Frozen City is a brand new spin on the classical base building and survival genres that combines elements found in both of these categories and uses them to create a refreshing new experience. One of the main elements in this game revolves around the hero system, in which you can recruit a variety of characters to both boost the development of your bases throughout each of the stages, as well as to take to the field to fight against ferocious animals to farm experience and other valuable goodies.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring some of the most important elements that you’ll need to know about the hero system in Frozen City. 

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

Let’s begin!

Unlocking New Heroes

When it comes to unlocking new heroes in Frozen City, there really aren’t any hidden secrets or shortcuts here—the best way to do so is simply by opening chests from the store, which means that you’re essentially at the mercy of the gacha. This also means that, if you’re a F2P player, you’ll also have a harder time unlocking and upgrading heroes in this game, considering that you’re significantly limited in the number of chests that you can open at any given moment, at least if you choose not to whip out your wallet.

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

Nevertheless, all players can get a free chest every 8 hours, as well as an additional chest from watching an ad. Make sure you never miss out on these freebies every so often. And if you’re playing Frozen City on PC with BlueStacks, you can even set up a macro that will let you claim these chests automatically, to avoid missing them in case you have to go away from extended periods of time.

Hero Roles and Types

The heroes in Frozen City come in a variety of types, which in turn lets them fulfill a variety of roles. These properties will also determine their usefulness in the city building aspect in the game, as they can help to significantly boost your productivity and efficiency in certain aspects.

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

Your hero’s type will determine what facility they manage within your city. These types are divided into their respective buildings, such as the heroes who manage the Workshops, the Foundries, the Mines, and the Furnaces, to name a few. Meanwhile a hero’s role is arguably more complex as it will determine the character’s place within your combat squad.

The hero roles in Frozen City are divided into the following:

  • Damage: Adept at dealing damage. Depending on the specific hero, they can perform well in either the front or back row.
  • Tank: Specialists in absorbing damage and keeping their allies safe. They go on the front row.
  • Support: Tactical units that can fortify allies and weaken enemies, as well as heal their teammates. They perform best in the back rows.

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

Striking a good balance of roles, as well as of factions, can make a huge difference in your success during the combat missions, but we’ll talk about this aspect further down in this article.

How to Upgrade Your Heroes

There are two main ways of upgrading your heroes in Frozen City: Either by leveling them up using Wishing Stars, or by promoting them using hero fragments and Blazing Stars.

  • Leveling Up: The most common method of upgrading heroes. You can do this by spending Wishing Stars in the hero menu. The higher the level, the higher the cost of upgrading.
  • Promotion: By saving up enough hero fragments and Blazing Stars, you can promote your heroes through the hero menu, which will give them a star, a permanent stat boost, and will increase their level cap.

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

Keeping your characters upgraded at all times will be vital not only for clearing combat stages, but it will also boost your efficiency and productivity in the base building aspects of Frozen City.

Hero Benefits In Base Building

Speaking of which, while the purpose of leveling up your heroes will be mostly to increase their stats during the combat stages, achieving certain thresholds will also contribute to bumping up their passive bonuses in the base building aspects of the game. For instance, while Gianluca begins with a meager 5% reduction to the cost of running your Furnace, he can eventually be upgraded to the point where this bonus will increase to a whopping 35% reduction in upkeep costs.

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

Even if you’re not using specific heroes for the combat aspect in Frozen City, it’s always worth going out of your way to upgrade them, as your base will progress and develop much faster because of it.

Team Composition and Team Benefits

Last but not least, when it comes to putting together good squads for the combat stages in Frozen City, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind, mostly revolving around your characters’ roles as well as their factions.

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

First off, as we explained above, a characters’ role will determine their focus in combat, with Damage heroes specializing in, well, dealing damage; tanks focusing on attracting and keeping the enemies’ attentions, and Support units specializing in keeping their allies healed. As such, you must try to keep a balanced team composition so that you can maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. For example, a good team composition would consist of a tank, three damage units, and a support hero. However, your mileage here may vary depending on the heroes at your disposal.

Your faction, on the other hand, is much more straightforward to decide. Specifically, heroes in this game fall into any of the three different factions or professions: Gangsters, Soldiers, or Scientists, which are color-coded in red, green, and blue, respectively. By combining units of specific factions in your team, you can activate powerful passive boosts to your attack, defense, and HP. 

Frozen City Hero Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Hero System

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll always want to keep five units of the same faction in your team. However, you can also activate good bonuses by having three of one faction and two of another; by having four units of the same faction with a blank fifth slot, or by having three units of the same faction with two blank slots.

And with that, we’ve covered the basics of what you need to know about the hero system in Frozen City. Feel free to leave us your own questions, thoughts, and other tips in the comments below!