If you skipped lunch today because you didn’t have time to catch a break at work. Of if you are having some serious cravings, don’t download these games/apps!

  1. Restaurant Story

The point of this game is to start up your own restaurant and have everything from food, decor and expansion.With so many different foods to choose from, reading all the items already make my mouth water. Waffles, creme brulee, mac and cheese…Don’t forget to check out Bakery Story if you have more of a sweet tooth!

  1. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is quite similar to Restaurant Story.. They are basically the same game, but in Cooking Fever you get to stand in the kitchen to actually prepare the food instead of working as a server on the floor. Closer to the food is where I rather be~

  1.  Hi Guess the Food.

Hi Guess the food is a name guessing game. A bunch of foods you can find at your local 7-11 with their names and labels taken off and your goal is to guess the correct names of the food. This game is not hard at all –in fact it’s not even surprising to me that I would know all these junkfood labels.

  1. All the Cooks

Okay, if you’re not looking for some ideas for tonight’s dinner, then do NOT open this app because it will leave you starving and full of cravings! This app allows users to post and browse recipes as well as upload their own food photos. A great app to explore the cooking community when you need a little inspiration for your own dishes.

  1. Pancake the Game
    6 Delicious Games/Apps

This game doesn’t have crazy food graphics or anything and the pancakes look quite plain. The reason that this game is on this list is that it’s a super fun and addicting casual game. Very simple concept of flipping a pancake, but your highest number of flips gets tattooed onto your player’s arm –a very funny and original way to keep record of your highest score.

  1.  The number one worst thing you can do when you are hungry is to go onto
    Instagram and to sift through “#foodporn”.
    6 Delicious Games/Apps

You will find the most painfully beautiful food pictures from all over the world. There will be plain simple comfort food such as mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, or you may run into the most exotic foods you have never even heard of or seen. Whatever you do, don’t look through food photos at 2AM when you’re trying to fall asleep… or else…you’ll find yourself walking to the fridge by 2:31AM.