REDCON is a heavy artillery combat game where you control the Empire State army in a quest to build and bombard a traitor General and his forces to oblivion. Customize your fort, use strategic “active pause” tactics to command soldiers and weapons in order to bombard enemies to annihilation.

Pros & Cons


  • Build and manage soldiers and weapons in long range attacks on enemies!
  • Use Active Pause to help manage complex attacks!
  • Challenging strategy game!
  • Interesting story-line!


  • Initial tutorial fails to demonstrate how vital Active Pause feature is.
  • Needs better clarification of labels.

Redcon is set in a time where humankind only knows the ruins of war. There is a traitor General Kranz defying the Fuhrer with rebel forces and you can command a strike fleet tasked to rid the resistance. Do this by launching intense offensive strikes from your base to his. Let’s discover more…

The initial tutorial is good, however, misses effectively demonstrating how vital the “Active Pause” feature is. When I first watched the trailer and even played the game, it was not specifically shown that active pause is a necessary strategy in order to slow the game down and order your soldiers and weapon strikes where necessary. Thus, I was managing in real-time which made defeating levels frustratingly difficult. I didn’t grasp the concept until reading the developer’s strategy guide to understand more. Hence why I’m stressing it in this review early on. Use Active Pause!

REDCON - Gameplay 4

You begin striking by selecting your turret then the target enemy turret you want to strike. Initially each will have their own target. As a tactic you may want to send all of your forces at one weapon to take it out faster. I personally tend to take out the greatest threat such as heavy gunners, mortars, poisonous gas missiles then move onto enemy control centers.

There are times you may need to move your soldiers to damaged turrets to repair them or move troops out of dangerous turrets or report them to recovery bay. Be conscious of your soldiers because they are the lifeline of your force. There is a damage meter along the wall and below the weapon (not to easily be confused with the percentage number on an enemy turret.) That number represents the likelihood you will hit the target… the higher number means the more likely to hit it. The angle of the bombardment also factors into the percentage likelihood of hitting the target as well. Mortars raining down tend penetrate lower level compartments better than turrets.

There are configurations with weapons that can help and hurt your campaign. For example, one great tactic to use is flashbang or shredder bombs to stun opposing troops from repairing their weapons then following up with heavy artillery with the goal of perishing soldiers and the gun. However, this drains your overall energy and causes all guns to recharge slower. At times you must take the sacrifice. And at other times you may want to turn the power off in order to conserve blast faster.

REDCON - Customize Fort

In the beginning you learn all about attacks and your fort is already assembled. After passing several rounds and earning in-game currency you can purchase all the assets needed to build your fortress. These include various weapons, in addition to utilities like control rooms, along with auto-defenses. If you spend some real cash in the game you can unlock fortress packs to unveil vast offensive and defensive weaponry.

Each battle is intense and your enemy ups the ante with each of your victories- introducing more complex arsenal you must figure out how to use tactical offenses and troop disbursement in order to prevail. The graphics scheme features a colorful yet dystopian future. The soundtrack is epic; fast paced and dark.

BlueStacks Rating

Rating: 4.5/5

Redcon is a wonderfully crafted artillery strike & defense game to use use real-time and active pause strategies to attack your foes’ fortress to oblivion. BlueStacks is the best way to play Redcon on PC… download now!