Dunk City Dynasty is the hottest new mobile street basketball game on the block, offering loads of fun and thrills as you dribble, fade, and dunk your way to victory. This is the game fans of street basketball were definitely waiting for, as it has some of the most elaborate and intricate mechanics that add layers of depth to the standard gameplay of the genre. From pressuring opponents and blocking their shots with well-timed swipes, to dribbling and using the full extent of your character’s skills, Dunk City Dynasty is, more than a street basketball game, an RPG of sorts where you need to unlock various characters and level them up to enhance their skills and make them into a force to be feared on the court.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Play Dunk City Dynasty From Anywhere in the World
  2. Dunk City Dynasty Gameplay Basics
  3. Characters and Roles
  4. Character Skills
  5. Game Modes

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

While Dunk City Dynasty is, on the surface, a street basketball game, it also has a lot going on under the hood, and players will need to learn and get familiar with these mechanics if they want to stand a chance against their toughest opponents. As such, we decided to write this Dunk City Dynasty beginner’s guide where you can learn everything you need to know to get a good start in this title.

How to Play Dunk City Dynasty From Anywhere in the World

If you’re outside the Philippines and are interested in what this game has to offer, you’re probably already frustrated at the fact that it isn’t available outside of this region, which is where the game was first released. Luckily, if you play Dunk City Dynasty on PC with BlueStacks, you can enjoy this game on any platform, and with the best graphics, performance, and controls, simply by installing it through our APK installer feature. In this way, you can get the best experience, regardless of where you live.

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

By installing Dunk City Dynasty via APK, you can essentially sidestep the regional limitations of this game, and play it with the best tools and features at your disposal.

Dunk City Dynasty Gameplay Basics

Once you’re all set up and playing Dunk City on PC, you can start enjoying all the street basketball goodness that this title has to offer. Speaking of which, as we mentioned above, this game is far more complex than meets the eye, as there are quite a few mechanics you need to keep in mind in order to control the ball and score some hoops to win matches.

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

During standard play, your controls are divided into offense and defense. When it comes to defending, you have different controls for defending when the enemy has the ball, or when the ball is on the ground or otherwise contested. These controls go from allowing you to pressure enemies and try to steal the ball, as well as blocking their shots entirely. Meanwhile, if the ball is contested, the controls will let you box out nearby opponents or sprint to get a burst of speed whenever necessary.

While these defense controls are pretty straightforward, most of the complexity comes from the offense, as the abilities available to you will vary heavily depending on your current character and their roles. Your knowledge of basketball will come into play here as the abilities available to any characters will often be related to their current roles. For instance, Shooting Guards (SG) will often have skills to improve their shooting skills from the three-point line, as well as for shaking off their opponents to get more open shots.

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

This same aspect applies to all other positions, including Point Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center, and the aforementioned Shooting Guard. Each of these roles have their own properties, talents, and set of skills that makes them into a valuable asset for their teams.

In the end, getting good at Dunk City Dynasty is just like playing a MOBA like League of Legends or DotA; you can only get better by practicing with your favorite characters, which in turn will let you perform admirably in any match.

Characters and Roles

As we’ve mentioned a few times already The complexity in Dunk City Dynasty comes from the moves available to your characters, with each player having their own unique moveset and passive skills, which you’ll need to learn in order to get the most out of them. This is like heroes in a MOBA game, since each and every one of these active and passive skills will define the way you play with any given character, regardless of their roles.

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

And speaking of roles, here’s a breakdown of all five positions in Dunk City Dynasty, as well as their intended purposes.

  • Shooting Guard (SG): As mentioned above, these players have skills for shooting three-pointers and eluding the enemy with fast dribbling and speedy moves.
  • Point Guard (PG): These are usually great players for passing and setting up plays effectively.
  • Power Forward (PF): These are usually among the largest players on the team, using their bulk to post up and get closer to the hoop to either set up a dunk, or pass it to other players so they can complete the play.
  • Small Forward (SF): Often the smaller characters on their teams, charged with using their small size and fast moves to bob and weave through the opponents and make their way to the hoop. These are usually the top scorers, along with SG and C players.
  • Center (C): The backbone of any team, who are usually the tallest among their peers and have a balanced distribution of both offensive and defensive maneuvers, to both control the ball, and keep it in their possession, especially during rebounds.

As you can see, your role in any given team will vary widely according to your selected character, both due to their skills and passives, as well as due to the positions they’re meant to play. However, keep in mind that matches in Dunk City Dynasty are, at most, 3v3s, so you’ll need to also consider how your selected roles synergize with each other when it comes to creating and exploiting scoring opportunities.

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

If you’re interested in learning more about the specific positions in Dynasty Dunk City, make sure you read our positions guide that we’ve prepared on this topic. Having a good understanding of what you’re supposed to be doing with any character will be important for getting the most out of each of your players.

Character Skills

One last thing to consider about the characters in Dunk City Dynasty, which could be one the most important aspects about playing your characters correctly, is their passives. If you go to the Players menu and select any of the characters from the list, you’ll see that each of these have seven skills: one ultimate, and six actives/passives. While the ultimate is straightforward, requiring a simple click to activate them and achieve the desired effect, the six other skills are often more complex, requiring specific triggers in order to use them.

For instance, Seth Curry is a powerful SG player who can passively trigger his “Shooter’s Heart” skill whenever he shoots a “wide open” three-pointer, which vastly increases his accuracy and makes it much easier for him to score these difficult shots whenever he’s not pressured or guarded. He also has a few other passives that can increase his abilities in certain situations, which will in great part determine the way he’s meant to be played.

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

Just like with Seth Curry, each and every character in Dunk City Dynasty has their own skills, and learning about them is crucial for using them correctly.

Game Modes

While there are a few game modes here, they all revolve around the same core concept, which is to play street basketball. However, in contrast with other games where you choose your entire team and get to control all your players depending on who has the ball, you control only one player in Dunk City Dynasty. This is kind of like choosing your hero in a MOBA, since you have to stick with them for the entirety of the match. The only exception to this rule is in Dynasty Mode, where you can choose to let the AI control your entire team, or you can assume manual control of any of your players as the situation demands.

Dunk City Dynasty Beginner’s Guide - The Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers That Will Help You Dominate the Court

There are three main game modes in Dunk City Dynasty:

  • 11-Point Game: As its name implies, this is just a casual 3-minute 3v3 match where the goal is to be the first team to reach 11 points. However, if the timer expires and no team has reached the limit, the team with the highest score will win. If teams are tied when the timer expires, the match will enter a 1-minute tiebreaker period.
  • Dynasty Mode: This is more of a manager game mode where you can choose to let your characters play themselves. You can influence your team’s play styles by setting up your strategies, which you can change on the fly mid-match. Additionally, you can choose to control your characters manually, should the need arise. It’s important to point out that you’re not limited to just one character in this mode, and you can control any of your players.
  • Summit Match: A more formal “ranked-style” game mode where the players are first matched against each other, and then take turns choosing their characters for the upcoming match. It’s worth mentioning here that players can’t choose duplicate characters in this game mode. As such, you’re required to own at least six different characters before you’re able to compete in Summit Matches.

Overall, Dunk City Dynasty is as serious an experience as you want it to be. You can play it casually and have lots of fun shooting hoops, or you can learn to play it more seriously and have a blast thanks to the game’s high skill ceiling. In the end, it all comes down to practicing, as each character has their own complexities and intricacies.