EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 SOCCER is the foremost authority when it comes to mobile football games. EA has taken the highly-successful formula used in their console games and applied an interesting twist when porting it to Android and iOS. The result was a highly-praised, self-sustainable game with its own identity that left nothing to be desired. In EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 SOCCER, the Ultimate Team system that was pioneered in 2013 has been refined to its best version yet, allowing players to mix and match their favorite football stars in hopes of creating the perfect dream team. For the first time since the first iteration of the mobile game, FIFA felt truly at home on mobile devices.

After a few weeks of testing the game, we at BlueStacks have become convinced that playing it on our platform is the absolute best way to enjoy this game. Not only will you enjoy better graphics, as well as a bigger screen, but you’ll also have access to an improved control scheme that will help score 2, 3, or even 4 goals more than the average. In our time playing the game, we’ve seldom lost a match. Furthermore, we’ve always won with sometimes an advantage of more than 4 goals over the opponent.


Benefits of the emulator aside, there are several things you should consider when playing EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 SOCCER, considering that your skills in the field can only take you so far. In this sense, here are some general tips and tricks you can keep in mind when playing this game so that you can maximize your odds of winning, and keep your team in the absolute best shape possible at all times.

The Team

Most football clubs have around 27 players in their lineups. However, the strategies and gameplay will always be centered around the starting 11. These 11 players are the only members you need to consider when creating your squad, as they will be the ones carrying the brunt of all the tasks they perform in the field. In this sense, it is recommended that you have a formation or two that provide you with the best results and dedicate the rest of your efforts into optimizing the players that will fill the positions in said formations. Not only will this give you an idea of how you’re going to build your team, it’ll also save you tons of time and money as you won’t have to go back and forth through different formations, and searching for the ideal players to fill your constantly-changing lineups. Don’t worry if the game seems a bit restrictive at first; you can always change formations later on once you obtain better players.



Speaking of formations, there are some positions that are more important than others, especially when you have a significantly higher OVR than your opponent, and will have lots of opportunities to score. Nevertheless, your probability of success will always be determined by the players you choose for filling key positions in your formation. In this sense, you’ll always want attackers that can beat and breach the opposing defense, as well as defenders that can stop the enemy counterattack.

Our opinion is that strikers are the most important position, as these players will be the ones bobbing and weaving through the enemy’s defense, and putting the ball in the opposing goal. Nevertheless, the strikers are only as good as their support, as they first need to receive the ball in order to score. Depending on the formation you choose, your support could be the CAM, CF, or LF and RF positions. The idea is that these supports would also be able to breach the enemy defense, but also have an edge in passing so that they can assist strikers in scoring. This isn’t to say that supporters can score because they should also be able to mark a few goals if the opportunity shows itself.

To this end, always focus first on signing a striker that can score goals before thinking of replacing any other positions. Other important changes that you can make to your initial lineup is the CB, CM, and GK positions.


Despite looking tempting and serving as a general indicator of your team’s strength, OVR is not the be-all-end-all in EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 SOCCER. Attributes are the absolute most important factor when it comes to individual performance and prowess of any player. Even if a player has a higher OVR than others in your team, you should make a habit to closely examine their stats so that you can get a feel for the usefulness they can provide to your team in the position you’re thinking of putting them in. Some attributes are useful in certain contexts, such as attack or defense, while others are more important in general. In this sense, some players can have a low OVR due to low attributes but excel in two or three attributes that can be useful for certain positions. These are the ones that you’ll be using, in the beginning, to fill key roles, until you can sign better players.

Play the Market

The only way you can get new cards in EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 SOCCER is via the in-game store, using real money, or through the market, in which players can be bought and sold using coins, the game’s currency. Learning how the market works is a very useful skill that will come in handy for a variety of situations.


Before doing anything else, players should learn how to use the search function in the market. They need to become very intimate with this screen, as researching player attributes, costs, and general usefulness for certain positions will be pivotal in building and strengthening their squads. Through the search, they can not only find the best players for certain positions, but they can also do so while adhering to their budgets. These are all things that can easily be obtained via the smart use of the filters provided in the search function. A good tip that you can use for searching multiple players by name, is that you can usually write the names of all the players you’re looking for between quotes (no spaces in between names), and you’ll obtain results for all the players you listed in a single search. For example, you can search “Ronaldo””Kane””Bale”, and it’ll give you results for these three players. You can do this for tokens and trophies as well.



