Evil Awakening II: Erebus is the latest instalment in the ever-growing video game franchise of Evil Awakening. Known for their captivating gameplay experience, this edition features an expansive location called “Erebus”. This mythical land is brimming with chaos and evil forces, with tons of exploration to do and a lot of legendary loot available to be collected. Developed and published by Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited, Evil Awakening II: Erebus is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Evil Awakening II: Erebus – A Post-Apocalyptic Portrait MMORPG that Boasts Customization and Creativity

Evil Awakening II: Erebus promises a true-to-the-franchise gaming experience on your mobile devices. Playing Evil Awakening II: Erebus on your PC with BlueStacks, using your keyboard and mouse is the best way to progress through difficult stages, triumph over tough bosses, and proclaim yourself as the sole king of the continent. Let’s see if the game stands out as premiere Idle RPG or resides among the countless others that tried to be the former, in this in-depth review of Evil Awakening II: Erebus.

Plunge into the Darkness surrounding the Continent of Erebus

The storyline of Evil Awakening II: Erebus features a lot of gruesome and bloody battles between the decided cast of Good and Evil characters. Experience innovative gameplay and battle mechanics in this next-generational Idle MMORPG that is completely portrait based. Apart from stereotypical characters, the game also has a vast cast of NPCs, each of whom you can interact with in order to forge a bond. You can get repeatedly new quests by talking to each of them over time, which will fetch you a ton of rewards in return. 

Evil Awakening II: Erebus – A Post-Apocalyptic Portrait MMORPG that Boasts Customization and Creativity

Featuring the messy and evil continent of Erebus, choose your side and get on to exploring. Not much is disclosed regarding the story aspects of Evil Awakening II: Erebus, as it simply does not play a major role in the overall theme of the game design.  

Get Immersed in the Tactical Action and Combat 

Evil Awakening II: Erebus is a great action-oriented MMORPG that does not require a lot of pre-requisites regarding MMOs or the Evil Awakening franchise in general. Being an “Idle” MMO, the game does a fairly decent job at providing an action-based combat system, wherein, your character can be controlled either manually or automatically. You can also choose to cast your abilities either with the help of auto-targeting using the AI (Artificial Intelligence) or with your own hands in a manual setting.

Evil Awakening II: Erebus – A Post-Apocalyptic Portrait MMORPG that Boasts Customization and Creativity

Players can earn a ton of rewards by simply engaging in interactive battles or by completing menial quests. However, this does not mean that Evil Awakening II: Erebus does not have a solid gameplay system, as it features over 10 different bosses, each of whom are well-endowed with powerful abilities and passive skills. A lot of strategizing and tactical thinking is required in the diverse PvP game modes, where you can compete with opponents in real-time. These battles are brutal but fair in nature, as they include no pay-to-win shenanigans, but only your wits.  

Explore the Diverse Class System 

Evil Awakening II: Erebus is one of the few MMORPGs released in 2023 that have actually cut down on the number of available classes as it only features 3 distinct classes – the Warrior, the Mage, and the Priest. Each of the class is heavily endowed with different types of base stats and possess a unique gameplay style altogether. For example, the Warriors are known for their melee offensive nature, the Mages are known for their control over the arcane elements of nature, and the Priests are the descendants of Angels, imbibing healing/supportive abilities. 

Evil Awakening II: Erebus – A Post-Apocalyptic Portrait MMORPG that Boasts Customization and Creativity

Keep in mind that you are going to be locked with a particular class for a duration time before you can unlock the ability to choose a 2nd job. Jobs, are essentially future modifications that happen to each of the class. For example, a Mage can choose to be an Enchanter or a Controller. Jobs further assign a unique duty even within a class itself.

Tons of AFK Loot Ready to be Collected

One of the many baseline positives of playing an Idle game are the intensive looting system that allows players to claim rewards even while they are AFK or not logged in to the game. Implementing such a system in a hardcore genre like MMORPG can be a challenging task, but Evil Awakening II: Erebus seems to have done it the right way. While inactivity is not encouraged, it certainly makes sense to not grind for hours at a single stretch just to get some basic resources. It’s a perfect fit for the casual gamers who are looking for a side game to play on the go that does not require much manual intervention.

Evil Awakening II: Erebus – A Post-Apocalyptic Portrait MMORPG that Boasts Customization and Creativity

For more information regarding the game, players can visit their official website. It is recommended to play Evil Awakening II: Erebus on a PC due to its massive graphical requirements that can put a strain to your smaller capacity device.