Game Review: Spider Square

Running games have taken over the mobile gaming market. Flappy bird, Crossy Road, Tiny Wings, Temple Run…the list is practically endless. Different characters, different art but all really the same concept.

Spider Square is yet another running game, with a blocky  spider shootings its web in order to keep moving forward through the level. The art is minimalistic and there are many cute characters to unlock, -much like Crossy Road.  The sound effects are very mini game-esque and definitely add to the motions and movement of your spider webbing across the screen. On top of all these great, but typical features is one very signiicant one: this mobile game is MULTIPLAYER! Comparing and texting scores to your friends and siblings are over. You can see the other player’s spider going through the level as you are in real time. Honestly this is a really simple idea but strange that nobody has developed something sooner!


The added multiplayer feature adds more fun and pressure as you are running through catching up or runnin away from the other player. Overall this game is very simple and easy but the added multiplayer feature gives it the extra edge. I would definitely keep this game and continue to play. No need to pass the phone or computer around. Playing in livetime makes a huge difference.

Stay connected with your friends with Spider Square through Bluestacks 🙂

Game Review: Spider Square