With the exception of a few powerful 4-star Servants, the best characters in Fate/Grand Order are legendaries. As an F2P player, it can be difficult (and extremely frustrating) to obtain these 5-star beauties, but once you get a hold of them, they open a myriad of new doors in terms of available content and progression.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants

Otherwise, as a P2W player, you might have access to dozens of legendary Servants, but that doesn’t mean that they all deserve the same level of attention. Some will be excellent and highly versatile, while others will need a specific focus, and others still will be completely useless. This is where our BlueStacks guide comes in.

In what follows, we’ll go through the best end-game Servants in FGO and briefly explain why each of them is worth your hard-earned upgrade materials. Bear in mind, though, that we were also influenced by our personal preferences when making this selection. If you like a 5-star hero that isn’t mentioned here, that’s just as well. The list can change at any time, especially if you find another great Servant to be more enjoyable to play than others.

Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)

Zhuge Liang is perhaps the best Servant currently in the game, not so much because of his DPS potential (which is more or less terrible), but because he is an extraordinary support whose skills can be useful in any lineup. Not only is he great to have on your team, but he is also one of the best allies to pop in the Friend slot during difficult battles.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants

All three abilities of this hero are buffs and NP charges that he applies to one or several allies. His Tactician’s Advice grants 2 party-wide defense bonuses that become very powerful in combination with one another, while his Tactician’s Command boosts the party’s attack and damage dealt during burst turns. Both of these skills also charge all allies’ NP gauge by 10%, which is no small feat. In addition, his first ability – Discerning Eye – targets a single ally and increases their crit damage by up to 50% while charging their NP gauge by another 30%.

Finally, Zhuge Liang’s NP skill – Unreturning Formation – decreases the defense stats of all enemies, inflicts a DoT curse, and delays the NP of opponents by -1 charge. Overall, this Servant can fill his teammates’ NP bar on demand and will enable any strong damage dealers, which is precisely why he is so coveted in all compositions.


Currently the main contender against Zhuge Liang, Merlin is another fantastic support with meagre DPS potential, but a set of skills that works well in all situations. From NP charge to team protection, crit star generation, and powerful heals, this wizard seems to have it all.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants

Merlin features two powerful teamwide buffs – Dreamlike Charisma, which increases party attack and charges the NP gauge by 20% for all team members; and Illusion, which grants Invincibility to all allies for 1 turn, increases their crit star generation, and reduce the enemies’ crit change. His single-target buff – Hero Creation – improves the Buster performance of one ally for 3 turns, increases their max HP, and boosts their crit damage, all in one go.

Garden of Avalon, Merlin’s NP ability, is perhaps his most impressive tool. When cast, it applies a buff to all allies that restores HP and charges NP by 5% each turn for 5 turns. No matter whether you use Merlin in an Arts- or Buster-centered team, his contribution is outstanding.


An excellent Buster-centered crit damage dealer, Gilgamesh is an Archer with on-demand crit star absorption, high base stats, high crit damage, and enough Buster cards to execute his opponents with Buster Brave Chains. In addition, his Noble Phantasm deals massive AoE damage against other Servants, which makes him the go-to hero for difficult boss fights.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants


Another Buster-focused damage dealer, Minamoto-no-Raikou features several skills that increase both her crit star absorption rate and her crit damage. Being a Berseker, she deals additional damage against all other classes, while her Noble Phantasm skill can melt an entire wave of enemies in the blink of an eye.

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Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants

Miyamoto Musashi

One of the best damage dealers among all Sabers in Fate/Grand Order, Miyamoto Musashi is particularly useful in Challenge Quests, albeit slightly inconsistent in other game modes. Although she features a triple-Buster deck, her first skill – Fifth Force – allows her to charge NP and to generate crit stars with some frequency. Due to the fact that her other skills and her NP ability are powerful self-buffs, Miyamoto can become a monstrous single-target DPS, especially when used concomitantly with remarkable supports like Zhuge Liang and Merlin.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants

Jack the Ripper

This Assassin-class Servant is most suitable in a Crit-focused team and can excel in the role of crit star generator. Her Murderer on a Misty Night ability improves her already powerful Quick cards, while her Information Erasure is particularly useful against enemies who love to spam buffs throughout the course of a fight. Her NP skill – Mary the Ripper – tops it all off with massive single-target damage that rips through the enemy’s defenses.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants

Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)

An alternate version of Jeanne d’Arc (Ruler), this Avenger-class Servant has a ridiculous amount of raw damage. She is fairly straightforward to play and is best suited for the role of crit damage dealer in a Buster-oriented team. Her two self-buffs, Self-Modification and Ephemeral Dream, further boost her Buster card effectiveness, crit damage, and crit star absorption, while her NP skill – La Grondement Du Haine – can melt a single target’s HP bar in one go.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants


By far one of the most impressive Riders in Fate/Grand Order, Quetzalcoatl is especially useful against nasty Berserker or Caster enemies. Her skill set is focused on Buster cards and moves, with her Lucha Libre providing a boost to her own crit star absorption and crit damage. In addition, she boasts two notable buffs: Charisma, which increases all allies’ attack for 3 turns; and Wisdom of the Benevolent God, which applies Guts and improves Buster performance on a targeted ally. Her most impressive ability is her NP – Xiuhcoatl, which deals tremendous single-target damage and inflicts an NP seal.

Fate/Grand Order on PC: The Best End-Game Servants

As is easily noticeable from this selection of heroes, Fate/Grand Order does not lack in excellent DPS candidates across all classes. Supports, however, are much more important for their team, which makes either Zhuge Liang or Merlin a foremost priority for any Master. Once you land one of these two Servants, your lineup will benefit from a considerable boost and you will find it easier both to farm and progress through new content.

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