For many users out there, mobile gaming is the prime way to access this medium as it provides a way to enjoy awesome gameplay on-the-go, without the need for purchasing games or paying entry fees. And while most of the titles on the mobile platform are indeed free to play, one of their main revenue sources, in most cases, comes in the form of sporadic ads that users must sit through every so often, which can get a bit jarring, especially in certain games. Luckily, with the latest BlueStacks update, users can gain access to the new “Airplane Mode” feature, which guarantees an ad-free gameplay experience when enjoying certain casual mobile games on PC with BlueStacks.

4 Ways BlueStacks’ “Airplane Mode” Enhances Your Gaming Session

Airplane Mode on BlueStacks

This new feature is functionally similar to its counterpart on mobile devices, in that when you turn it on, it will disable most network functions and WiFi on your emulator, effectively preventing it from connecting to the internet. The practical upshot of this feature on BlueStacks is that, when you activate Airplane Mode when playing certain games, you will be able to enjoy gaming without any ads (since ads need to be loaded from the internet). Some of these games include Candy Crush Saga, Tall Man Run, Subway Surfers, Pull the Pin, and many more.

We explained the basic premise of this feature in greater detail in our BlueStacks Airplane Mode introduction article, and we highly recommend taking a look if you’re interested in learning more about how to access and activate it. On this occasion, however, we wanted to take a look at some of the practical uses that the Airplane Mode feature may have. As such, we have prepared a few use cases for this new BlueStacks addition:

Use Case #1 – Enjoy Ad-Free Uninterrupted Gaming

For general use, the Airplane Mode feature will guarantee the best gameplay without having to sit through pesky ads. And though this offering is available only in select games that don’t require a constant internet connection in order for the users to access them, there isn’t a better way to enjoy them than on your large PC monitor and with the best graphics and mouse and keyboard controls, and now with the addition of ad-free gameplay.

4 Ways BlueStacks’ “Airplane Mode” Enhances Your Gaming Session

While BlueStacks was already the best platform for enjoying gacha RPGs and strategy conquest games due to its suite of features and tools revolving around these genres, our Android app player has now become the prime way of enjoying casual mobile games on PC as well.

Use Case #2 – Turn Your PC Into a Family-Friendly Gaming Setup

While it’s not uncommon for games to run ads that can interrupt your gameplay, which is a nuisance at best, there might be occasions in which some apps might show ads with content that is not suitable for minors. And while it might seem harmless enough to let the little ones enjoy a few moments of gaming on the PC, it would be quite worrying that they might run into an ad or media with suggestive content.

4 Ways BlueStacks’ “Airplane Mode” Enhances Your Gaming Session

By activating the Airplane Mode feature, you can ensure that not only will your kids and younger family members be able to enjoy gameplay without interruptions, but also without the risk of running into any unsuitable content via ads and other publicity.

Use Case #3 – Make the Most Out of Your Lunch Break Downtime

Sometimes you really only have a few minutes to spare during your lunch break or in the downtime between school periods. In these cases, you might not even want to launch a game since your free time will be gobbled up by ads. In these cases, you can rest assured that, even if you have very short periods of free time, you can spend it more on gaming and less on ads by activating the Airplane Mode feature.

4 Ways BlueStacks’ “Airplane Mode” Enhances Your Gaming Session

Lunchtime is short enough as is in our modern society; let’s try to spend as little of it sitting through ads as possible.

Use Case #4 – Get the Benefits of Airplane Mode But Without Actually Losing Internet Access

This is another use case that will benefit all BlueStacks users, in general, as when you activate Airplane Mode, only your BlueStacks will lose access to the internet, but not your PC or laptop. This is in direct contrast with activating this feature on a phone or tablet, which will render the device unable to connect to the internet, or even use other wireless technologies like bluetooth. 

On BlueStacks, you can activate Airplane Mode to gain all the perks, but without losing access to these technologies on your PC—you can even connect gamepads and other wireless devices to your BlueStacks even while Airplane Mode is active! And while the use of this feature is limited in some games, it’ll be quite useful for skipping ads in other casual titles where you might prefer playing with a controller rather than with mouse and keyboard.

4 Ways BlueStacks’ “Airplane Mode” Enhances Your Gaming Session

Casual mobile games are some of the best ways to spend our free time as gamers on-the-go. Paradoxically, while these games are designed to provide interactive entertainment that is easy to pick up and play at any given moment, a lot of this time will be spent sitting through unskippable ads, which defeats the purpose of making the most out of our downtime. For this reason, the new BlueStacks Airplane Mode feature is here to help ensure that you spend more time gaming, and less time waiting for the ads to finish rolling.

What do you think of the new Airplane Mode feature? Have you found any other interesting uses for it during your gameplay? Feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments in the section below!