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Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Lords Mobile is a game designed for you to play with other players: If you want your kingdom to grow, you must join a guild as soon as you start playing and use the advantages that this feature provides. If you play alone, it will take too long for your kingdom to grow and you will be open to attack. However, the Lords Mobile guilds have a fairly “dynamic” structure: The leader may remove you from the guild at any time for no reason at all. In fact, you will often find that this is the case, and finding a new guild to join will become annoying after a while. By using the multi-instance feature of BlueStacks, you can create your own guild, make sure its members are from your own accounts, and grow your entire kingdom very quickly. In this guide, we will talk about the benefits of using the BlueStacks multi-instance feature in Lords Mobile.

Protect Your Kingdom

Before moving on to the Guild benefits, let’s talk about another advantage of using the multi-instance feature: You can create a “buffer” area by surrounding yourself with other kingdoms of yours and get additional protection from attacks. When you start playing Lords Mobile, you will be placed at a random spot on the world map and surrounded with other players, who can attack you anytime:

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

If you like, you can move your kingdom to another corner of the map and place it as far away from other players as possible:

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Players who want to attack you have to travel on the map and this journey can last for minutes. For this reason, it would be useful if you are as far away as possible: Your opponents will prefer to attack much closer targets. In time, the game will place other new kingdoms near you, but you can create a buffer area in the meantime and identify potential attackers by enclosing the surroundings of your main kingdom with the kingdoms of your other accounts. Simply put, move your main kingdom first, and move your other kingdoms next to it. To use this tactic efficiently, leave your other kingdoms open to attack and see who is attacking them. When the time comes, you can attack these greedy players from your main account and weaken your opponents. When choosing a new place to settle, be careful not to be close to natural resources. Other players love to “conquer” them and you do not need that much attention.

Create a Guild And…

Creating your own guild will allow you to take advantage of the following benefits:

Get Guild Coins

Guild coin is a special currency you can start using when you are a member of a guild. You can shop at the “guild shop” and buy a lot of things with them. For example, you can increase your resource production speed, get a speed buff for your army, or even buy a shield that will prevent other players from attacking you.

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

To win guild coins, you need to answer other members’ requests for help. These requests are for resource assistance: Members can ask each other to complete a specific research or construction faster.

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Every help sent is a one-minute reduction in build or research time. You can reduce these times by up to 30%. If all help requests are answered on the fly, you can shorten research and construction times by an average of 25%, which is a great advantage. Members who send help get guild coins as a reward. You can win up to 40,000 coins every day.

Play Lords Mobile on BlueStacks!

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

So, what benefits can we obtain from this system using the multi-instance feature? If you create your own guild and send and receive help calls from your own accounts, you get:

  • Build and research time will be reduced 25% on average in all accounts
  • 40,000 guild coin per day for all accounts
  • Almost unlimited shield protection for all accounts
  • Constant combat and production buffs for all accounts

These are almost the same advantages of being a VIP member: You can get permanent bonuses for free by creating a guild of your own.

Get Daily Guild Gifts

Guild members can organize coordinated monster hunts. (We recommend that you take a look at our Lords Mobile Monster Hunt Guide to find out what the Monster Hunt is all about.) You do not have to kill the monster, you just need to reduce its health. Every guild member gets a loot for his contribution to the attack. In addition, you can complete “Darknest” quests with guild members. These are special missions that require at least two people and can be quite challenging.

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Gift boxes are another reward for completing monster hunts. Every monster hunt that is completed successfully sends a gift box to all members. When these chests are opened, gift XP points are earned, which increases the quality of the gifts in the chest.

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

If you are fully controlling your guild through the multi-instance feature, you can take advantage of the monster hunt and gift box system on a daily basis for all of your accounts, and each account can earn valuable loots. Moreover, using this feature it will only take a couple minutes each day.

Get Extra Might

Guild members get access to their own quests, and these quests, especially at the beginning of the game, award lots of resources and XP points. These, in turn, increase your might score. All of the guild tasks have a certain time limit, so be sure to complete them separately in all of your accounts.

Making Lords Mobile Better With BlueStacks Multi-Instance

To learn how to use the BlueStacks multi-instance feature, we recommend you take a look at the BlueStacks Multi-instance Guide here. There is no need for technical knowledge.

You can start using this feature in a few seconds. You can use the suggestions in this guide for other mobile strategy games (e.g. Iron Throne) too because they have the same mechanics. If you want to improve your kingdom quickly and efficiently, you should definitely use the BlueStacks multi-instance feature. Good luck in your adventures!

Play Lords Mobile with BlueStacks Multi-instance

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