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MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

With every new high profile card game like  MARVEL SNAP comes the massive influx of players looking to compete and rush to climb the leaderboards far before others can do so. In this sense, while the more casual players are just content to progressively unlock and upgrade their cards, and build their decks bit by bit, the hardcore crowd will be hard at work theorycrafting and speculating about the meta decks and the best cards in the game. This practice is not without merit since in Snap, just like in other games, having the right cards in your deck can help to put the odds in your favor and win most of your matches.

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

However, in games where you can find tons of different cards, each with their own unique effects, settling on the meta is often very difficult, if not impossible. Nevertheless, as players discover more cards and study how they fit into the current best loadouts, they can start making educated guesses on where each card falls in the current power category, influencing the meta in the process. 

With that being said, if you’re looking for the meta decks in MARVEL SNAP, there are already a few dedicated places where you can find discussions and speculation. In this article, however, we’re going to list the top 7 meta decks in MARVEL SNAP, as listed on the MARVEL SNAP Zone website.

Let’s take a look!

MARVEL SNAP Meta Deck #1 – Sera Miracle

This deck leverages off of Sera’s powerful effect which, as long as she’s on the field, reduces the cost of deploying cards by 1 energy. This ongoing effect lets players rush their enemies by deploying lots of different cards. It also has a lot of versatility through cards that can boost their power when certain conditions are met.

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

Card List

  1. Sera
  2. Ant-Man
  3. Angela
  4. Colleen Wing
  5. Mojo
  6. Mysterio
  7. Scarlet Witch
  8. Star Lord
  9. Bishop
  10. Maximus
  11. Dracula
  12. America Chavez

MARVEL SNAP Meta Deck #2 – Destroyer

This deck makes use of low power, low energy cost cards, in order to overwhelm a single location, and then pummel a second location by deploying Destroyer on the sixth turn, which destroys all allied cards on that location, but Destroyer itself has a whopping 16 power, allowing him to easily overpower the locations that are weaker in enemy presence. This deck also comes packed with a few “spy” cards, who are characters with negative power values that, when revealed, are automatically added to the opponent’s team in that current location, greatly weakening their power.

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

Card List

  1. Destroyer
  2. Nova
  3. The Hood
  4. Armor
  5. Bucky Barnes
  6. Carnage
  7. Colossus
  8. Deathlok
  9. Green Goblin
  10. Killmonger
  11. Warpath
  12. Hobgoblin

MARVEL SNAP Meta Deck #3 – Patriot

While this meta deck gains its name thanks to one card, it actually relies on two of them: Patriot AND Mystique. This is because while the deck strategy revolves around Patriot’s ongoing effect, Mystique can actually mirror it and essentially double its effectiveness. As such, you’ll want to always play Mystique IMMEDIATELY AFTER playing Patriot, so that she can inherit the latter’s effect, and greatly improve your power.

With that being said, this deck revolves around low power cards that have no effects, as Patriot’s ongoing effect gives +2 power to these effect-less cards. Furthermore, Mystique, when played immediately after a card that has an ongoing effect, will also acquire said ongoing effect. In this sense, when used immediately after Patriot, she will also give a +2 power boost to cards that don’t have any effects.

Other than that, this deck also has a few cards that can summon weak units to other locations. These weak units don’t have any effects on their own, and can therefore be augmented by the Patriot/Mystique combo.

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

Card List

  1. Patriot
  2. Mystique
  3. Wasp
  4. Misty Knight
  5. Squirrel Girl
  6. Mister Sinister
  7. Shocker
  8. Debrii
  9. Kazar
  10. Blue Marvel
  11. Onslaught
  12. Ultron

MARVEL SNAP Meta Deck #4 – Sera Zero

A powerful yet difficult deck to use, especially since it requires using a series of cards in the correct order to achieve its goal, which is to overwhelm enemies with two specific cards: Red Skull, and Taskmaster. Specifically, Red Skull is a 5-energy card with a whopping 15 power, whose effect gives enemies in the same location +2 power. Meanwhile, Taskmaster is also a 5-energy card with 0 power, but whose effect lets him take the power of the previous card played. As such, when used right after Red Skull, Taskmaster will inherit its predecessor’s power value of 15, making him into a formidable unit.

