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Are you a tabletop gamer wanting to spend more time playing games and less time choosing the starting player?

• Bored of tedious dice-offs?
• Fed up with the same pointy-eared player taking the first turn in Small World?
• Will you never be the youngest player?

Drop the custom start player rules from your game sessions and just pick someone at random.

Who's First? will allow you to quickly choose a random starting player.
Who's First? can also choose a random player order.

Are you arguing who runs the next team meeting?
Maybe you can't agree whose turn it is to do the dishes.
Can't agree who should be getting the biscuits for elevensies?

Why not let Who's First? decide?

Whether you want to choose a starting player, choose a random player order, or just pick a person to break a stalemate, Who's First? is here for you.

All you require is one digit to represent each interested party!

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Play Who's First? On BlueStacks

BlueStacks 4 is a brand new Android emulator and also the only gaming platform designed and built for gamers.

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