There are quite a few heroes to recruit and obtain in the new Call of Dragons strategy RPG. Especially if you’re rerolling and trying to find the best heroes from the very beginning, knowing which are the units to aim for—and which ones to skip—will be a pivotal asset for your progression, which is why we decided to write this guide.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

In this Call of Dragons tier list, we’re going to share an overview of the best characters to recruit as a newcomer, as well as examine in further detail what makes each of these characters so good (or bad), so that you can understand our choices and possibly even create your own tier list based on our opinions.

Best Call of Dragons Tier List

  1. S Tier
  2. A Tier
  3. B Tier
  4. C Tier

Call of Dragons is quite interesting as far as the gacha features go, particularly because there isn’t just one summoning feature, but two: The first is the Artifact Draw through which you can pull Artifacts from the gacha, with a small chance of obtaining one of the best Artifacts in the game. Meanwhile, the second summoning corresponds to the character gacha system, through which you can obtain either hero fragments or full heroes, and is the one we will be focusing on in this guide.

The hero gacha in Call of Dragons has two type of chests you can open: The first is the Silver Chest, which has 5 free draws every 24 hours and can contain both hero fragments and full heroes of Epic and Elite rarities, and also has a chance to contain items like resource packs and speedups. The second is the Gold Chest, which has a single free draw every day and can contain heroes of all rarities, as well as hero fragments and even useful items. To open these chests you need Silver and Gold Keys, which you can obtain from playing many different aspects of the game.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

The odds of obtaining heroes in each chest are as follows:

Gold Chest

  • Legendary Hero Chance: 0.99% chance of resulting in this rarity.
  • Epic Hero Chance: 3.19% chance of resulting in this rarity.
  • Elite Hero Chance: 4.79% chance of resulting in this rarity.

Silver Chest

  • Epic Hero Chance: 1.77% chance of resulting in TOKENS of this rarity.
  • Elite Hero Chance: 8.18% chance of resulting in both TOKENS and FULL HEROES of this rarity.

In both chests, there is a very small chance of resulting in actual heroes, and the most probable outcome is that they will result in items. This is why the most committed players will often opt to reroll in order to unlock the best Call of Dragon heroes from the very beginning and get a head start on their journeys.

Nevertheless, even if you’re rerolling in Call of Dragons you’ll still need to know what to roll for, which is where this tier list comes into play. In the following sections you’ll not only find a table with the best heroes in the game, but you’ll also find a detailed explanation of what makes each of these characters good (or bad, in the case of the lowest tier). 

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Let’s begin with the tier list itself:

S Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Roles
Lilya Legendary Magic, Peacekeeping, Skills
Waldyr Epic Magic, PvP, Skills
Emrys Legendary Cavalry, PvP, Mobility
Madeline Legendary Infantry, PvP, Tank
Bakshi Legendary Cavalry, Peacekeeping, Skills

A Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Roles
Eliana Epic Overall, Peacekeeping, Support
Gwanwyn Epic Marksman, Peacekeeping, Precision
Garwood Legendary Infantry, Garrison, Tank
Atheus Epic Magic, PvP, Mobility
Theia Legendary Overall, PvP, Support

B Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Roles
Kregg Epic Marksman, Engineering, Mobility
Nika Legendary Infantry, Peacekeeping, Skills
Alistair Epic Cavalry, Rally, Tank
Alwyn Epic Magic, PvP, Control
Pan Epic Overall, Gather, Support

C Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Roles
Bakhar Epic Infantry, Garrison, Skills
Chakcha Elite Overall, Gather, Skills
Kella Elite Overall, Gather, Support
Ordo Elite Overall, Engineering, Tank

Now that we have an idea of which are the best and worst heroes in Call of Dragons, let’s go ahead and take a closer look at each of these to see what makes them stand out, and what makes them skippable.

S Tier Call of Dragons Heroes

Heroes in this tier are meant to be the best of the best. If you’re rerolling, you’ll want at least one or two of these:


With a strong focus on AoE and DoT damage, Lilya is one of the best heroines for fighting against Darklings and other neutral enemies in Call of Dragons. She favors mage troops and is proficient at leading them while supporting from the back by flinging fireballs and scorching any enemy that dares approach. 

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Lilya’s Rage skill has her throw fire at an enemy legion and one additional nearby unit, burning them for high damage and with a chance of inflicting a burn that keeps dealing damage every second for five seconds. Her passive skills, on the other hand, boost the effectiveness of magic troops and also gives them a chance to apply further instances of burning with every basic attack. 


