One of the parts that we like the most about Dunk City Dynasty is how it feels more like a MOBA or RPG instead of a pure basketball game. As such, while you need to learn the basics of the sport, this game can also be treated similar to Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, in that you can choose a character to be your “main”, and then focus entirely on learning their movesets and upgrading them in order to carry your team to victory.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

However, just like with any other RPG or MOBA game, being able to choose your own characters from a larger pool of players comes with some complications, such as knowing which ones are the best, and which ones are better left untouched. Luckily, in Dunk City Dynasty, there really aren’t any bad characters per se; there are different characters that fill different positions, and their skill sets, in turn, allow them to perform well for the roles they are expected to address. As such, choosing the “best” characters ultimately comes down to personal preferences, as well as to your selection of role and position.

Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing the best characters, we feel that some players can be better than the others within their same position. Or at the very least, some players can feel much better to play as. For this reason, we have decided to create this Dunk City Dynasty tier list, where we’ll go over most of the players in this game, and give our suggestions on which are the best, and which ones are inferior.

The Best Dunk City Dynasty Tier List

  1. Dunk City Dynasty S Tier Players
  2. Dunk City Dynasty A Tier Players
  3. Dunk City Dynasty B Tier Players
  4. Dunk City Dynasty C Tier Players

Dunk City Dynasty is still a very new game, and didn’t release with a massive roster. In fact, the game is currently available only in the Philippines, though you can enjoy it anywhere by playing Dunk City Dynasty on PC with BlueStacks. Nevertheless, there are only 16 characters to choose from as of its launch, which can mostly be unlocked through opening Supply Crates once you reach account level 4.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Just like in any other mobile game with a randomized summoning system (AKA gacha or loot boxes), unlocking new characters in Dunk City Dynasty can take time and effort, especially if you’re looking for specific characters. As such, knowing which ones to aim for beforehand will be very useful to determine whether you should continue playing, or restart your account and reroll for different characters.

The odds of receiving full characters from crates in Dunk City Dynasty depends on the specific banner you’re pulling from. However, when it comes to the Permanent Supply Crate banner, the odds are always as follows: 

  • 7% chance to receive a full player (0.5% chance of receiving a specific player within the pool)
  • 17% chance to receive an Advanced Drill Card
  • 18% chance to receive a Potential Essence
  • 18% chance to receive an Uncommon Talent Material
  • 4% chance to receive an Advanced Talent Material
  • 18% chance to receive a Training Drink
  • 18% chance to receive gold coins.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

It’s worth pointing out that, for the Permanent Supply Crate banner, you will get a guaranteed full player every 20 draws, and you will also get the current locked player in the banner after 50 draws. Keep in mind, however, that not all players are available through this banner, as you can only currently obtain 14 out of the 16 total players. To unlock the other two players (Jokic and Lebron), you’ll need to pull from their respective banners, which have different odds and require a different currency.

With that being said, here are our choices of best Dunk City Dynasty characters:

S Tier

Name Position
James SF
Seth Curry SG
Jokic C

A Tier

Name Position
Zhi Fu SF
Rose PG
Nurkic C

B Tier

Name Position
Thompson SG
Zion PF
Capela  C

C Tier

Name Position
Doncic PG
Shou Hong PG
Hayward SF

It’s worth noting that, despite being listed in tiers, there really aren’t any bad characters in Dunk City Dynasty. Our choices here are related to how easy they are for us to play, and how effective they are at their roles, though this doesn’t mean that your mileage won’t vary and that you might have a much better time playing with other players. With that said, feel free to choose the character that you like the most and focus your efforts on learning their actives and passives to dominate the court.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at each of the characters in our Dunk City Dynasty tier list and see what earns them their spots on this list:

Dunk City Dynasty S Tier Players

As mentioned above, there are no bad players in Dunk City Dynasty. As such, while the S tier usually corresponds to the absolute best characters in their respective games, we decided to list the ones we enjoy playing the most. As such, while your mileage can (and probably will) vary, these are our favorite players in the game.


As a small forward, James is highly proficient at playing from under the hoop, though he also has strong defensive capabilities that allow him to excel at perimeter defense, and also shutting down the enemy scorers. His ultimate skill lets him score a guaranteed shot if the right conditions are met. This means that while he’s quite challenging to play and master, he’s nigh unstoppable in the right hands.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

It’s not uncommon for James players to be the top scorers in their matches, though they can also be the worst character on your team if the player is still learning. For this reason, if you want to play with James, we recommend practicing a lot, particularly when it comes to mastering the nuances of his ultimate skill.

Seth Curry

This is one of the players that you can choose when you first start the game, and is arguably one of the top choices that you can make. 

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Seth Curry has a very easy play style that focuses on shaking off enemies and shooting three-pointers. Though he has some post offense, he is far more prominent when playing outside the three-point line. If anything, he’s also great at playmaking and ensuring that the ball ends up in the right hands at the right times.


There’s a good reason why both Jokic and James are the only locked characters in Dunk City Dynasty, and that you can only obtain them by pulling from their respective banners. In the case of Jokic, it’s because he’s one of the best center players in the entire game, offering a balanced kit of offensive and defensive moves, and with the ability to score tons of points using his ultimate, as well as his vast array of passive moves to shoot both from mid range, as well as from under the hoop.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

While he’s great for scoring points, Jokic is also an excellent team player, with passive skills to increase his ability to land safe passes, as well as do it faster than other characters. If anything, Jokic is an absolute joy to play, whether you like adopting an explosive play style, or you enjoy a more methodical approach to playing basketball.

