Catching The Rarest Fish As A Humble Fisherman: Let’s Play Fishing Clash On BlueStacks

Catching The Rarest Fish As A Humble...

You can keep being the superhero or the chosen one in other games. In Fishing Clash, you are just a humble guy relaxing on a beach with a rod. Your goal is pretty simple: Catch the rarest fishes in a location and move on to another once you are done. And there are plenty of fish you can catch: The whole ocean is your hunting ground and your only weapon is your rod. This time, it is mother nature against us and we can win this battle by playing on BlueStacks – let’s see how we can do that and what Fishing Clash truly offers.

Basic Mechanics Of Fishing Clash

You start the game on a beach and you will be staying here for a long time, so get used to it. It is a pretty beach and the thing you see in the middle of your screen is your rod. You won’t be moving at all but your rod will go to places and the deepest parts of the ocean: Click on the “cast” button to start fishing. But before you do that, let’s take a look at the basic mechanics.

This is the main screen of Fishing Clash. While it is animated, this is a fixed screen – you will be looking at the same view for all the time.

Your only weapon against the ocean is the rod, so you should learn everything about it. You start Fishing Clash with a basic rod, but it is possible to upgrade it. The “power” of a rod is represented by stars, 5-star being the maximum. If you collect enough 1-star rods, you can upgrade the current one and gain additional perks. These are bonuses which will make your job considerably easier. Your first and foremost goal is to increase the star number of your rod and gain all of the perks available.

List of all perks you can acquire.

The other thing you need to know is “licenses”. Each fishing location has a different license and the level of this license determines how fast the catching process will be. In addition, you can activate additional bonuses for a specific location and, for example, increase your chances to catch rare fishes.

There are 16 different locations you can fish and they are bound to your level. For example, to move on to the “Guntersville Lake”, you need to be a level 10 fisherman. Catching rare fishes will give you XP points to level, so the speed of this process requires being a little lucky. The rarer the fishes, the faster you level.

Play Fishing Clash on BlueStacks 4

Catching Our First Fish: The “Hunt” Mechanics

Since we have a better idea of what to focus on now, we can start fishing. Click on the “cast” button to start your adventure. Fish catching mechanics are pretty unique and requires your full attention all the time. Here are the most important things to know:

  • All fish have “health points”. Your goal is to lower these points to zero.
  • In order to do that, you must dynamically change the line tension of your rod. If it is too tight or too loose, it will break.
  • The slider at the right side of the screen is used for changing the tension of the line. You must keep using it until all the health points of a fish are depleted.

Sounds complex? Don’t worry, the screenshots below will explain these mechanics better:

Start by setting the tension of your line. At this point, just slide the circle up.

Take a look at the marked section at the top. The bar must always stay in this area. If it goes lower, the fish will escape. If it goes higher, your line will snap. You must use the slider to keep the bar inside the marked area. Once the health points of the fish reach zero, you will catch it.

And here is the result. We got a rare fish!

Rare fishes will have higher health points, so it will take longer to catch them. You have to adjust the slider until the hunt is over and this can be pretty challenging against certain fishes – they put up quite a fight. And this is the advantage of using BlueStacks: Since your rod is actually your mouse, controlling the slider will always be easier. And this is not the only advantage you get – by creating multiple instances, you can get the most satisfying initial awards in Fishing Clash. Well, you are ready to start your adventure: Show those fishes who is the boss!

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