This hero is great not only because he’s strong, but because he’s also easily available from the very beginning if you choose the League of Order faction. Waldyr is like a more defensive version of Lilya, with skills that amplify the effectiveness of magic troops and also that apply both defensive effects and weakening debuffs to reduce the damage taken from the enemy.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Waldyr’s Rage skill deals damage to the target legion as well as an additional nearby enemy and applies the Gloom status for two seconds, which reduces their ATK by 4% for the duration. This focus on weakening the enemy and reducing damage taken makes Waldyr great for both PvP as well as PvE, though he excels mostly at the former.


A nimble hero that values speed above all else, offering skills that increase the march speed of his legion, allowing him to act as a flanker that can outrun all his opponents and circle back to surround and decimate their defenses in one fell swoop. As such, Emrys excels at leading cavalry units as these are the only troops fast enough to keep up with his fast combat style.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Emrys’ Rage skills is a power blow that scales with his PATK stat. As such, he goes well with other heroes and Artifacts that can amplify this stat. Nevertheless, even by himself, Emrys has skills to amplify his Rage buildup, giving him quick access to his most powerful moves far before his enemies. Moreover, he deals additional damage to surrounded enemies, which further emphasizes his role as a flanker.


The mistress of attrition that specializes in longer battles thanks to her defensive skill set and combat style that consists of tiring out her opponents before striking the killing blow. Madeline is a born leader, with skills that allow her to include more troops in her legions than normal, allowing her to bolster her forces with higher numbers. Moreover, she can deal additional counter damage, further cementing her role as a powerful tank. All of these factors combine to make Madeline a heroine that gets much stronger when under intense attack.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Her Rage skill is very noteworthy as it increases her attack by 4% on activation while also granting her a powerful shield in the process. Both effects last for a total of four seconds before expiring. Additionally, Her other passives increase the performance of infantry troops in the field, so make sure you pair her with lots of units of this troop type.


This is a new addition to this Call of Dragons tier list as of the game’s launch in March, and it’s a great addition indeed, considering that it’s a very strong hero for commanding cavalry units, mostly due to the buffs he can bestow to these troops.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Bakshi is an overall multipurpose hero, with a penchant for peacekeeping and combat. Especially when in control of cavalry units, he can grant these troops buffs such as Ascension (increasing the troops’ ATK and DEF by 10% for a duration), Passion (increases rage buildup by 10% for a duration), or Spirit Siphon (grants a healing with a factor of 100 on every basic attack). These buffs occur randomly every 10 seconds and last for 5 seconds each, giving Bakshi’s troops a near-constant power boost during combat.

While Bakshi can bestow most of his buffs on all unit types, he has a specific passive that gives cavalry units a permanent HP and physical ATK boost, making them much deadlier when under his command. And as if that wasn’t enough, Bakshi’s Rage skill is quite powerful, dealing a heavy blow to a target legion while boosting the HP of his own legion by 10% for 5 seconds.

All in all, Bakshi is a very tough nut to crack and one of the best commanders overall for direct combat.

A Tier Call of Dragons Heroes

While not as powerful as the S tier units above, the heroes in this tier are also very competent and can easily carry you through the entire game—even through some high-level PvP encounters. Plus, they’re also easier to obtain in some cases.


A defensive powerhouse with a penchant for engaging against Darkling and other neutral enemies on the worldmap. Eliana is very similar to Madeline in the fact that they’re both defensive units and also in the fact that their Rage skills are quite similar. However, Eliana features more purely defensive bonuses, and is quite weaker in terms of offense because of it.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Eliana’s Rage skill erects a barrier around her legion that absorbs a lot of damage, while also inflicting a bit of damage to the target legion. This initial damage inflicted scales with her ATK stat. Her other passives consist of either increasing her damage when fighting against Darklings, or increasing her legion’s defense and survivability, and can even restore their HP once certain conditions are met.


The starting heroine of the Springwardens faction who specializes in enhancing her basic attacks in order to deal sustained DPS across the entire encounter. While she may be a bit lacking in burst damage, she can inflict a large amount of pain in a short period, as long as she has free reign to attack. As such, she goes very well as a support hero for your main legions—simply get a tank to hold the enemy’s attention and set Gwanwyn loose to wreak havoc.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Her skills are quite straightforward, with her Rage skill simply inflicting moderate damage to the enemy legion. Meanwhile, her passives are all about boosting the damage of her basic attacks, to the point where she has a chance of poisoning the target with every basic attack, inflicting additional damage every second as a DoT.


