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Oct 18, 2016
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The Life Of a Farmer Is Awesome!

Experience life in the farm lane when you take on the numerous challenges that await you in the hot new title Harvest Land.

You have been tasked with growing this tiny farm into a mega-farm that can feed the world. Play Harvest Land on PC and Mac to build your own little farming village from the ground up. Set up crops and animal pens to produce raw materials for your villagers to use in crafting amazing products for the world. Decorate and reset your town as often as you like to ensure you look and work your best and most effective as you compete with other farmers and town owners around the globe. Take on the world of farming with BlueStacks and Harvest Land on your computer.

Stream a Farmer's Life To the Internet

The internet loves watching things. The people that flock to the web will literally sit and watch hours and hours of their favorite videos. Give these farmer-wannabes something to watch and share by streaming Harvest Land to massive online networks like Twitter, Facebook Live, and Twitch. BlueStacks 4 now gives players the ultimate access to video game broadcasting by enabling convenient one-click streaming controls on your computer. More than a great way to have fun, video game broadcasting is an amazing tool in your online branding toolbox. It allows a steady stream of shareable content that has the chance to explore your subs and followers like never before. Stream your mobile world to the real world for long-lasting returns.