Dunk City Dynasty A Tier Players

While the S tier characters are our favorite players, the ones in this tier are others that, while still fun to play, don’t feel quite as easy and effective as the ones mentioned above.

Zhi Fu

Most characters offer skills that allow them to score with ease, but Zhi Fu instead offers powerful defensive skills through which he can steal and control the ball, on top of his own abilities to land shots and score hoops. 

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Zhi Fu is a great example of a more defensive SF, with an ultimate skill that guarantees a steal when the right conditions are met. Furthermore, he has other skills that help him to block, defend, and otherwise annoy the heck out of the enemy attackers. For this reason, we strongly recommend Zhi Fu if you enjoy a more defensive play style as well as helping out your team to score.


Just like his real life counterpart, Rose is one of the best players in the game when it comes to shaking off the enemy and rushing towards the hoop in blinding bursts of speed. It’s not uncommon for players using this character to play aggressively, attempting to elude his mark with quick dribbling and driving, and ending the play with a well-placed layup shot.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Rose is also an excellent defender that, while not offering as many defensive skills as Zhi Fu, can move much faster than other players and keep the pressure on them at all times. If all else fails, he has a passive trait that slightly increases his chances to steal the ball when defending against the enemy attack.


This player is everything you’d expect to find from someone playing the C position. In other words, he’s a burly character that can fiercely fight for the ball when under the hoop, and that offers passive skills to increase his rebound chances, making him into an excellent choice for playing under the hoop, both defensively and offensively.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Nurkic’s great strength is also showcased in the manner in which he can break through enemies and dunk the ball, using his heaving physique to effectively sidestep defenders on most occasions. Nevertheless, his strengths definitely lie in fighting for the ball, while also providing valuable screens and assists to aid his team and facilitate plays.

Dunk City Dynasty B Tier Players

These are just average characters that we didn’t really care for after we tried them out, though they’re not bad by any means, their play style just didn’t appeal to us, particularly.


Klay Thompson does one thing better than most: He has unparalleled transition skills to turn a struggling play into easy three-pointers. Unlike Seth Curry, which we listed above, Thompson specializes purely in shooting from outside the three-point line, with skills to not only increase his accuracy when doing these shots, but also to help him shake away defenders to find more opportunities to throw, in situations where it would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do so.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

The only reason why he’s listed so far down in our tier list is that, while he’s adept at shooting from long distances, Thompson’s play style is somewhat easy to counter in Dunk City Dynasty, mostly because it’s easy to defend from long distance shots, even if you’re a beginner. This can complicate scoring hoops compared to players like Seth Curry, who have a more comprehensive skill set for scoring both from outside as well as inside the three-point line.


Zion Thompson is the definition of a power forward, using his great strength and jumping ability to score via powerful dunks. He’s one of the few characters that can use the alley-oop dunk maneuver, scoring a guaranteed dunk if he receives a successful pass while in the air close to the hoop. As such, while he relies on having competent teammates to unleash his full potential, Zion can be a very dangerous character if used correctly.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

If you’re a fan of playing the PF position, and in particular when it comes to dunking on the enemy, then you really can’t get any better than Zion.


Clint Capela is the master of rebounds in Dunk City Dynasty, even offering passive skills that are triggered whenever he catches a rebound or successfully blocks an enemy. His greatest strength, however, lies in disrupting and defending, with an ultimate that, if used correctly, can not only block a shot, but directly snatch the ball from the enemy’s hands.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

If we had to use RPG terms to define this character, we’d say that Capela is an awesome “support” character, specializing in blocking, defending, and using powerful screens to open up scoring opportunities for his teammates. Moreover, when the going gets tough, he’s also adept at dunking and playing from under the hoop.

Dunk City Dynasty C Tier Players

This tier corresponds to the characters that we didn’t like at all. We’re sure that they can be very effective in the right hands, but we didn’t enjoy playing with them.


As a player who fills the PG position, Doncic’s main strength lies in driving the ball and setting up plays effectively, and both his stats and skill set reflect this. In fact, while others have ultimates for stealing the ball or making difficult shots, Doncic’s ultimate allows him to perform accurate and fast passes from basically anywhere on the court.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Just like he can perform accurate passes, Doncic is also adept at catching sketchy passes, thanks to his passive traits that increase his capabilities when receiving a pass. Overall, we recommend this character for players who enjoy supporting their teams by making awesome passes and for pushing the enemy defense in a desired direction using skillful driving and dribbling.

Shou Hong

While Doncic is a PG specializing in passing and assisting, Shou Hong is a PG with a more aggressive and offensive approach, with skills to shoot from a distance and under the hoop, as well as support skills for passing and defending.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Overall, Shou Hong is a well-balanced character for those who enjoy playing a more supportive role, but also with skills to exploit openings and take advantage of the enemy defense whenever the opportunity shows itself.


Hayward is a small forward adept at dribbling and handling the ball, and who specializes in scoring from mid range. As a SF, Hayward has an aggressive play style consisting of moves to break through enemies, and use his superior speed to shake them off and open up scoring opportunities from anywhere inside the three-point line.

Dunk City Dynasty Tier List - Dunk on Your Enemies with The Best Players in the Game

Keep in mind that, while we’ve listed almost every character currently featured in Dunk City Dynasty, these are by no means the absolute best of the best, objectively. As mentioned above, the characters mentioned on this Dunk City Dynasty tier list are representative of the ones we enjoyed the most, both due to their positions, as well as due to their play styles and skill sets. 

With that being said, your preferences can vary, so feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below!