Immortal Demon: Darkness is a dark fantasy themed Idle RPG that see’s you role-play becoming an immortal unkillable demon as you slay more monsters and engulf in raging mania. Seems gory? Well, it’s not at all like that as your enemies can be immortal too sometimes. The game features a fully portrait-mode orientation and demonstrates some of the challenges faced by other similar Idle games can be conquered. However, it does make the overall game a bit more Idle and causal than most would expect. Immortal Demon: Darkness is available as a free-to-play game, available on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Immortal Demon: Darkness – Tips and Tricks to Win More Fights

Immortal Demon: Darkness has a ton of things going for it – AFK/Idle rewards, one-hand playability, lucrative character customizations, and more. However, instead of beating around the bush and praising the game, we are here to share some of our personally observed tips and tricks for new players entering the game world. Keep in mind that Immortal Demon: Darkness is still quite new in its developmental cycle as it was released not too long ago. Hence, there’s a lot yet to be strategized for and optimized for. We have made sure that this article is written jargon-free to help beginners on their journey. Without masting more time, let’s proceed towards the actual content!

Tips #1. Following the Main Quests

Much like other MMOs, Immortal Demon: Darkness also has a complete and thorough guide questing system that is designed in a way that you no longer need a tutorial to get the hang of the game. Players can get a detailed introduction of the worldview along with the different mechanics associated with them. You should prioritize clearing these main missions that are located at the bottom side of the screen. They can be completed by either tapping on them or by following their instructions. Once completed, the missions will glow in yellow color that signifies that the rewards associated with them can be claimed.

Immortal Demon: Darkness – Tips and Tricks to Win More Fights

Tip #2. Upgrading your Character 

Immortal Demon: Darkness has all the systems set in place to make you stronger! One of the major systems that is important to understand about is upgrading and developing your character which you role-play. You might not feel it in the early game due to inflated damage multipliers but your character can get quickly outclassed if not upgraded. The best way to do is by clearing the campaign stages that drop higher quality weapons and gear to equip them on your character and increase the overall CP. Some other methods include smelting useless gems, upgrading spirits, and having strong companions. 

Immortal Demon: Darkness – Tips and Tricks to Win More Fights

Tip #3. Upgrading Character Skills

Much like you need to upgrade your character, upgrading your skills that will be equipped and used by the character is also a necessity. Skills also have an assigned value that can increase when you upgrade them. The higher the skill is upgrade, the better their damage multipliers and other aspects. Your skills that you equip on the character will determine their playstyle, and hence, it’s important to ensure they are upgraded at all times. You can upgrade their skills by simply using Gold and Skill scrolls that you received through clearing the daily skill dungeon.

Immortal Demon: Darkness – Tips and Tricks to Win More Fights

Tip #4. Clearing Daily Dungeon to Stock Resources

Resources as it is are quite hard to obtain in Immortal Demon: Darkness. Players need to farm a lot in order to make significant upgrades as they reach the mid game status. As a new player, you’re thrown a ton of freebies to ensure you get accustomed to the game’s systems. However, the biggest challenge remains to be clearing the free 2 tries you are given every day after server reset towards resource dungeons. These dungeons include the likes of Flying Sword Dungeon, Gold Dungeon, Enhance Dungeon, Forged Spirit Dungeon, Gem Dungeon, Maid Dungeon, Spiritual Treasure Dungeon, Pet Dungeon, Jade Fang Dungeon, Magic Weapon Dungeon and Deity God Dungeon. 

Immortal Demon: Darkness – Tips and Tricks to Win More Fights

Tip #5. Focusing on Increasing Cultivation Levels

Your empires cultivation levels are going to be a top priority if you’re looking to get some permanent gains towards CP (Combat Power). The process is quite simple and tried/tested with multiple similar games. Each civilization level requires you to complete certain missions and then you will be able to unlock the next one. This process repeats and each mission provides you with a juicy reward. Each increase in civilization level adds to your overall CP number. 

Playing Immortal Demon: Darkness on a bigger screen of your PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay, is highly recommended.