Clash Three Kingdoms:Online Strategy Wars Army SLG

Clash Three Kingdoms:Online Strategy Wars Army SLG

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Last Updated February 23, 2021

Game Features

Brand-new Three Kingdoms, alternative fashion interpretation, fun Three Kingdoms adventure, hilarious military generals! The orthodox sequel to super high explosive rate & nourishing liver and kidney!
After three years of sharpening a sword, a fun and conscientious pure Three Kingdoms card mobile game-"Moe General Three Kingdoms War" is here! Wushuang is coming! A role-playing card mobile game based on the passionate Three Kingdoms war and epic team battles .
Reappearing the beacon of troubled times, heroes are born for battle, be the masters, recruit famous generals, line up troops, and unparalleled gods will personally train them; dominate the king, classic battles, true restoration, and invincible to kill the enemy bravely;
You can also build territories, search for treasures, hang up easily, and upgrade without burden in your dreams! Come and feel the thrill of strategizing and commanding thousands of troops to fight life and death! Start your "Three Kingdoms New Generation"!

Game features:
1. The characters adopt the quaint background of freshwater pink color and the Q version of the character modeling with Chinese characteristic architectural scenes, which complement each other.
2. Hang up and upgrade to play BOSS, 24 hours of non-stop battle!
3. Exquisite cartoon rendering, smooth skeletal animation, and fresh and lovely characters make people love them too much;
4. Diverse play methods are endless, giving you a vibrant and happy Three Kingdoms experience;
5. Gorgeous skills, square-inch battles, deduce more amorous fingertips Three Kingdoms.
6. Refreshing strikes and uninterrupted combos will give you super pleasure.
7. Mounts, jewelry, arena, friend battles, BOSS battles, dungeons, cross-server competitions and other multiple gameplay methods.
8. Group heroes gather, three hundred heroes accompany you
9. Fantastic treasure hunt, keep collecting abundant materials
10. South and North wars, classic battles are waiting for you
11. Breeding cute will go deep into the two dimensions of the Three Kingdoms, and the cute of the fantasy department will return to the battlefield with you;
12. Characteristic plot, who said that Guan Yu and Zhao Yun are the strongest in the Three Kingdoms? Only after playing did I know that he is hidden! The legendary heroes of the Three Kingdoms will appear in different identities

Featured benefits:
1. Brand new cool three-country card card, single draw god will have a hundred times the burst rate, VIP will be given when you log in, and red will be CP combination!
2. One-click on the Cao Thief! Free SSR when you log in, cool and crazy
3. Brother die! Learn about the Three Kingdoms, the new Q version of the characters, choose God outfits!

Rich gameplay, enjoy strategic battles. In addition to rich generals collection and training, there are also various gameplays such as BOSS battles, dungeons and PVP duels in "Three Kingdoms War".
In addition to the main tasks, players who are keen to attack BOSS can challenge individual BOSS, ranked BOSS, world BOSS and alien BOSS;
Players who want to buy a copy can also have a daily copy, a famous general copy, a team copy, etc.; in addition, players who want to compete with other players can also participate in the Battlefield of Destiny, Three Kingdoms, and cross-server A variety of PVP gameplay such as tier matches, experience the fierce battle between strength and strategy.

Want to drunk on the knees of a beauty and wake up to the world? Want to hug Diaochan and Lv Bu? Want to fight Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu? The Three Kingdoms, the Five Tigers, the Five Great Generals, and the Crouching Dragon and Phoenix youngsters are waiting for your recruitment. Come to "Three Kingdoms War"! Let you experience the counterattack from a small diao silk to a generation of kings! Gather the capable and wise men of the world and fight against the princes of the world!

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  • Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Clash Three Kingdoms:Online Strategy Wars Army SLG

  • Click the Clash Three Kingdoms:Online Strategy Wars Army SLG icon on the home screen to start playing

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