This big tree is the first garrison hero on this list, and is basically the only unit that you’ll ever want to have when it comes to protecting your territory and safeguarding your town. Garwood specializes in defending his troops as well as keeping their HP topped up with various healing factors. In fact, he can enhance the damage of his units whenever he restores their HP, which effectively gives his offensive and support traits an offensive spin.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Garwood’s Rage skill, interestingly enough, doesn’t deal damage, but heals all his troops and reduces their damage taken for the next four seconds. On top of that, one of his passives makes it so that whenever he is healed there’s a chance to increase his own attack damage for a short duration. All of these skills and passive traits combine to make Garwood into a defender you won’t want to mess with.


A powerful attacker with a penchant for smiting his enemies with holy light. Atheus is a very competent hero for both PvE and PvP, though he has a good focus for the latter. His skills allow him to deal heavy damage to the enemy, especially since he has passives that give him frequent access to his Rage ability. Moreover, he can also outmaneuver his enemies with his superior speed. And if push comes to shove, he can also survive for a long time thanks to his passive healing skills.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Atheus’ Rage skill deals decent damage to a single target legion, which scales with his MATK. As such, he can deal heavy damage if built correctly. However, he is also a competent leader, especially when his legion is made up entirely of flying troops. One of his most important assets, however, is his healing passive, which has a 30% chance on every attack sustained to restore his troops’ HP. This last trait greatly increases his survivability and makes him quite suited for longer encounters.


This heroine is a great choice for leading legions composed entirely of flying troops. While she can bestow passive bonuses on all unit types, she can also activate a unique passive buff that increases the ATK of her legion when it’s composed entirely of flying units, making her an ideal commander if you’re focusing on these troops. 

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Theia is all about combining defense with offense, as she can not only passively enhance her troops’ stats, but she can also do so automatically whenever her troops gain a shield. Case in point, her Rage skill erects a powerful shield around her legion, blocking a lot of damage for a duration. This shield effect, in turn, activates one of her passives, which increases her legion’s ATK by 4% whenever they gain a shield effect, a boost that can be stacked up to a maximum of 12%. 

Overall, Theia is a great heroine for all-around combat, though her true strength is realized whenever you pair her with the right unit types, and place her alongside other heroes that can bestow shields and other protective effects, in order to make full use of her passives.

B Tier Call of Dragon Heroes

The average heroes that you’ll be obtaining most frequently. They’re not necessarily bad but they’re also not the best—and they’re certainly not better than the ones we’ve mentioned so far. Still, these units will serve you faithfully if you manage to unlock any of them:


Just like with Atheus, Kregg specializes in leading flying units as he can bestow various buffs whenever his legion is composed entirely of these troops. Other than that, his main forte lies in dealing AoE damage, which makes him great against weaker groups of enemies.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Kregg shines brightly thanks to his Rage skill that lets him attack up to three legions at the same time. And while this skill starts off dealing only moderate damage, it can be upgraded to inflict heavy damage later on, making Kregg even better at his role. However, comparatively speaking, his other passives are a bit lackluster, which makes this hero into a perfect backup for other heroes.


This heroine could be the strongest on this tier list when it comes to proficiency at dealing with neutral NPCs, coming up at a close second place compared to Lilya in the S tier. While her skill set isn’t anything to write home about, overall, she has a couple key aspects that make her stand out among the rest. 

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Nika’s Rage skill deals moderate damage to a single legion and reduces their max HP by 10% for three seconds. While this skill in itself is nothing special, her Total Slaughter passive skill makes it so that Nika has a 50% chance on every basic attack of dealing significant additional damage to the target, but only if they have less than half of their troops remaining. This additional effect makes Nika into a powerhouse when fighting against neutral NPCs.


This hero is a good support unit for rally attacks. In other words, he’s great for laying siege to enemy cities as he can bolster the stats of his troops whenever trying to attack buildings and garrisons. More specifically, Alistair can increase the defense of his troops whenever they are attacking cities and strongholds, which will help them to stay in the battle for longer. 

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Alistair’s Rage skill is far from being his strongest offering, as it can only deal light damage to the target legion along with two other nearby legions. In this sense, he’s like a weaker version of Kregg. However, he has a penchant for leading cavalry units into battle as one of his passive skills increases the damage of these troops by 10% while reducing the damage they take by 10%. 


A master of control adept at keeping the enemy right where he wants them—which is usually wherever he can inflict the most damage. Alwyn is great at crippling the enemy legions by ensnaring them in damaging vines while also reducing the damage that his troops sustain in combat. What makes him such a slippery and cunning hero is that Alwyn also has a chance to ensnare the enemy whenever he takes damage, which is pretty often if he’s locked in battle.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Alwyn’s Rage skill simply inflicts damage to an enemy legion while ensnaring them, as mentioned above. Meanwhile, his passives increase the performance of magic units under his command, and reduce the normal attack damage taken by all his troops. These skills, by themselves, are nothing too powerful, but it’s the combination of all these traits that make him into more than the sum of his parts.


