Getting started in Heroes Charge is quite simple due to the intuitive guide the game will essentially point you through in the initial rounds. However, things get more tricky as the game progresses. This is a beginner’s guide to Heroes Charge with tips & tricks to help you gain a strategy and advance in this massively addictive role play game.

In the beginning you will only be allowed to fight solitaire in the “Campaign” levels. Other areas such as the “Guild”, “Crusade” or even PVP in the “Arena” do not open up until you advance your team pass certain levels. The only way to rapidly do this is fight and be victorious in the Campaign levels.

One tip is to advance to unlock the “Elite” campaign- which is basically re-starting the “Normal” campaign levels yet only fighting boss rounds versus each individual round. Of course Elite levels are more difficult but they shell out some of the most vital chest items needed to upgrade your skills.

Another tip in certain difficult rounds is to shift your heroes to best oppose the match. For example, a strike heavy force may not always be the case for foes who are resistant to physical damage. In these cases it will be great to insert your mages to delivery a sorcerer’s strike.

As you advance your team past level 10 more areas start to open while you’ll find the challenge to win becoming steeper. Here is where you can combat in the Arena against other players team’s online. It’s not real-time but the simulation of their teams powers. Also these are one round battles versus three you may be accustomed to in campaigns. The drawback is that Arena battles are every 10 minutes unfortunately.

Another area to unlock is “Advanced Instances” which hosts Tidal Temple and Dwarf Arsenal. They each have various days of the week and times to play. Tidal Temple opens on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5:00 am. Dwarf Arsenal opens on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 mm. You can play both Tidal Temple and Dwarf Arsenal on Sunday.

Other Heroes Charge Tips & Tricks:

  • Heroes Charge is a game intended to be played daily. And if you do so you can be rewarded greatly as there are sign in bonuses to claim.
  • Chests offers some freebies as well. The Bronze chest every 10 minutes and the Gold chest every two days. If you have enough currency you can purchase items as well.
  • Visit Signin, Daily Events in addition to Mailbox and Quests to claim any items you may have earned.
  • Lastly, you can choose to send real money within the game to purchase VIP packs.

This should be you started. You can also read our full review. Chat with me in the comments of you have any tips of your own or questions.