The reason why this deck has Sera and Zero as their main strategic units is because, on the one hand, Sera can reduce the cost of playing any card, which is always a welcome bonus. And on the other hand, Zero is a 1-energy card that can remove the effect of the card used directly after it. In this case, it can remove Red Skull’s ongoing effect, preventing him from powering up the enemy, while retaining his huge 15 power stat. In this sense, the correct order to use these cards are as follows:

  • Turn 4: Deploy any cards, but make sure to set Zero as the LAST CARD.
  • Turn 5: Begin the turn by setting down Red Skull, whose effect should be nullified by Zero’s passive.
  • Turn 6: Set down Taskmaster, who will inherit Red Skull’s 15 power.

As an added bonus, since you’ll potentially have two high-power cards on the field with this deck, you can use Lizard to trick your enemy into focusing on one location, in order to trigger his passive that reduces his power whenever there are four enemy cards on the same location. On the other hand, if for some reason you can’t use the Zero combo, you can still save Venom for the very last turn in order to destroy Red Skull and add his power to the cunning symbiote, while removing the ongoing effect that gave +2 power to every enemy on the same location, potentially turning the tables in your favor.

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

Card List

  1. Zero
  2. Red Skull
  3. Taskmaster
  4. Angela
  5. Carnage
  6. Lizard
  7. Mysterior
  8. Bishop
  9. Maximus
  10. Venom
  11. Typhoid Mary
  12. Sera

MARVEL SNAP Meta Deck #5 – Deathpool

A deck that revolves around destruction mechanics, destroying weaker cards in order to power up other cards. Specifically, while this deck has a few cards that can be used for destroying your other units in specific locations, it also includes the Deadpool card, which when destroyed, automatically returns to your hand with double its current power. Moreover, every time a card is destroyed in the current match, the cost of deploying Death is reduced by 1 energy, which can potentially let you summon this 12-power card fairly early into the match.

Aside from powering up specific cards, this deck also has cards that, when destroyed, can bestow specific effects, further enhancing the core units of this build. 

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

Card List

  1. Deadpool
  2. Death
  3. Nova
  4. The Hood
  5. Bucky Barnes
  6. Carnage
  7. Deathlok
  8. Hulk Buster
  9. Killmonger
  10. Venom
  11. Wave
  12. Taskmaster

MARVEL SNAP Meta Deck #6 – Lockjaw on Reveal

This is an interesting technical deck relying mostly, as the title implies, on the Lockjaw card. This faithful hound has an effect that allows you to swap the cards you place on its location, with any other card in your hand. In other words, if you play Lockjaw, and then place, say, a 1-energy card in the same location, you can then pick up the latter and replace it with any other card in your hand, including powerful units that might require a lot more energy.

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

The other component of this deck relies on “on reveal” effects, of which it has many. As such, this deck will keep your enemies guessing, though it might also be a bit complicated to use it effectively.

Card List

  1. Lockjaw
  2. Wasp
  3. Iceman
  4. Scorpion
  5. Green Goblin
  6. Thor
  7. Wave
  8. Jubilee
  9. Jane Foster
  10. Magneto
  11. Odin
  12. Doctor Doom

MARVEL SNAP Meta Deck #7 – Wong on Reveal

Last but not least, this is also another deck that relies on “on reveal” mechanics, but this time revolving around the Wong card. Specifically, Wong is a hero with an ongoing effect that lets him replicate all “on reveal” effects triggered by other cards, in his same location. For example, if you deploy Wong in one place, and then place a Scorpion card elsewhere, it’ll trigger Scorpion’s “on reveal” effect twice, reducing the power of enemy cards by a total of -2. This same interaction applies for any other “on reveal” effect played on the field as long as Wong is alive.

MARVEL SNAP Meta Decks Guide – The Top 7 Decks in the Game

Card List

  1. Wong
  2. Ebony Maw
  3. Black Widow
  4. Carnage
  5. Hazmat
  6. Scorpion
  7. Debrii
  8. Green Goblin
  9. Ironheart
  10. White Tiger
  11. America Chavez
  12. Odin

Feel free to share your own list of best decks in MARVEL SNAP in the comments below!

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