As you can probably tell by now, there’s more to Call of Dragons than just fighting on the battlefield. Some of the most important heroes in this game aren’t even full-fledged fighters. Case in point, Pan is a great support hero, with skills to not only enhance the defense of their troops and keep them alive for longer, but also with passives that favor gathering resources, which will be pivotal for the development of your town.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

More specifically, Pan’s rage skill can target a nearby legion with the lowest unit count and heal lightly wounded units by a large amount, while also granting them an Onslaught buff 5 seconds, increasing their ATK by 8% for the duration. Aside from this healing and ATK buff, Pan also passively increases the DEF of their legion by 5% at all times, while reducing their hero skill damage taken by 4 seconds. On top of that, whenever they’re attacked, Pan’s legion has an 8% chance of dispelling a negative effect, increasing their longevity in the process.

These defensive and healing boons make Pan into arguably one of the best support heroes in Call of Dragons. And this is without even mentioning the fact that, when set as commander, Pan’s legion enjoys a passive 8% increase to their resource gathering speed, which is doubled if the resource in question is Wood.

C Tier Call of Dragons Heroes

Last but not least, we’re ending the list with the heroes that you’ll want to avoid rather than recruit and upgrade. Whether because they don’t conform to the meta, or because their skills and stats are simply lackluster, these heroes are better off warming the bench rather than fighting in your name.


This hero has an identity crisis since he has a lot of skills that slightly increase his damage, but also other passives that increase his performance when garrisoned. Moreover, as a hero that’s supposedly specialized in defending strongholds and cities, he seems to have more offensive traits that are better suited for open battle against both neutral enemies and other players.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Bakhar’s Rage skill inflicts light damage to a target legion while increasing the damage of his troops by 4% for four seconds. Meanwhile, he has a single passive that reduces the hero damage taken by his troops by 4%, while also increasing the healing received by his troops by 4%, but only while Bakhar is commanding a garrisoned army. The other passives also revolve around increasing the attack and defense of his troops, while possibly inflicting the enemy with Gloom, which reduces their damage for a duration. 


The last three units on this tier list correspond to the only three heroes that are Elite rarity, which marks them as the weakest in the entire game in terms of stats. Regardless, they each have a saving grace in that they offer passive increases in gathering speed and load capacity, which at least makes them suited for gathering expeditions on the world map.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Chakcha, in particular, has a very weak Rage skill that only grants Riposte and Passion buffs to his troops, increasing his rage buildup and counterattack damage for a short duration. Other than that, he has the aforementioned gathering buffs, along with a small defense buff as a passive skill. Lastly, Chakcha also has a tendency of slightly healing “lightly wounded” troops whenever he defeats an enemy legion. If anything, this last passive will help to save some resources that would otherwise need to be spent in the Hospital to heal your troops.


Just like with Chakcha, Kella’s Rage skill is nothing to write home about. In fact, it only applies the Gloom debuff to the enemy, which reduces their damage by 5% and their march speed by 6% for four seconds. Nevertheless, Kella’s main utility comes from her passive bonuses to gather speed and load capacity, especially when gathering gold since she has an additional gather speed buff when collecting this resource.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Other than that, Kella has a passive that REDUCES her own damage, while also reducing the number of severely wounded troops in BOTH her and her enemy’s legions, effectively aiding not only herself, but her opponent as well. For obvious reasons, you will never want to use Kella for PvP applications.


Last but not least, we have Ordo, a hero that’s just as effective as he looks, which is to say he is not effective at all. 

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game (Updated March 2023)

Ordo’s Rage skill simply erects a barrier that absorbs a very small amount of damage before breaking. However, just like the previous two heroes, Ordo has good passives for gathering resources. Specifically he has increased gather speed and load capacity, and an additional boost to gathering speed when farming Mana. Regardless, in contrast with the other two, Ordo also has bonuses to Engineering when building barricades and alliance buildings, and also when attacking enemy strongholds and cities, making him at least somewhat effective when leading units in siege battles.

These are some of the best heroes that you’ll want to add to your team in Call of Dragons, as well as a few that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Remember that if you’re playing Call of Dragons on PC with BlueStacks you can gain access to a variety of tools and features that will make it much easier to unlock a few top tier units from the very beginning and give you a head start in the development of your town.