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FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup (FIFA Mobile)...

In FIFA Mobile, you will notice that the events section always has new things to offer, as well as prizes for everyone that rises up to the challenge and beats the competition. The Team of the Season event, for example, is one of the biggest moments in the game, which offers players the opportunity to play with and score different cards to strengthen their dream team. Many players wait for months until TOTS rolls around, so that they can reap the entirety of its benefits, and hopefully rise to the top with an empowered squad. However, newcomers might feel confused when it comes to events, in general, as there’s not much to go by in the form of instructions or indications.

This is where this guide comes in.

In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about the events the game has to offer, including the prizes it can offer.

Since FUT 12, at the end of every season, which is between the months of May and June, the developer (Electronic Arts) builds squads based on the performance of the players throughout the previous season. In contrast to Team of the Year, the teams are formed based on the performance of the players in the season, and not of the current calendar year. In this sense, instead of creating a single team of all-stars, TOTS releases a total of eight squads, each one falling into a popular league or region. Even the MLS is featured; their squad of awesome American players is scheduled for release early in August.

Through the entirety of TOTS’ duration, you will also find special themed cards and promo packs, as well as engaging squad building challenges to help train your team and rack up points that can be traded for the aforementioned special prizes.

This year’s TOTS began in late April and ended early in June, in anticipation of the 2018 Russia World Cup coming up soon.

The Team of the Year event, on the other hand, consisted of several campaign chapters that awarded players points, which could then be traded in for a number of shortlisted players that excelled in the previous calendar year. The players selected for this year’s TOTY include the starters Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, and Lionel Messi, as well as the reserve Neymar, and the current best LF in the game, Eden Hazard. In this event, players have a unique opportunity to strengthen their squads with these cards of unique (and very high) quality. Nevertheless, if you missed the chapters where you could trade points for the cards, you can still find your favorite TOTY players in the market, albeit at a high price.

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The aforementioned are all high-profile events that happen once every year. There are other events that can be completed on a daily basis, in order to earn tons of prizes, including skill boosts and coins, which can be used to train your squad, as well as purchase other items on the marketplace or in-game store.

As a newcomer, we recommend to always check the events section as you log in. In this manner, you can keep apprised of the latest going-on in the game, and never miss a chance to score some unique prizes. Furthermore, you will always receive instant prizes in the form of XP after you complete each event. However, these scenarios often require varying amounts of stamina in order to participate in them.

One of the best events that we’ve found in the game, is the Road to Riches event in which, for 2 stamina, you get the chance to score anywhere between 100 and 25,000 coins. This may not sound like much but, considering that you can get an awesome player on the market for around 400,000 coins, we feel like it’s definitely worth the effort. Also, since it takes little to no time to complete it, it’s a no-brainer. Try to exploit this event to the maximum when it becomes repeatable, as it will become a source of much-needed funds during the time it can be grinded.

There are also a plethora of one-time completion events, which refresh on a daily basis. The “Daily Warm Up,” “Drills,” “Scouting,” and “Training Ground” events come to mind.

Keep in mind that every time you complete an event after each refresh, you will receive extra coins and XP.

Below you will find a list of some of the most popular live events, as well as the rewards they offer upon completion. Keep in mind that most of these often require to complete a series of simple challenges in order for the player to obtain the full rewards. In this sense, it’s not enough to simply login daily and claim your free stuff.

    • Daily Warm Up: Refreshes every 24 hours, and awards the player 1 Warm Up token, 40 coins, and 5 XP upon completion. Requires 3 Stamina.
    • Drills: Refreshes every 4 hours, and can be completed several times per day. It rewards 1 random player, 1 Training token the first time it is completed, alongside 80 coins, and 10 XP. Requires 2 stamina.
    • Training Ground: Refreshes weekly. Awards the player 1 All-Pro Pack, 120 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 3 Stamina.
    • Fuel Up: Appears at random times, usually alongside the Domination event. Awards the player with 1 full stamina refill, 20 coins, and 5 XP. Requires 1 stamina.
    • Team of the Week: Available on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and Saturdays, and lasts for 24 hours only. Awards the player with one Team of the Week token, a chance to obtain a TOTW player, 80 coins, and 10 XP. Requires 2 stamina.
    • Coin-Up: Only available once a week on Thursdays. Awards the player with a Coin Up token, which can be discarded to receive a number of rewards depending on whether certain events happen in real life matches or not. Furthermore, the player receives 160 coins and 7 XP upon completion. Requires 3 stamina.
    • Team Heroes: Available only for 24 hours on every appearance. Awards the player 1 Team Crest, 170 coins, and 15 XP upon completion. Requires 4 stamina.
    • Goalkeepers: Available only on Monday. Awards the player with 1 random silver or better GK, 120 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 3 stamina.
    • Game Changers: Available only for 3 hours on every appearance. Awards the player with 1 random silver or better player, 120 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 2 stamina.
    • Rookies: Available only for 3 hours on every appearance. Awards the player with 1 Rookies token, which offers a chance of obtaining a player, as well as 120 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 2 stamina.
    • Veterans: Available only for 3 hours on every appearance. Similar to Rookies, awards the player with one Veteran token, which offers a chance of obtaining an elite player, alongside 120 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 2 stamina.
    • Scouting: Refreshes daily. Awards the player with 1 Scouting token, which can be traded in for prizes, as well as 120 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 3 stamina.
    • Champions: Appears randomly, lasts for 24 hours and refreshes every 3 hours on the day it appears. Awards the player 1 National Cup, with a slight chance of it being an International Cup, alongside 160 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 4 stamina.
    • Road to Riches: Appears as a one-time event on Friday, or as a repeatable event on Tuesdays. Awards the player with a token that can be discarded for a chance to receive a large sum of coins, as well as 120 coins, and 15 XP. Requires from 2 to 4 stamina, depending on the day.
    • Domination: Available every 24 hours. Awards the player 1 random Domination token, as well as 400 coins, and 30 XP for their troubles. Requires a whopping 10 stamina.
    •  Ultimate Flashback: Repeatable every Saturday. It’s continued existence is to be determined in the future, as EA has been announcing several changes to the lineup of events in FIFA Mobile. Awards the player with 1 Ultimate Moment token, as well as 200 coins, and 15 XP. Requires 5 stamina.

So that was the roundup on all the events in FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup (FIFA Mobile). We hope this guide helped you understand game events better.

Do let us know if you enjoyed reading this guide in the comments section!

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