Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in the entertainment industry? Now is your chance to play as a manager for the popular male idol group known as the Ensemble Stars when you play Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks! Developed by Happy Elements, Ensemble Stars Music is a game where you collect music-themed cards of various male idols, train them to make them top-tier performers, and play live stage performances to put a smile on the fans’ faces.

To get started, follow the guide below to learn how to install the game on your PC or Mac. Afterwards, you can check out this guide to learn how to specifically configure the controls to suit your preference using the BlueStacks controls editor.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Install Ensemble Stars Music
  2. Recruit and Upgrade Artists
  3. Play Live Stage Performances
  4. Experience the Story of the Ensemble Stars
  5. Become a Star with BlueStacks

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

How to Install Ensemble Stars Music 

  1. Download and Install BlueStacks 5 on your PC.
  2. Open the BlueStacks 5 Multi-Instance Manager.
  3. Hover over the bottom of the screen and click on the blue Instance button.
  4. Click on “Fresh Instance”.
  5. Select “Pie 64-bit” as the Android version.
  6. Edit the hardware specifications and resolution of the Android instance if you wish to do so. You may keep everything in default settings. However, it is recommended to change the performance mode to “Balanced”.
  7. Rename the new instance with any name.
  8. Start the new instance.
  9. Complete Google Sign-in to access the Play Store and then open it.
  10. Look for Ensemble Stars in the search bar at the top-right corner.
  11. Click to install Ensemble Stars from the search results.

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

Recruit and Upgrade Artists

Ensemble Stars features a diverse cast of male idol characters that have their own personality, backstory, and style. Additionally, these characters also come from different agencies from which you can recruit these idols.

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

The game features several fictional talent agencies such as: Star Maker Production, Cosmic Production, Rhythm Link, New Dimension. Some agencies are wealthier than others and uphold higher standards but that does not always mean that the newer and smaller agencies do not have quality idols that have a huge potential to make it big.

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

Artists come in the form of specially designed cards that make up an entire card collection. Each card represents an artist and their various attributes (i.e., dancing skills, vocal skills, performance skills). You can obtain more of these cards mainly by scouting for them. In scouting, you spend scout tickets to get a random artist card. There are also other variations of scouting such as diamond scouts, audition scouts, and time-limited scouts which allow you to get artists that otherwise would not be obtainable through normal means. Cards come in various rarities and the rarer your card is, the stronger the character’s base attributes are. But this also means that they are much more expensive.

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

You can upgrade your artist’s skills to make them perform better on stage and also allow you to obtain a higher performance score. EXP tickets can be spent to level up your artist and increase their basic attributes. Additionally, you can also upgrade your artist’s idol road which is like a skill tree. Each node of the idol road contains bonus upgrades for specific skills such as dancing.

Play Live Stage Performances

Live performances are what keep a group alive and in Ensemble Stars there is a myriad of songs that your group can perform live with.

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

In live stages, you select up to five artists who will perform and then play the song to score as many points as possible. Points are earned by tapping, holding, or swiping notes as they land on the node that lines up with them. The closer the notes are to the nodes, the more points you earn. Each song has a different pattern of notes and comes in easy, normal, hard, and expert difficulties. The harder the difficulty is, the more notes that you must play correctly.

How to Play and Install Ensemble Stars Music on PC or Mac with BlueStacks

After the performance, you are graded with a score and receive the corresponding rewards for it. The higher your score is, the better the rewards are. Generally, you need to reach a minimum score to consider the performance as a success. In the game’s story mode, you must reach the minimum score to unlock the new episode of the story.

Experience the Story of the Ensemble Stars

The story mode of Ensemble Stars Music is presented as a visual novel similar to games like HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! The story is segregated into chapters containing plenty of episodes in each.

The story revolves around you, the manager of the Ensemble Stars, in the journey to manage and train them to become top-tier performers. Various obstacles are going to be encountered in the story such as rival groups and conflicts that you must resolve to keep the group together. As a visual novel, the game features beautiful 3D graphics and you even have the option to download and hear fully voiced dialogue. 

Story episodes are either purely story-centric episodes where characters just say dialogue or rehearsal stages where you play in live stage performances. In rehearsals, you need to attain the minimum score to proceed to the next part of the story.

Become a Star with BlueStacks

Start your journey in the entertainment industry now by installing and playing Ensemble Stars Music with BlueStacks.

The main advantage of playing the game with BlueStacks is the ability to use your keyboard to play the rhythm-game portions of the game. You can fully customize this with the BlueStacks editor  This gives you the feeling of playing music with an actual keyboard instrument, which is a feeling that you cannot replicate easily by playing on mobile devices. You can also become crafty and create macros for specific button combinations and make difficult notes easier to play.

The game also features plenty of limited-time events where you can obtain bonus resources and unique characters. You can utilize BlueStacks’ UTC time converter to translate UTC time to your timezone and also set up calendar reminders for events that you do not want to miss.

Who is your favorite idol in Ensemble Stars Music? Let us know in the comments below.