Last Ultima, the newest open-world MMORPG by Neocraft Limited is scheduled to launch globally on 12th September, 2023. Players around the globe are excited to try their hands on the newest masterpiece by the developers, as Neocraft is known for producing high-quality anime-stylized MMOs. Players can role-play as 1 of the 5 classes of characters available in the game, each equipped with their own set of unique skills that aid their play style. Last Ultima is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

Class Guide for Last Ultima – Master the Different Characters

BlueStacks enables gamers around the world to enjoy their favorite games in a full HD graphical environment and 60 FPS smooth gameplay, without experiencing any lags or crashes. Last Ultima is not an exception to this statement, as players can enjoy their favorite 3D MMORPG at 60 FPS, much higher than that offered by other Android app players.

The Class system is present in Last Ultima as well! It ensures that each player gets to play the class they like the most, along with mastering a particular play style at a time. Each class is well-endowed with powerful abilities and has its own pros and cons. In Last Ultima, there are 5 main classes to choose from:

  • Assassin
  • Nether Envoy
  • Fighter
  • Sage
  • Gunner

Players can choose any of the classes from the 5 listed above at the beginning of their account creation journey. Choosing the right character class will put you at a massive advantage over others, especially because you can only make this choice 1 time per account. Once a class is chosen, you cannot change it back. Hence, we would recommend understanding the playstyle and skill requirements of each class before making this important decision. Let’s take a brief look at all the pros and cons of each class in Last Ultima.


The Assassin class in Last Ultima is a melee ranged class that makes use of deadly daggers and swift claws to get up, close & personal with your enemies. Having the highest base attack and single target damage in the game, the Assassins are notorious for going on a rampage often times in battles, provided you play them the right way. Making use of their stealthy nature, and high agility stats, Assassins should be played not offensively but in an opportunistic way. 

Class Guide for Last Ultima – Master the Different Characters

Keep in mind, that they are quite squishy due to having low defensive stats and can get easily killed if they do not make use of their fast attacks at the correct moment. Target enemy Nether Envoys, Sages, or Gunners, as they are easy to kill for Assassins. Find the right opening, and slash your way through enemies. Retreat if your target survives and calls for backup, as you will most likely be outnumbered and defeated fast. We would recommend the Assassin class to players who have prior experience playing similar MMORPGs and understand the importance of positioning on the battlefield.

Nether Envoy

The Nether Envoy class in Last Ultima is a medium-ranged class that makes use of swinging bloody axes and scythes to tear apart any foes that stand in front of them. Nether Envoy as a class is particularly dominating the AOE-attack category, and they are chosen mostly to clear waves and to deal a ton of damage near the area they stand around in. This class has one of the highest DPS rates in the game, depending on the number of enemies they hit at a time. 

Class Guide for Last Ultima – Master the Different Characters

Much like the Assassin class, the Nether Envoys are also vulnerable to getting executed due to their low self-defense. They are best played in a group if you want to engage in PvP content, as they should be protected at all times to get maximum damage output. We would recommend choosing the Nether Envoy class if you have conviction in your mind about playing a class that only deals with AOE-targeted attacks and can position yourself well in group fights.


The Fighter class in Last Ultima is a melee ranged class that makes use of mighty swords to establish their dominance on the battlefield. Known for their brute nature and heavy fighting capabilities, the Fighters act like the Tank of the team. Fighters are also blessed with high core Defensive stats that empower themselves to stand in front of your allies and serve as a titular Tank for them. They are best used as a damage-absorbing shield in front of your squishy allies, as their passive and stats help them mitigate incoming damage.

Class Guide for Last Ultima – Master the Different Characters

Do not think that Fighters are completely useless on the offensive, as they are able to deal a decent chunk of AOE-targeted damage along with inflicting controlling effects such as Provokes to enemies surrounding them. We would recommend picking the Fighter class if you’re a beginner coming to the game, or a first-timer playing an MMORPG.


The Sage class in Last Ultima is a ranged class that makes use of the majestic staff that blossoms in magical aura and radiates powerful natural energy. Sages have the highest DPS potential due to their strong AOE-damaging abilities and high control effectiveness. If you’re looking for a class that is balanced for both PvE and PvP areas, look no further than the Sages! They are a hybrid class that have access to high base Attack, Magical penetration, and Range in stats. 

Class Guide for Last Ultima – Master the Different Characters

Sages are quite the menace in battlefields due to their natural capacity to inflict large-scale debuffs on all enemies in a particular area. They are more vulnerable against Assassins since they are quite nimble and agile in nature. We would recommend choosing the Sage class if you’re experienced with similar classes such as Mage/Wizard in other MMORPGs. It’s definitely a fun one!


The Gunner class in Last Ultima is a ranged class that makes use of powerful automatic and rifle guns. Wielding the dual guns in both hands, Gunners are surprisingly quite fast and agile on the battlefield. This trait helps them ravage through enemies while dodging incoming attacks with ease. They are also blessed with the longest attack range out of any other class in the game, making them quite effective against the likes of sluggish melee ranged Fighters. 

Class Guide for Last Ultima – Master the Different Characters

In practical use cases, Gunners can tear apart any enemy if they are played the right way by making use of the abilities and basic attacks at the right intervals. We would recommend the Gunner class to players who like to play a heavy DPS character, especially one that deals damage from afar. A side note, the Gunner class is quite likely the most popular one in the game!

Playing Last Ultima on a bigger screen of your PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay is highly recommended.