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Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

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At BlueStacks, we are kind of zombie-fans. Other people may flee in terror when they see walking dead, but we will just smile and grab our machete – yes, we keep one in our backpacks and yes, we know the zombie apocalypse will start sooner or later (sooner, if possible). Well, until that glorious day comes, Sonny from Armor Games offers the best thing: Fighting against zombies as a zombie. (Insert drooling sounds here.) This time, you are no defenseless survivor: You are also a zombie but you are the intelligent one who can talk, think, and has no intention to eat human brains, for some reason. (Where is the fun in that?) Let’s take a closer look at Sonny and find out what kind of fun it offers.

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

Say Hello To Apocalypse

We start the game on a ship, and we have no idea that we are also a zombie too, at least at the beginning. Luckily, a friendly doctor tells us the truth in no time: “Sonny, you are a zombie. Now be a good boy and clear out the other zombies in this ship, or we are going to sink”. The game has a story, although it is not a serious one. Basically, you keep fighting against hordes of zombies with a turn-based battle system and that’s it. This is the first screen you see when you start Sonny:

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

Only the background and enemy types change: All other things stay the same. This is not surprising, as Sonny is the work of a single guy, nicknamed “Krin”. In fact, you may remember Sonny as a Flash game, which was released for the PC platform years ago. It looked like this:

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

In terms of graphics quality, Android gets the better version of this game, but the main mechanics are the same. The story is told with text screens and while it’s not bad, it is not that interesting too. The only “twist” is that you are also a zombie and that’s it – the rest is the generic “zombie invasion” story archetype.

The Battle System: Killing Zombies Turn By Turn

The battle system of Sonny is turn-based but it is not grid-based. In other words, while you and the enemies attack in turns, there is no difference between melee and ranged characters. No matter what your distance to the target is, you can directly attack when it is your (or the enemies’) turn. Basically, you click on a button when it becomes active. The only strategic decision is which skill to use.

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

Click on an enemy to see which skills you can use. Stronger skills have CD (cooldown) so you cannot use them every time.

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

You can also click on yourself and use buffs.

After each successful battle, you gain XP points and sometimes equipment. It is also possible to purchase equipment from the store too. Sonny contains no loot boxes and no pay to win mechanisms, you cannot purchase the in-game currency with real money, for example. However, there is a catch: You are asked to watch a video ad after every battle. This means you will be watching a 30 seconds ad every 3 minutes or so. Luckily, watching ads gives you an XP buff too.

Play Sonny on BlueStacks 4

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

This is the store where you can purchase new equipment. However, no matter which gear/weapon you equip, Sonny will still look the same.

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

And this is the advertisement screen – do not click on “skip” because Sonny still shows you the video. At least get something in return.

Becoming A Stronger Zombie

There is a talent tree in Sonny, which you can use to get new skills or upgrade the current ones. There are a total of 14 skills and some of them are just for self-buffs, while others can unlock new attack types. You can upgrade each skill 5 times.

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

You also don’t get to fight alone: New characters will join your party as the story progresses. However, you cannot control them on the battlefield. They will fight automatically and attack the last target you attacked. This is actually frustrating: If Sonny was a game where we get to create our own party and use new characters as we want, it may be a very different (and better) game.

Meet Sonny, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie

This guy will leave us soon and we cannot control it. Well, thanks for the help.

Sonny is not a bad game but it could be much better if it gets rid of forced video adverts and adds additional RPG mechanics. However, since it is a port of the PC version, we don’t expect to see these changes anytime soon. Nevertheless, it offers enough fun and lets you fight against hordes of zombies: It is still worth to play. Read our BlueStacks setup too in order to learn how to use Combo Key and configure the game. And now, we can go back to killing more zombies: This world needs a hero and we have machetes, what can go wrong?

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