When you play Age of Apes, you build a base for your ape companions. It consists of various buildings that provide utility for your monkey troop army or base economy in general. Building more base infrastructure and upgrading existing ones routinely increases your overall power which allows you to take down higher-level mutants and collect more resources. In this guide, we’re going to take a deep dive into the buildings that you can construct and the various methods of obtaining resources to build more infrastructure or upgrade your base. Play Age of Apes on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Buildings
  2. Upgrading Buildings
  3. Completing Quests
  4. Colin’s Exploration

Overview of Buildings

In Age of Apes, there are functional buildings and decorations. Functional buildings provide utility to your base often in the form of military power (i.e., military camps) whereas decorations are cosmetic items to beautify your base. You can purchase functional buildings and decorations with three resources: Food, Iron, and Batteries. Let’s look at all the functional buildings you can build and what they can do.

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Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

  • City Hall – the city hall is the central control and management hub of your base. Upgrading the city hall unlocks the other functional buildings, unlock new game modes, and increase your overall power. This is also where you can activate city buffs that you may have which allows you to temporarily increase the productivity of other buildings. Additionally, you can customize various aspects of your base here such as the city hall appearance, player nameplate, marching effects, and city decorations (different from decorations you can build).
  • Builder’s Hut – the house of the hardworking construction team. You can hire more builders either temporarily or permanently to build or upgrade more than one building at the same time.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

  • Parade Ground – where trained monkey troops reside after they are trained. The march capacity indicates the maximum number of troops that it can house. This is also where you can view the number of troops that you have for each type.
  • Medical Station – monkey troops wounded in battle are sent here to recover. After recovery, troops are sent back to the parade ground.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

  • Camps – monkey troops are trained in camps. There are different camps for each type of monkey troop. More specifically, these are the Pilots’ Camp, Hitters’ Camp, Shooters’ Camp, and Wallbreakers’ Camp.
  • Warehouse – food and iron resources are stored and protected from enemy forces in the warehouse. Even if enemies invade your base, they can never take away the contents of the warehouse.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

  • Trade Center – this is where you can buy items such as resources and speed ups. It is divided into the regular shop, coin shop, VIP shop, honors shop, and secret shop. Additionally, this is also where you can make investments through CD investment plans.
  • Research Lab – technological advancements are researched here. Investing in research upgrades for your base and military such as higher-level versions of monkey troops.
  • Gang Embassy – if you are part of a gang, you can receive reinforcements from fellow members to provide support in case of an attack on your base. You can also send reinforcements to other members in return.
  • Intel Station – scout for undiscovered territories and send a team to explore it to acquire resources.
  • Ape’s Tavern – this is where you can recruit more monkey fighters using banquet vouchers. The game gives your three basic banquets and one deluxe banquet for free per day.
  • Arena – put your monkey troops to the test by competing against other players in PvP arena battles.
  • Command Center – an extension of the gang embassy where you can rally a large army of monkey troops and contribute to gang research.

Upgrading Buildings

Buildings can be upgraded to increase either its maximum capacity or its productivity.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

Click on any building and then click on the Upgrade button. Food and iron are the most common resources required to upgrade buildings. You can either do a normal upgrade and wait for a specified amount of time for the upgrade to finish. Note that one builder becomes unavailable during this time. Alternatively, you can spend Shiny CDs (premium currency) to instantly finish the upgrade.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

The benefit of upgrading a building depends on what you are upgrading. You can check the full details of a building upgrade by clicking on the information icon located beside the name of the building after clicking the Upgrade button.

Completing Quests

As you may have guessed by now, you need a lot of food and iron resources to build new infrastructure or upgrade existing ones. One of the most efficient ways of obtaining a bulk of these resources is by doing quests.

Quests can be accessed by clicking on the Quests tab. It is divided into three categories: Quests, Daily Quests, and Achievements.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

  • Quests – these consist of basic tasks such as upgrading a building to a certain level, defeating mutants, training a certain number of troops, and other mundane tasks that you can mostly do in the base. Completing each task handsomely rewards a food, iron, and even speed-ups for training troops. Harder tasks give rarer rewards.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

  • Daily Quests – you are only given 24 hours to complete the daily quests and reap the rewards. For every daily quest you complete, you earn food, iron, batteries, and daily progress points. After earning enough points, you can open chests that give bonus rewards including but not limited to more food, iron, and batteries; shiny CDs, boosters, and much more.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

  • Achievements – these are very similar to quests with the difference being the tasks reward shiny CDs instead of basic resources. Additionally, the tasks here are more difficult or at least take longer to accomplish than normal quests.

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Colin’s Exploration

Colin is an intelligent penguin who you’ll meet as you play the game. Once unlocked, Cotlin regularly gives you quests where you can earn resources.

Base Building and Upgrading Guide for Age of Apes

Colin gives two types of quests: regular and challenge quests. Quests have different colors that determine their difficulty. From lowest to highest, these are: white, green, blue, purple, yellow, and red. The harder the quest is, the better the rewards are. Completing a certain number of regular and challenge quests upgrades Colin which allows him to provide more regular quests per day and increase their quality.

Regular quests consist of attacks, explorations, and battles. In exploration, you can satisfy certain requirements to get better rewards. In battle quests (unlocked when Colin is Level 7), you must attack specific mutant troops but you do risk wounding your troops and sending them to the medical station.

Challenge quests consist of attacking elite mutants and siege operations. Sieges are unlocked when Colin reaches Level 6 and has you attacking a certain player’s city. Troops that you lose during a siege are converted into resources afterwards.

Any quest except for battle quests and challenge quests requires 100 Action Points to start. When you are low on points, you can consume Action Points Recharge to replenish it. Now, Play Age of Apes on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.