Tips n Tricks for You: The App Developer

To create and maintain a successful app is a long and on-going process. The work never stops and you have to grow with your app. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider as you create and develop your app.

  1. Create a waitlist. This is something that you can do even before your app is completed. Everyone wants something that they can’t have. A waitlist will help build anticipation for the users and serve as a great early start on building your user database and to foresee your demand.
  2. Monitor patterns. Check to see what is consistent. Whether it is user behavior, popular keywords, or bugs/app performance. Discovering patterns can help you understand why things are happening and how to optimize your app’s success.
  3. Watch recorded user testing. Watching someone using your app can help you learn a lot and identify the flaws with your app.
  4. Heat maps are useful. You can track where users place their thumbs and fingers the most. This can help you decide the best design for functionality for your app. Tobii_Image_HeatMaps_640
  5. Not all layouts are created equal. Things to consider are: visual appeal and user friendliness.
  6. Remove distractions. Don’t clutter your app with too many ads ad the placement of your ads also matters. Also the design of your app should not be confusing which takes away from user-friendliness.
  7. Keep your target audience in mind. Different pictures, sounds, jargon, functions, and etc. appeal to different crowds and age groups.
  8. Incorporate social media. Syncing your app login with Facebook allows easier and faster app access for your users. Social media also helps users connect with others with your app. 
  9. Appropriate use of push notifications. Push notifications should serve as reminders and alerts and should not be excessive or annoying. Annoying users with too many notifications can cause decrease in retention.
  10. Analyze your analytics.
    1. Keep count. Keep track of your MAUs, DAUs, page views, revune, retention rate, updates and etc.
    2. By keeping track of as many things as you can can help you find where your problems are and help you predict user behavior
    3. Analyzing the found user behavior or behaviors can help draw conclusions based on observations and problems. From there you can identify correlations and come up with appropriate solutions.

There are a ton of things you can do and these are just a few.  I hope these tips and tricks were found useful or helped sparked other inspirations!

Happy developing 🙂


Tips n Tricks for You: The App...