Which brings us to our next point. The market is not only good for finding players; you can also find trophies, crests,  tokens, and event items here. This can be used to your advantage if you have some of these items lying around, in order to turn a profit for the things you don’t plan on ever using. You can find these items simply by typing their name in the search field and filtering your selection to tokens, or the relevant item.

There are four important terms you need to learn if you want to make the best out of the Market.

  • EA Bot: The EA Bot is the authority when it comes to handling transactions. This automated system manages all the transactions in the marketplace. In this sense, you don’t truly sell player cards and items to other players directly; you sell them to the EA Bot which, in turn, sells them to other players on the market, at a price of its choosing. There are multiple theories that try to explain how the prices are set, but none have discovered the reasoning behind the Bot’s prices.
  • BIN: The Buy It Now Price (BIN), is simply the cost of buying out a player card for which you don’t wish to compete against other players. By purchasing via BIN, you’ll obviously pay more than the usual, but you’ll get the card instantly, without having to compete against others.
  • Timer: Refers to the timer on which the market runs. It resets at around every 5 minutes.
  • Sniping: This term refers to the art of “playing the market.” That is, buying players at low prices, and reselling them to turn a profit.

Keep in mind that all transactions are managed by the bot, which charges a tax of 10% on top of each one of these, regardless of whether the player pays BIN or bid prices. In this sense, a player worth $100k will net you a $90k profit, and so on.

About Events

Upon beginning the game, you’ll notice that you have a stamina bar on top, and also that EVERYTHING costs stamina to perform. Luckily, the costs are usually low, and even the game’s main attraction, Vs. Attack Mode, usually costs a meager sum of 1 stamina per match.


Nevertheless, when it comes to events, you need to be selective about which ones you choose at first. It’s okay to miss out on a few of these daily rewards or special events if it means using the stamina for better gains. For instance, it’s advisable to focus on Form events for one day, and skip out on the costly Domination event, as the rewards for the latter are lower than the former in relation to the amount of stamina they cost. Similarly, it’s great to research the rewards that each event provides, and stick to the ones with the highest payoffs at all times.

Daily Warm Ups and Training are not just simply to keep your skills sharp; they can also reward you with a Pro Pack and a special All-Pro Pack for those that are diligent in their daily tasks. These events cost only a few stamina points, and the rewards are great, especially if you’re a beginner looking to strengthen your squad. In any case, the players you can obtain through these events are great market material that can score you some awesome profits by selling them there.

General Considerations

If you’re looking to make some cash, keep an eye out for trophies plans.  All the old bronze and silver players that you’re not likely to use for very long can be exchanged for trophies, which can be exchanged for better trophies, which can then be sold on the market … I think you see where we’re going with this. Most trophies are only good for trophy plans. In this sense, you can put these trophies to use by placing them into upgrade plans to obtain better, elite trophies, which can be sold in the market for hefty sums.

As a general rule of thumb, try to plan your energy consumption so that you level up right around when you’re running low. Every time you level up, you get a free refill of your energy, which, in turn, can fuel more event runs to increase the strength of your squad.

Leagues provide decent rewards to players who manage to make a standing in the leaderboards. Those who score the most goals in a league are entitled to some awesome prizes, so don’t miss out on these opportunities.


Navigating the market can be a chore, especially if you’re on your phone (Hint: use BlueStacks!). For this reason, we recommend using the FutHead database to browse for players, attributes, and skill levels from the comfort of your computer. This is a lot better than simply browsing the game’s market in search of players for your squad.

If anything, always be sure to enjoy what you’re doing. It IS a game, after all, albeit a highly-competitive one. Nevertheless, there’s no point to playing games if you’re not enjoying yourself. Now that the 2018 World Cup in Russia is around the corner, we can’t think of a better time to get hooked on EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 SOCCER!