Friday the 13th: 8 Things You Need To Know To Fight Your Way Through the Hardest Levels

Friday the 13th: 8 Things You Need...

Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle is a very fun new puzzle game available in the app store. It’s free to play and has dozens of levels to play through.

Whilst Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle is fun for the most part, it can start to become quite challenging, especially during the later stages in the game.

To make things easier for you, we’ve listed 8 tips to help you beat the more challenging levels in Killer Puzzle. Usually, following these tips and using a bit of critical thinking will get you past any difficult hurdles the game may present to you.

The First Move Makes a Big Impact

The first move you make when starting a level on Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle is quite easily the most important. Most of the levels are designed in a way that makes it clear where to move next once you’ve figured out where to swipe first.

If you can’t figure out a level, try mixing things up a little by swiping in a different direction on your first swipe. You may find that the solution becomes far more obvious when you do this.

It’s still possible to make mistakes by making the wrong swipes later in each level, but the biggest mistake you can make is choosing the wrong swipe at the beginning.

The Order of Kills Is Usually Very Important

If you are struggling to find the solution for a level, try to change things up by killing the people in each level in a different order. By killing players, you’re able to land on tiles that you may not otherwise be able to stand on. This can be very useful for moving around the level in new ways.

Another tip to consider is that sometimes you can scare people by moving to a tile adjacent to them. When you scare people, the solution for the level may actually be to leave that person and focus on another person first.

There are many different routes to take for each level, but there’s only ever one clear solution and usually finding the solution involves figuring out which people to scare and kill first.

The Final Level Of Each Stage Is Usually The Hardest

In almost all cases, the final level on each stage is the hardest. The number of strange out of the box swipes you will have to make on these final levels is very hard to figure out without some additional help.

For this reason, we would suggest saving any solutions or hints you have for the final levels on each stage. The levels leading up to the final level on each stage can usually be solved quite easily by approaching each level with a different perspective. It’s far harder to do this with the final levels because they require you to navigate very complex routes that require multiple different swipes.

There Are Always Solutions Online If You Need Help

Searching for answers online isn’t as satisfying as completing the level without help, but sometimes you may want to search for solutions online when things get too frustrating.

If you’re completely at a loss on how to complete a level, you can quite easily find solutions online from other players. In most cases, you may find that the solution is far simpler than you would have been led to believe.

Items Like Bookshelves And Traps Are Sometimes Red Herrings

Certain interactable objects are slowly introduced to the player as they progress through the stages. You’re immediately taught that these objects are useful for trapping people or getting kills.

What doesn’t become clear later on is that sometimes the items like bookshelves and traps are red herrings. By this we mean they have been put there to confuse and mislead the player and in some cases, you don’t always need to use them.

We’d say that in 90% of cases if an interactable object is on a level, you are supposed to use it in some way. But if you can’t figure out a level, try to avoid using the interactable objects and you may find a solution.

Levels With Limited Turns Are Usually As Straightforward As Possible

Levels that have limited turns can seem quite intimidating but don’t worry, these levels are actually the easiest. Because there are limited turns available to you, the solution for these levels is usually as simple and straightforward as possible.

For these levels, you should take what you see on screen as face value – unlike other levels, you don’t need to think too far out of the box to solve them.

You Don’t Have To Kill All Guards

Many levels have guards in them but you do not need to kill all of the guards. You should treat guards like interactable objects. Similarly to bookcases, outhouses, and traps, guards can be used to your advantage in some cases, but you don’t need to kill them all to progress to the next level.

You only need to kill the civilians. You cannot stand in front of a guard, however, so if you want to kill one, make sure to do it from the side or from behind.

Try To Play The Level Backward

If you’re struggling to play Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle because you are finding the levels too difficult, try to imagine playing the level backward. On every level, the only thing that remains the same is that you need to end the level by making it to the tile marked with an ‘X’.

You can use this to your advantage by pretending you start next to the ‘X’ and then making mental moves in your head as you work out how to navigate through the level from the ‘X’, to the people you must kill, to the spawn tile.

Thankfully, most levels are straightforward enough to solve with a little creative thinking, and this is an example of how you can think creatively.

Thanks for reading our guide on how to play Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle more efficiently. We hope that these tips have helped. Do let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments section.

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