Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant is one of the newest turn-based RPGs to be released globally. Taking a twist to the overused sci-fi post-apocalyptic genre, get access to sturdy kimono girls and train them to defeat the ensuring forces of chaos that have left humanity on the brink of extinction. All the girls, amicably called “Cases”, have been assigned beautifully crafted avatars, brimmin with life and portraying their latent nature. Get to action, as you take on missions that will challenge on every nook and corner. Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant is available as a free-to-play game on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

How to Install and Play Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant on PC with BlueStacks

Home to several PvE and PvP game modes respectively, Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant boasts a horde of content for all types of gamers. Want to climb high on the live PvP leaderboards? Do not fret as you can make several tactical formations to counter your enemy in outstanding fashion! Compete against other awakeners in inter-server competitions, lined up specially on special occasions to give you some preparation time. Fan of dungeon hunting and boss slaying? PvE game modes such as the Expedition and Raids offer a host of strategical boss hunting experience. Reap massive rewards such as legendary quality gear, experience, and gold by consistently farming the lucrative elemental dungeons.

Here’s a short description of the game, in the words of the developers of Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant themselves – “As an Awakener, you’ll lead the last hope of humanity, Kemono Girl Cases, onto adventures. Collect Mana from different factions, accumulate strength, liberate your little sister from her seal, uncover the truth of the world, and restore its order! Fight in the post-apocalyptic world with your kemono girl companions!”

System Requirements and BlueStacks Installation

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience playing Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant on your PC, it’s essential to ensure that your system meets the following requirements. First things first, having a compatible operating system with the latest updates installed is crucial. The Operating system can be then following – Windows 7, 8, or 10

How to Install and Play Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant on PC with BlueStacks

Secondly, having a minimum of 4GB of RAM is recommended, although higher RAM capacities, such as 8GB or more, will contribute to even smoother performance. As Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant is an online live service game, having a stable internet connection is also required to launch the application. A good internet connection also ensures a seamless gaming experience, reducing the risk of lag or disconnections that can impact gameplay.

When your system meets the recommended specifications, you can expect smoother gameplay, shorter loading times, and improved graphics performance. The game will be able to utilize more system resources, allowing for higher graphic settings and overall enhanced visuals. Having a dedicated graphics card also ensures that you are ahead of the curve of minimum requirements, and it also provides your PC with high level computing power.

How to Install and Play Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant on your PC with BlueStacks

  1. On the BlueStacks website, search “Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant” and click on the relevant result.
  2. Click on the “Play Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant on PC” link on the top left.
  3. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  4. Click on the “Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant” icon at the bottom of the app player.
  5. Complete the Google Sign-in to install the game.
  6. Click the “Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant” icon on the home screen to start playing.

How to Install and Play Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant on PC with BlueStacks

Features of Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant

Some unique features of Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant include:

  • Simple controls, endless lineups and tactics combos – Recruit kemono girls, forge your dream team, and sweep through your enemies with your tactical genius!
  • Kemono girls just for you – A hundred kemono girls from the hands of famous artists, each with a unique character and a beautiful, detailed avatar.
  • Build a troop with other Awakeners – Meet friends in your adventure and build a troop together! Or join one to meet new friends, exchange gifts, and charge the High-energy Reactor together for fat gains.
  • Your base, your style – Flex your creativity and decorate your base to your desires in an assortment of different styles. Do you like the Japanese, tech, glam, or exotic style? Build your dream base.

How to Install and Play Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant on PC with BlueStacks

All in all, Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant reverberates the message that anime-stylized art and graphics are still quite popular among gamers worldwide. Combined with a thematic storyline and beautiful animations, the game appeals to masses that are thirsty for a fresh take on the ever-popular sci-fi RPG genre. Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant has already seen success in the SEA region, and now aims to please the global audience at large. The developers have promised new and exciting festive events that will keep the community entertained and engaged. 

For more information, players can take a look at the official google play page for Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant. Players can enjoy Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!