Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the open-world MMORPG by Level Infinite, has just been released globally. The game incorporates a lot of mechanics that have become synonymous with AAA titles today, such as a vast & expansive open-world, a fleshed out class system, and a multitude of playable PvE and PvP game modes. Enhance your journey in the Dragon Valley on your PC with BlueStacks, the most renowned and optimized emulator to enjoy Dragon Nest 2: Evolution.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution – New Player Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression

In this article for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, we will be providing some of our personally observed guide, tips and tricks that we have observed during our playtime. We have also listed some of the tips that are prevalent from previous MMORPGs like Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. Along with it, we have taken into account the different tips provided by the veterans of the game. 

Tips #1. Choosing Your Class

One of the biggest challenges that new players coming to Dragon Nest 2: Evolution are tasked with will be choosing their class. To put into perspective how big of a decision this is going to be, you need to understand that once you choose a particular class, you will need to simply keep playing with it until you reset or delete your account. Yes, there’s currently no way to change your class. Hence, choosing a class that fits your gameplays style should be your top priority. We have already made a thorough class guide for all the available classes in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. Each server can host up to 5 different accounts of the same player with each account being able to select only 1 class. 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution – New Player Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression

Players can choose any 1 of the classes out of the 4 available – Archer, Cleric, Warrior, and Sorceress. In Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, each of the class plays a unique role in the team. This is due to the fact that each class has been provided unique abilities as well as a different stat distribution to help them achieve their optimal playstyle. Archers are skilled at taking down targets from a long range while also boasting a very high attack speed. Sorceress are best known for their highest DPS amount out of all the other classes. Warriors are a mix of both, they can be played offensively and defensively. Clerics are the tried and tested support/healer class that helps you stay alive in all battles.

Tip #2. Completing the Main Story Quests

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is your standard run-of-the-mill MMORPG that offers the same monotonous questing system that we have seen in multiple game previously as well. The first priority of players should be to follow and complete these quests. The reason to complete them is first is due to the amount of content that is locked behind main story quest progression. 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution – New Player Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression

For example, your character’s 3rd and 4th active skills are locked behind completing the initial Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in main story. Naturally, you will also be generously rewarded by completing these quests. They are also designed to give you a healthy perspective of how to progress in the game. You will get to know the various in-game systems by completing these quests. Some of the systems include – crafting, team-building, unlocking mounts, unlocking partners, and events.

Tip #3. AFK Farming is Amazing!

The best part about MMORPG games is the fact that you can power up even while you are AFK or not active manually on your device in-game. You simply need to leave your character in a place where the NPC monsters keep spawning and he/she will continue slaying them in order to earn more experience and gold. Some NPCs are also notorious for dropping good quality weapons or items that will further enhance your characters total power by equipping them with stronger weapons. This tip is best used by a beginner or a new player as they need to get stronger early on to be able to take on the harder content.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution – New Player Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression

Tip #4. Make sure to Play Forbidden Grounds and Seal Breaker

In Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the content is quite literally unlimited if you take a look at it from PvP perspective since you can fight different players all the time. However, when it comes to PvE (Player V/S Environment) content, the best content you need to regularly farm is going to be these 2 dungeons – Forbidden Grounds and Seal Breaker. These dungeons are solid and are made so that players can get stronger by farming better quality equipment and enhancement materials to enhance those farmed equipment’s.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution – New Player Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression

The Forbidden Grounds should be your next top priority after you are satisfied with your progress in the main story quests. This is because it offers a wide array of collectible equipment’s that can be used to equip on your character to make them more powerful. Additionally, it also provides a ton of experience and stamina to streamline and boost your progression, respectively. Secondly, the Seal Breaker dungeon is also a must-do if you are an equipment buff. This is because, equipment’s don’t power-up by themselves, they require a specific enhancement material that can only be acquired by raiding the Seal Breaker dungeon.

Tip #5. Joining A Guild

One of the best aspects of a multiplayer game like Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is the expansive Guild system which is in-built. Not only does it provide a sense of gathering for a community that loves playing their favourite game, it also binds different types of players together and makes them function like a single team. The Guilds are also important in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution due to the vast amount of resources a player can get simply by participating in the daily guild boss challenge. You can also learn a lot from probable veterans in your Guild, thus, enhancing your overall knowledge of the game.

It is recommended to play Dragon Nest 2: Evolution on a PC due to its massive graphical requirements that can put a strain to your smaller-capacity device. Play Dragon Nest 2: Evolution now with the world-class PC emulator BlueStacks, using a keyboard and a mouse.