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GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE on PC – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

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Bandai Namco’s recent mobile release, Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare is deceptively simple. As you go through the tutorial, your Gunpla almost builds itself, while victories are never difficult to achieve in combat. Once you get into the details of building your MS, however, you begin to discover a whole new level of complexity, different part characteristics, build synergies, and, of course… many reasons to grind.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

To make your life easier, we’ve already written a quick guide to playing Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare on BlueStacks, where you can learn about the emulator’s nifty tools and how they might help you win more battles. Now, we’d like to focus on 10 essential things all new players should know before they start making big decisions with their Gunpla/coins.

#1 – Complete Story Missions through Ch. 3 (At Least)

Story missions are initially a decent way to obtain new parts and upgrade materials. You have to complete chapter 1 of the storyline to unlock new types of missions, while chapter 3 gives you access to the Arena and the Job License function for pilots. This much you absolutely need.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

But you can also gain additional benefits from completing more chapters. Each mission will reward you with EXP and, in some cases, Haro Coins, while chapter 6 unlocks the Hard difficulty for Free Missions and gives you access to the Phi Code set.

#2 – Use the “Strongest” Feature for Basic Missions

The first few missions in Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare are designed to teach you the ropes in terms of building and using MS. While these missions tend to be very easy to complete, you might be worried that future PvE battles will become increasingly challenging.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

This is partially true, but, if you have any decent parts, you shouldn’t encounter any significant resistance even if you run the missions on Auto. To make the process even faster, use the “Strongest” options while building a Gunpla and the game will select a combination of your best pieces for you. Mind you, however, that this is not a reliable way to build a powerful MS, since it doesn’t take any synergies into consideration.

#3 – Only Upgrade Your Best (Usable) Parts

Upgrades will cost you dearly in this game. Before you throw hours of grinding and precious resources into a part, make sure that you can (and should) actually use it.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Bear in mind that native 4-star parts will always have higher base stats than 2- or 3-star parts and don’t forget that a powerful build starts from great Weapons and EX Skills, which should then be complemented by other parts’ Traits.

#4 – Sell Unnecessary Parts for Platinum Coins

One other reason why you should always have a clear set of usable parts in mind is that you can sell all others for Platinum Coins. You can then use this currency to purchase valuable upgrade materials such as capsule tickets, upgrade nippers, and awakening circuits.

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#5 – Try Every Type of Mission

This game puts four types of missions at your disposal – story, event, daily, and free. You should try to get as far as you can in the main storyline, but other missions can be even more important after you’ve completed story chapter 6.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

For instance, free missions can be used to gain EXP and level your parts, while daily and event missions feature parts that you cannot obtain in any other way. Once you’ve completed a mission (and its challenges) on all difficulties, you can use Skip Tickets to farm the rewards.

#6 – Always Collect Your Gifts

The developers of Gundam Battle: GW send players a lot of gifts, even though the prizes themselves are, most of the times, quite modest. When you put together tens of such gifts, however, you can gain a nifty sum of premium currency, which you can then use to draw 4-star parts.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

The thing is that you can only store 100 gifts at a time and they tend to expire fairly quickly. As such, it’s a good idea to check your Gift Box often and collect all rewards before they run out.

#7 – Keep Your EN Count Low

EN is the heart of your progression in this game. Without this resource, you can’t take on missions and, as such, you can’t advance your Gunpla. Furthermore, if you don’t want to spend premium currency on EN refills, you’ll have to wait for your reserves to replenish naturally.

On average, it takes 5 minutes to refill 1 EN, but this rule does not apply if your stores are already full. To avoid missing out on EN, you should always keep your count as far away from the maximum as possible. This gets easier as you level and the cap is increased.

#8 – Favor Parts Over Pilots (At First)

This is not to say that Pilots are not important or that they can’t benefit your squad immensely. However, parts can give you much more significant boosts as you start out in this game, which means you should always prioritize them when you decide to spend Haro Coins for capsules.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Later on, when you have a good set of 4 Gunpla, you can begin to invest in Pilot draws for your best-in-slot pilots.

#9 – Get Good Weapons Early

While parts do tend to be more advantageous than Pilots in the early game, not all parts are equally useful, either. Most starter builds (and some advanced ones) focus on Shot/Melee Attack, which means that you should boost this stat before anything else.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

It follows that the most important parts you can obtain at this point are Weapons, so keep this in mind if the choice ever pops up during a purchase.

#10 – Use Your Free Draws Every Day

Every 24 hours, you can use one free capsule draw in both the Gunpla Standard and Gunpla Standard 2 categories. In total, that makes 2 free draws per day, which you should definitely use in order to increase your chances to pull a native 4-star part. Certainly, the odds of this happening with free draws alone are dire, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Complexity is the name of the game in this Gundam-themed release by Bandai Namco so there’s much more to discover than we could include here. Still, these 10 tips will help you get started on the right foot and, at the very list, they will stop you from making silly mistakes that would otherwise cost you hours of grind in the future!

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