How To Play Rings of Anarchy More Efficiently With BlueStacks Multi-Instance Feature

How To Play Rings of Anarchy More...


Rings of Anarchy is a grind game, and reaching the final level can take quite a while. You can shorten this time using the multiplayer feature of the game, but that means you need help from other players. However, this is not a reliable solution: What do you do if there is no other player on the map you can use to create a team? What if your teammate logs out of the game while fighting against a hard boss? You can solve all of these problems and more with the multi-instance feature of BlueStacks. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of playing Rings of Anarchy as a one-man army, which you can easily do by using BlueStacks.

Create a Team and Level Up Together

Whether you want to complete quests or grind, being in a team will give you bonus XP points. Rings of Anarchy uses such a feature to encourage players in each map to play together. There may be 4 players in your team, and the more members you have, the bigger the XP bonus.



It’s easy to set up a team: When you hit the “fast team” button, you can see all the players that are looking for team members and join their team automatically.



But there is a problem: A vast majority of players in these lists are actually afk (away from keyboard). So they just wait without doing anything. Once you join their team and start playing, you are just “boosting” them. Very rarely, if you do come across a player who really plays, they could soon logout forcing you to look for a new team every time.

You can solve this problem by setting up a team of your own characters: Create 3 more heroes with the multi-instance feature and invite them to join the same team.



Once you have formed your team, switch to your main character and play the game as usual. Each task you complete will ensure that all heroes in the team win XP points. By playing this way, you can get two things:

  • You can level up four heroes at the same time easily,
  • With the team XP bonus, you can gain levels much faster than usual.

When you think Rings of Anarchy is a grind game, you better understand the importance of this advantage: Under normal circumstances, raising each of the three hero classes to the last level will take weeks, even months. However, with this method, you can level them all at once. So, if you want to try all the hero classes but do not have time to take care of them one by one, here is a great opportunity for you: Set up a team of different heroes and raise all of them to the final level without wasting time.



Create a Guild

Rings of Anarchy offers many advantages to guild members: You can upgrade your skills in the “Technology” building, complete special guild missions, gain extra XP, and lots of loot.



However, if no members are active for 7 days, the guild will be disintegrated automatically. This is a very common problem because joining guilds is easy, pressing the “join” button is enough to become a member. Since joining is so easy, players usually do not make a special effort for staying in the guild, which results in not getting enough of the guild benefits. After you have created a team, create a guild too and add your team to the guild as members. You’ll get two things by doing this:

Completing Guild Boss Missions: These are very challenging battles and involve the participation of multiple guild members. You already have your own special army: You can try your chances five times each week and earn highly valuable rewards all by yourself.




Do not forget that these rewards will be given to all guild members, so every hero in your team will benefit from it.

Offline Battle Time: The other advantage you will get is a 2-hour offline battle duration. Every hero in your team will get this bonus every day, and they will continue to gain levels even if you are not playing. Your heroes are literally a small personal army of yours: They continue to work and train even when you are offline.


Take Advantage of the Automatic Combat System

Creating four different heroes using the multi-instance feature does not mean you have to manage four characters at the same time. You do not need to switch between screens to give individual commands to each hero. Rings of Anarchy offers a feature that will make your life easier: Automatic Combat.



Once you have this feature activated for all heroes, switch to your main hero and continue playing as usual. All of your characters will begin to “grind” without your supervision. You can use this feature for all activities. So, for example, you do not need to command all your characters individually in a challenging boss battle, they will fight automatically.



To learn how to use the multi-instance feature, you can read the Official BlueStacks Multi-instance Guide that explains this system. This is a very practical feature that you can start using in a matter of seconds and you can be sure that it will significantly reduce the grind time. The tips and tactics in this guide apply to all grind ARPG games too, so you can use them while playing Dark III or Goddess Primal Chaos too, for example. Thousands of creatures are waiting for you on the battlefield, and you need all kinds of help to make your job easier: The multi-instance feature of BlueStacks allows you to play all grind-based games in the most efficient way.

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