb Multiplier when you Kong or Bite: the bigger the Bomb, the higher the payout!
✔️ Learn & Improve - Fair games match you against players of your own level. Train and become stronger as you meet tougher opponents.
✔️ Daily Bonuses - New rewards and bonuses daily!

2. Game Rules:
Mahjong Fury follows the conventional Mahjong Rules except for the following

A. Only 84 tiles in total
- 36 Number tiles, 28 Honors tiles, 16 Bonus Tiles, 4 Joker(""飛"") tiles

B. Minimum FAN to game
- To ““GAME””, player needs to score a minimum of 5 Fans
- Minimum FAN to game may varies according to different types of lobbies or tournaments

C. Joker(""飛"") Usage
- Joker can combine with any cards to PONG or CHOW; if discarded it adds 1 FAN to your hand;
- If player subsequently draw a tile that can replace the Joker that has been used in PONG/CHOW, the Joker will be automatically replaced with that tile;
- A Joker cannot replace a tile that has already appeared 4 times in your hand.

D. Bonus Tiles
- A pair of matching Bonus tiles is a BITE;
- A complete set of the Bonus tiles contributes to a FLOWER KONG;

- A KONG gives an instant payout of 5x base bet and increases the BOMB Multiplier by 1.

- A BITE is a pair of matching Bonus tiles; The matching Bonus tiles are:
A pair of Flower and Season of the same number;
Cat + Rat
Rooster + Centipede
Dragon and Tiger
Phoenix and Turtle
- A BITE gives an instant payout of 5x base bet and increases the BOMB Multiplier by 1.

G. BOMB Multiplier
- A Bomb Multiplier is created whenever there is a KONG or a BITE
- The Bomb Multiplier multiplies the FAN winnings of the game;

H. FAN Multiplier
- The Fan multiplier for different FANs made are as follows:
- x1 : 5 ~ 9 FANs
- x2 : 10 ~ 19
- x3 : 20 ~ 29
- x4 : 30 ~ 39
- x5 : 40 ~ 49
- x6 : 50 ~ 59
- x7 : 60 ~ 69
- x8 : 70 ~ 79
- x9 : 80 ~ 89
- x10: 90 ~ 99
- x11: 100 and above FANs

5. Scoring
A. Counting Scores
- Winner’s Fan winnings = Number of Fans x Fan Multiplier x Bomb Multiplier x 1.5 or 2
(1.5 if Hu from Discard, 2 if Self-Game)
- Winner’s final winnings = Fan Winnings x Win Boost ± Instant payout - 10% tax

B. The Combos and Fans
20 Fans:
- 18 Arhats

10 Fans:
- Flowerless
- Opening Slam
- Jokers Slam
- Hidden Treasures
- Heavenly Slam
- Earthly Slam
- All Honors
- 3 Dragons
- Big Winds
- 7 Flowers
- Kong Flower Hu
- Flower Kong Hu
- Kong Kong Hu
- Triple Kong
- Last Tile

3 Fans:
- Small Dragons
- Small Winds

2 Fans:
- Suit Flush
- All Pongs

1 Fans:
- Win/Hu
- Flower
- East/South/West/North Wind
- Red/Green/White Dragon
- Hon. Terminals
- Flower Set
- All Chows
- Kong Hu
- Flower Hu

6. Ranking System
A. Crashing the Dragon Gate
- Players will be rated and ranked based on ratings and chips, and will be matched against other similar players.

B. Rank Exam
- A player needs to qualify and pass an Exam to advance to a higher Major Rank; e.g. Novice to Intermediate.
- Players may retry the exam matches

7. Level System
- System adds XP to player’s level after a match
- Higher levels have higher stamina limit and other benefits

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Play 3P Mahjong Fury - hottest in Malaysia & Singapore on PC. It’s easy to get started.

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  • Look for 3P Mahjong Fury - hottest in Malaysia & Singapore in the search bar at the top right corner

  • Click to install 3P Mahjong Fury - hottest in Malaysia & Singapore from the search results

  • Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install 3P Mahjong Fury - hottest in Malaysia & Singapore

  • Click the 3P Mahjong Fury - hottest in Malaysia & Singapore icon on the home screen to start playing

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