If you’re a fan of fast-paced FPS action, then Blood Strike will suit your taste buds the right amount! Developed by Netease Games, this Battle Royale first-person shooter has become a cult hit with multiple operators to choose from and tons of maps to explore. Survival is key, and you need to deploy multiple tactical solutions to safeguard your chance of winning. Blood Strike is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

The community of Blood Strike is quite happy to share some of their well-hidden tips and tricks with new players at large via this article! We have curated the best ways to survive longer and acquire more resources. All these tactics will eventually play a huge role in boosting your overall win rate and let you climb higher ranks.

Tip #1. Collect Supplies to Survive Longer

In a battle royale game, defeating the opposing striker requires you to live to the very end. Before starting a match, the players need to explore various areas to gather enough loot. Enough bandages, ammo, and grenades are included in the loot to make it easy to survive the early stages of a match. The goal is to eliminate every enemy striker and hold onto your supplies until the very end in order to win. 

Blood Strike Tips and Tricks to Increase your Win Rate

Tip #2. Develop Your Shooting Skills

When playing a match, the players must move quickly and aim precisely. The greatest number of kills can be guaranteed by maintaining good aim over the targets. Players will receive more points during a fight the more kills they make. This will make it easier for the player to accept their share of the victory. The Range Challenge in the game allows players to hone and improve their shooting abilities.

Tip #3. Gain Knowledge about the Different Game Modes

Players can choose from a few different game modes in Blood Strike. There are four distinct game modes available: Squad Fight – Matchmaking, Hot Zone, Range Challenge, and Ranked and Unranked Battle Royale. To win, players must experience each of these game modes to gain an understanding of the logistics and hone their shooting and survival abilities.

Blood Strike Tips and Tricks to Increase your Win Rate

Tip #4. Best Weapons are the one’s your Level Up 

In a battle royale game like Blood Strike, one of the most important things for players to do is upgrade their weapons. A weapon in the game gets better the more players use it; that is, as its level rises and more itineraries become available. They can increase the power of their weapons by using the unlocked itineraries. To earn kill points and advance the level of their weapons, players must take out a sizable number of enemy strikers.

Tip #5. Completing Quests and Missions

Throughout the game, Blood Strike presents the players with a variety of missions and tasks. In the game, there are primarily two kinds of tasks that players can encounter. These are the weekly and daily tasks. Weekly Tasks are updated every week, while Daily Tasks are renewed every day and must be completed within the designated time.

The players will get valuable resources by finishing these tasks and taking part in significant missions. These resources can then be used for various in-game activities and profile upgrades.

Tip #6. Use Elevation to your Advantage

If you go to elevated areas to kill enemies, you can have the advantage of protecting yourself and killing more enemies than if you stayed in a lower area. If you deal with the enemies in elevated areas during the battle, you can always have the upper hand. It will be difficult for the adversaries in the lower areas to aim at you if you do this. Additionally, it’s simple to target and eliminate ground-level enemies.

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