Mounty Downhill on BlueStacks

Mounty Downhill is a fresh take on endless downhill games to get the hero down the traversing hill as fast as possible, avoiding a variety of traps… how long can you go? We’re sure you’ll enjoy playing Mounty Downhill on PC via BlueStacks due to easy controls using arrow keys. Let’s get into the review!

Pros & Cons


  • Super simple to play, fiendishly difficult to master!
  • Unique retro 8-bit graphics theme with dainty soundtrack!


  • *Short term interests and misses some opportunities to expand.

Mounty Downhill is one of those easy to play titles that will hook you from the first play. It’s always that “play one more time” factor trying to beat your previous high score. Yet it’s difficult to master. You receive a random hill map each time you play. Controls are are simple as left/right tap directions on screen (or arrows on keyboard). Progress far enough and unlock various characters such as cows, zombies or 3D glasses- though they seem not to have any impact on gameplay… more on this later. Hopefully in this review you’ll gain some tips in how to advance into the leaderboards.

The goal of the game is to see how far you can get downhill stacking up coins along the way. Avoiding obstacles such as the assortment of treacherous blocks, timed protruding spikes, monsters probing about are key… plus add the fact that if you do not move fast enough the hill will drop right from under you. Here’s a breakdown of the various blocks:

  • quicksand
     Quicksand Block:
    jump to avoid sinking! Don’t stay on it too long… (Hint: jump rapidly to get out if stuck!)
  • falling
     Falling Block:
    this will fall shortly after you step on it… Don’t fall asleep!
  • puddle
     Puddle Block:
    jump twice to escape!
  • broken
     Broken Block:
    this block will topple down when you step on it… and you with it!
  • tnt
     TNT Block:
    a timer will start once you step on the block… and Kaboom! Nearby blocks will explode too!
  • poison
     Poison Block:
    it will poison you… find a cure to heal you as fast as you can!
  • confusion
     Confusion Potion:
    it will invert your moves for a while… what a mess, right?
  • shield
     Active Shield:
    will protect you from spikes, enemies and nearby explosions! But you aren’t immortal…

Of course you can play on your smartphone or tablet, however, you can play on PC via BlueStacks and take advantage of simple arrow controls versus tapping the screen direction. See what a fellow gamer had to say about it:

“Mouse or Keyboard Easier? I played with the keyboard because it is much more immediate, instead of using the mouse it is not easy.”

 -Cristiano M

*The addictive nature of the game and thematic are definitely it’s stronger traits, however, this leads to short term interests and it misses some opportunities to expand. I’ll highlight a few suggestions of fellow gamer pointing out these overlooked opportunities:

“There are no other objectives, just to reach the bottom and get a high score? In my opinion and this is just my opinion, I would create different levels with different block maps that has different challenges, that would make the game more fun, because this way people will loose interest in it quite fast.”

“Second thing, what’s the purpose of the new animals? Every time when I get a new animal, it’s just an animal & no extra things. What I mean about this is I think every animal could have his own feature. For example the deer, deer’s can jump long distances, so for example if you have a deer you can jump 2 blocks at the same time, a hippo is heavy, he could make the game more challenging, since he’s heavy and it can break certain blocks as he jumps on them. This would make the game more challenging and interesting. A snake could slide inside a hole and come out at the other end. Right now I do not see any purpose of these animals and nothing motivates me to get them.”

 -Levente N

BlueStacks Rating

Rating: 4.3/5

Should you download Mounty Downhill? Yes! It was a gem submitted to us and we’re happy to share with our gamers. It’s simple and difficult in the same breath. We even offer some ideas on how to expand the game and make it exponentially more interesting. Featuring cunning obstacles in a race against time with popular endless mechanics, it has colorful retro graphics, and an overall good time-waster game. BlueStacks is the best way to play Mounty Downhill on PC… download now!