Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok, the latest offering by the Vietnam-based developers GameTimeOut brings a fantasy medieval RPG featuring popular personalities from the Southeast Asian region. Get enthralled by the mesmerizing graphics, beautiful animations, and live 2D character models. Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok – New Player Tips and Tricks to Get more Progress

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok is a great real-time RPG that prioritizes tact and strategy in formations over pay-to-win shenanigans. There’s a lot to do in the game, from fighting huge server-wide world bosses to taking on enemies in strategic PvP game modes. One of the most exciting part of the game is its healthy mix of casual and hardcore elements, catering to both kinds of players. In this article for Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok, we will be providing some of our own personalized tips and tricks that will take your progress as a new player to the next level in a short period of time.

Tip #1. Mastering the Combat Mechanics

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok is a real-time RPG that makes use of a formation of different unique heroes that can be assigned prior to starting a battle. These heroes can be recruited from different sources, but are primarily obtained from the innate gacha system. Heroes come in different rarities, and offer unique abilities that have the potential to change the tide of the game in your favour. One of the best parts of Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok is that the combat is entirely played out in an automated simulated manner, where players have little to no control over their allies’ actions. 

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok – New Player Tips and Tricks to Get more Progress

This is a boon in disguise as it allows players to simply make a strong formation and go into the battles without focusing too much on in-battle mechanics. Such mechanics allows the player to focus on empowering and strengthening their collected heroes to win more matches. 

Tip #2. Idle Rewards are Amazing! Claim them Twice

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok is an Idle RPG at its core, as it has the idle/afk reward component added to the game. This is also what makes it friendly for casual players who do not have much time on their hands every day to grind out in a mobile game. Players can simply let the rewards collected by themselves over time, and collect them after 12 hours (which is the maximum storage capacity time). They can also claim 2 free 2-hour period worth of rewards for free each day. Further, idle rewards can also be generated over time by paying extra diamonds.

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok – New Player Tips and Tricks to Get more Progress

Tip #3. Focusing on the Adventure Mode

A great way to earn some juicy rewards in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok are the adventure mode chapters that offer luxurious rewards to all players who engage in the game mode. It also acts as a primary tutorial, teaching you all the game’s mechanics and systems by practical demos. Despite being recommended, it’s also not the best factor to judge your account’s overall power as it’s notorious to power creep pretty hard, much like with any other Idle game in the market. The adventure mode chapters does offer a ton of rewards, such as free Legendary warriors, exp, gold, and much more.

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok – New Player Tips and Tricks to Get more Progress

Tip #4. Recruiting Powerful Warriors

As a core system of Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok, recruiting and using powerful warriors from the gacha system is the key to make significant progression in a short period of time. Many veterans would agree with this point, as the combat system of the game is essentially a stat check where the better warrior on the team is bound to perform better, excluding some exceptions. We would highly recommend players to check out a full tier list for the best warriors in the game, at the time of global launch. Gunning for those warriors can easily make you progress at a faster pace than someone who did not get them.

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok – New Player Tips and Tricks to Get more Progress

Tip #5. There’s a lot of Systems to Increase your Power!

In Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok, there are a ton of systems at your bay that allow you to increase the power of your warriors as well your protagonist. The protagonist is always going to be the most powerful ally in your team, and there can only be 1. Warriors, on the other hand, are recruitable and obtainable via different ways. In case you feel stuck in any adventure stage, or a dungeon, there’s a high chance that you are simply not having enough power level to win. There’s a ton of systems you can use to get past this imposed barrier, such as:

  • Levelling up Warriors
  • Equipping good gear on Warriors
  • Equipping Armaments on Warriors
  • Ascending your Protagonist
  • Unlocking and upgrading Aura of Protagonist
  • Equipping Artifacts on your Protagonist
  • Unlocking and using skins on your Protagonist

Playing Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok on a bigger screen of your PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay, is highly recommended.