Castle Clash: Guild Royale is a mobile strategy game that combines the elements of multiple genres to create a varied and fresh experience, while still remaining lighthearted and casual enough so that everyone can progress at a steady pace without having to sink countless hours into the game. Nevertheless, despite its simplistic design, there are still a few things you need to consider if you want to progress and win battles in Castle Clash, with one of the most important being knowing the differences and uses of each unit type; knowing how to unlock and upgrade troops, and also learning about the hero system and how to use these special units correctly.

Troop and Hero Guide For Castle Clash: Guild Royale

Luckily, despite the variety of units and heroes in Castle Clash, knowing how to deploy and use these units correctly is a fairly straightforward matter. And in this guide, we’re going to be explaining this, as well as going over the basic aspects of the troop and hero system in Castle Clash. 

Troops Types and Tiers

The different troops in Castle Clash are divided into four main categories, which determine their general role and use. These categories are the following:

  • Normal: General-use troops that can attack ground troops only. They move faster than anyone else and are great for rushing the enemy’s defenses.
  • Ranged: Units that can attack from a distance and can target both ground and air enemies. They are very weak against melee troops but are great for destroying airborne troops.
  • Magic: These masters of destruction attack from a distance and deal tons of damage, though they are very fragile and squishy. They can attack both ground and air units.
  • Destructive: For the most part, these are the slower units in the game, who target enemy structures before anything else. They have tons of HP, though their damage is a bit on the weaker side. With the exception of the Ornithopter, which can attack both ground and air troops, Destructive units can attack ground enemies only.

Troop and Hero Guide For Castle Clash: Guild Royale

There are three tiers of units in every category, each level stronger than the previous. And in order to unlock further tiers, you must first reach level 5 with the previous tier. Furthermore, to unlock new categories of units, you must first reach level 2 with the previous category. For example, to unlock the tier 1 magic troops, you must first reach level 2 with the tier 1 ranged troops, and so on.

Armor Types

One important aspect of properly using your units in combat is knowing about the different armor types. 

In short, every unit is equipped with a certain type of armor, which can be either light, medium, or heavy. Moreover, buildings have their own unique armor type called “building”, while heroes have their exclusive “heroic” armor type. The importance of these armor types is because they can take either increased or reduced damage from certain attack types. 

Troop and Hero Guide For Castle Clash: Guild Royale

The way the different armor and attack types match up is the following:

  • Light Armor: 100% from normal; 150% from ranged; 75% from magic; 50% from destructive.
  • Medium Armor: 150% from normal; 75% from ranged; 100% from magic; 50% from destructive.
  • Heavy Armor: 75% from normal; 100% from ranged; 150% from magic; 50% from destructive.
  • Building Armor: 70% from normal; 70% from ranged; 70% from magic; 250% from destructive.
  • Heroic Armor: 65% from all types of attacks.

Though you probably won’t need to pay attention to these matchups at the beginning, you should always keep them in mind, especially if you’re going to be targeting enemies that have predominantly one unit type. Alternatively, you could also choose to deploy certain types of troops over others, to reduce the damage taken from the enemy’s defenses.

The Hero System

Like in many other mobile games, Castle Clash has a gacha system through which you can unlock a variety of heroes, which are powerful units with unique skills and properties that can lead your army in battle and are often very useful in any game mode. You can find this gacha in the Hero’s Altar building, in which you can pay certain valuable resources like gems in order to roll for heroes. And as expected, these rolls are completely randomized and you’ll never know what you’re going to get, which can be frustrating, especially if you’re hunting for a specific unit.

Troop and Hero Guide For Castle Clash: Guild Royale

Troop and Hero Guide For Castle Clash: Guild Royale

Just like with regular units, each hero has its own stats but, more importantly, they each offer a series of skills and passives, which can make them suited for specific situations and for leading certain unit types. Luckily, you can check the skills and stats of each hero either in the Hero Compendium or in your Heroes Altar. We suggest checking them out beforehand to know which ones might benefit you for your current army focus and to know which ones to keep an eye out for when you’re rolling in the gacha.

Upgrading Units and Heroes

Lastly, one of the most important things to be aware of when it comes to the units and heroes in Castle Clash, is that every character can be upgraded. Both your troops and your heroes can be upgraded in various manners, though the latter has more options in this regard than the former. 

Troop and Hero Guide For Castle Clash: Guild Royale

You can upgrade your units directly in the Training Center building, by paying the gold fee. Each upgrade will enhance the stats of the unit, making them deadlier and more resilient on the battlefield. Not to mention that upgrading your units is the only way to unlock troops in other categories, as well as in higher tiers.

Meanwhile, you can upgrade your heroes via the Heroes Altar in several manners: You can earn skill EXP by sacrificing other units and items, and then use it to upgrade the special abilities of the hero in question. Players can also use runes to upgrade a hero’s talents and increase their effectiveness, and you can also use experience books to earn normal EXP and increase their level, permanently boosting their stats. Lastly, when your character reaches their level cap you can pay HB, Gold, and Flames to increase their star level, boosting their level cap, giving them a permanent stat boost, and increasing their potential for destruction.

Troop and Hero Guide For Castle Clash: Guild Royale

Both your units and heroes are the lifeblood of your army in Castle Clash: Guild Royale, and keeping them in top shape should be one of your highest priorities at all times.