Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis is the renowned successor to Dungeon Survivor 2 and the latest instalment in the Dungeon Survivor mobile video game series by LTGames Global. As usual, players can enjoy an authentic next generational 3D adventure dungeon crawler experience right at the tips of their fingers. Apart from getting multiple visual upgrades to the game, the new instalment also features a full-fledged animated storyline full of twists and turns that will grip your attention from the get go. Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

In this article for Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis, we will be providing the readers with some beginner friendly tips to help them on their adventures in the mystical and magical continent of Aroya! Majority of the tips and guidelines have been cross-verified by veterans of the game as well as tested ourselves. Follow these tips to boost your progression and take your account to the next level. 

Tips #1. Follow the Main Story Questline

Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis is a dungeon crawler that has several instance-based game modes available to be played. Sadly, majority of the content is locked behind reaching certain checkpoints in the main storyline. This is not exactly bad thing though, as the tutorial itself is included in this process and it will teach you more about the different mechanics of the game instead of leaving you alone by yourself. Do not worry, as this is where the handholding also ends. 

Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

The game takes pride in its confusing plot and equally confusing quests that will leave you puzzled at almost every moment. This is due to the nature of the game, as players are heavily rewarded based on the number of quests they clear in the main storyline. If you’re having trouble solving some of the puzzles and quests in the main storyline, here’s a helpful community wiki to help you on your adventure.

Tip #2. Having the Right Formation 

One of the biggest questions that leave players in peril once they start their account in Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis are the correct formations to use. Naturally, a formation is only effective according to the type of heroes you place in them. If you use a combination of heroes that do not synergize with each other, your entire formation will fall apart like pieces of dominos. Here’s a good starting formation recommended by the veterans for beginners:

  • Shadow Mage (Main Force)
  • Plague Doctor (Main Force)
  • Song of Eternal Hope (Support)
  • Morning Star (Support)
  • Alchemy Forgemaster (Support)
  • Whisper Caster (Support)

Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

This formation is good due to the superb damage dealing capabilities of both Shadow Mage and Plague Doctor. Both of them can deal penetrative AOE-targeted damage, which is great against the hordes of enemies that are usually present in main storyline quest battles. Plague Doctor can also inflict the coveted Unhealable debuff that stops bosses who can heal passively right in their tracks. 

Tip #3. Understanding the Basic Attributed

If you ever want to understand the gameplay mechanics of Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis, start with the basics. Each hero is given 3 main attributes – Health, Armor, and Magic Shield. As the names might determine, each of them plays an important role for all heroes. These are defensive stats that are meant to protect your HP. Armor counters physical damage and absorbs all incoming physical damage. It also reduces the incoming physical damage by a certain amount according to the number of Armor your character has. Similarly, Magic Shield is a shield whose amount increases proportional to the Magic Shield number. It is offset by magical damage. After it breaks, your characters HP will be reduced by incoming magical damage.

Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #4. Understanding Combat Mechanics

As we talked about the defensive attributes, now let’s talk in detail about the different combat related mechanics:

Action Interval – This is the casting time of any character. For example, a mage might take a few seconds charging up their attack while warriors may take milliseconds to simply use their skills. This is the time used for completing a designated action.

Damage Types – Like we talked previously, there are 2 types of damages your character can receive or deal – Physical Damage and Magical Damage.  Physical damage is offset by Armor, while Magical Damage is offset by Magic Shield. There’s also a 3rd type of damage called elemental attribute damage. For example, a Fire elemental hero will deal Fire elemental damage. 

Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #5. Try Switching Focus Fire to Win more Battles!

Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis has a deep and complex combat system, with a lot of mechanics to keep in mind. One such important mechanic is known as the “Focus Fire”. Essentially, you can manually target the enemy who should be attacked first by all of your allies in battles. This helps crucially in boss fights but can also be the game changer if you’re stuck in some fights or losing on auto mode. Keep in mind that the enemy marked with Focus Fire will have a red circle attached to it for clarity purposes. Only the basic attacks will be thrown towards the enemy with the Focus Fire mark.

Players can enjoy Dungeon Survivor 3: Dark Genesis even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!