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Game Review: Cow Evolution

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Love animal games but tired of Angry Birds and Hay Day? Cow Evolution is a fun animal game will definitely entertain the bored animal lover in you. Cow Evolution is super fun and easy. Watch your cow poop coins so you can buy more cows and become even more rich. You can also match similar cows to merge them together to evolve your cow into a mootated and more profitable cow. Explore this game, through all the different mootations your cows may encounter.

Cow Evolution - Android and iSO Mobile Game

The mooing and the sound of cows pooping already make this game far more entertaining than others. Alien cows, alpaca cows and many more different types of cows can lead you to a different ending. With 5 different possible endings, you really won’t know which path you will go on…

Fortunately, the fun doesn’t end with just cows. This game also comes with different versions including: Goat Evolution, Giraffe Evolution, and a few more.

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All versions are available on the Google Play Store and don’t forget to maximize your fun by playing on Bluestacks 🙂


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