Features & Details

See your band of gods and heroes grow as you lead them through adventures, trials, arenas and tons of other challenges! Earn fat loot, reforge powerful relics, unleash overwhelming skills – all the fun awaits with no grind and no hassle!

Game Features:
*Real AFK Auto-Battle*
Just one tap, and watch the XP, gold, gear, and epic loot come pouring in! It works even when you're idle or offline! No more mindless grinding!

*Extensive RPG-Style Hero Progression*
Five elements, four unique classes, infinite possible strategies and matches - It's up to you to guide your epic team. Forge mighty Gear to bolster your strength, reward your heroes with tailored Legendary Runes and Artifacts, and make them unstoppable in battle!

*Cross-Server Multiplayer PvP Arena*
Blades from different servers will match and clash in war, but only one shall emerge victorious! Will you be the one? Champion titles, 5★ heroes, skins – epic rewards awaits!

*Unique Multi-Battle Adventures*
Why limit yourself to just one fight, one loot? Story Mode, Arena, The Babel, Arcadia, Daily Trials... All these elements can be taken by your team at the same time, at AFK, full-auto!

*Simple, Yet Deep Strategic Gameplay*
Combos, hero synergies, metas, countermetas... Is your strategy good enough to take down the toughest teams in multiplayer PvP? Come, to war! To adventure!

The story so far…
The Golden Age – the blessed time when gods and mortals walk and live side by side in harmony. Now it is coming to an abrupt end as the demons rampage.

Zeus, Athena, Odin and other gods have gathered their strength to summon the destined hero back in time – you! Will you be the one to save the day?

Core Mechanics
Tales of Radiance features a 5v5, fully automatic idle RPG battle system with stunning graphics, deep character customization, and balanced dynamic metas. Coupled with a variety of fun, engaging features and events, Tales of Radiance is the auto-battle RPG to be.

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Talesofradiance/
- Support: mobilesupport@r2games.com

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