Note: This game is currently not compatible with BlueStacks.

If you have played PUBG: New State then you already know that different guns do different amounts of damage. If you are using an SMG in close range or effective range of the gun, the damage will be consistent. However, depending on the gun you’re using, your damage stats may vary depending on the range and where they connected on the target. Range plays a massive factor when you are using a gun outside its effective range. Using an SMG to take a long range engagement will not yield desired results. However, if you are using a sniper rifle to take a long range engagement, chances are that you will get better results. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

That has to do with bullet drop, which is not what this guide is about. Here you will be learning about how you can maximize getting headshots in your fights. In PUBG: New State, a headshot will do the maximum damage to the enemy when compared to limb or body shots. A headshot with AKM in medium and close ranges is a guaranteed kill even with a helmet. However, it takes four body shots from the same gun to kill a player in the same range. This difference in damage stats is called hitbox damage. A headshot gives the highest damage while a shot to the legs gives the least damage. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

In this guide, you will find tips that will help you in hitting more headshots. Before the guide begins, something that you should note is making changes in your sensitivity. Many players who tend to play maybe two games in a day don’t tinker around in their settings. Having proper sensitivity settings will go a long way to improve your aim in the game. So make sure that you play around with your settings before playing ranked games. 

Crosshair Placement:

When it comes to maximizing your chances of shooting headshots, crosshair placement is the first step. Crosshair placement is when you keep your crosshair at a certain position or angle where the enemy could peek you from. In PUBG: New State it will be when you are fighting with an enemy inside a building. If the enemy is holding a position in the house and you are clearing the house, you will move from angle to angle, moving your crosshair in anticipation of the enemy. The only difference is that in the example here you will be looking for sound cues from the enemy. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

Also, your crosshair is moving based on anticipation of the enemy and not to get a headshot on them. Crosshair placement is a skill that is connected with aim training but has a lot to do with game sense too. Essentially, what you are trying to do here is to position your crosshair where a standing target’s head would be when you are moving around. This will help you a lot when you face an enemy who’s coming from the front vision field. Even if an enemy approaches you from the back, they will still make movement sounds. It will be far easier to flick your crosshair from one side to another if you always keep it at a head level. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

Doing this also reduces the time it takes to get a proper aim on the target, which means that the first shot will be fired by you. Something to bear in mind is that crosshair placement is a skill that will keep evolving as you spend time in the game. As you gain more experience, your crosshair placement starts to evolve. There will come a time when you will reach a level that you can almost predict where the enemy will come from and fire even before they appear. That is when you will start to learn about pre-firing, a sub-skill of crosshair placement. 

Taking Time:

There will be times when you are playing PUBG: New State, you will be in areas with a lot of buildings. In areas like these, you know that players can come out from any angle. However, they will always come out from an angle since there will not be a lot of open spaces. Players will always avoid an open fight as it can become a slugfest. However, in areas where you can approach your target by peeking from a wall, any players will peek. In these situations, you need to be very aware of your crosshair placement. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

Always take your time when moving from one angle to another and clear each angle. By taking time while clearing angles, you will get more sure of hitting a headshot. What you are doing by taking a breath is making sure that if an enemy does appear, you don’t have to make a crazy flick to hit a headshot. You have to take into account that in areas with a lot of buildings, there is a good chance that players will not peek from a standing position. Even further, many engagements will happen where you might face players who are camping. 

It is in these situations that you want to take a step back and approach the area with caution. Always take your time as you approach an engagement and be wary of campers.

Game Sense:

One of the most overlooked parts of good aim is game sense. If you have spent some time playing PUBG: New State then you probably have realized something that happens in the higher ranks. When you start playing the game, you first are getting familiar with the overall mechanics of the game. This includes getting a general idea of the map, hot drop locations, player movement on the map, basic gun knowledge. As you keep winning, you climb ranks and play with other players of the same rank. Now, there is a limit to how far you can progress as a player if you don’t develop your game sense. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

To make the concept easy to understand, game sense is when you can tell where the target will approach you from. This is completely different than crosshair placement. Here, you are utilizing your in-game knowledge of mechanics along with your experiences of previous engagements. In higher ranks of this game, most of your match pool will have a similar level of skill when it comes to aiming. The one thing that will make all the difference in the outcome of a fight is game sense, not aim. You can have the best aim in the entire lobby but if you don’t put yourself in situations to use that aim, it is a waste of skill. When a player has developed a good level of game sense, they are able to put themselves in positions to win fights. 

If you are going to put yourself in positions where you will keep losing fights, your aim will suffer as well. In PUBG New State, every engagement is decided by who has more advantage in the fight. If you lose a fight then it was the other player who had more advantage than you. Players who work on developing their game sense understand how to create more advantage in a fight. Something that will always be an advantage in this game is being unpredictable. If you can keep your enemy second guessing your every move and angle of approach, then you already have created an advantage for yourself. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

Every player tries to predict the movement of their target based on their previous engagements. Play with their expectations and use your arsenal to distract the enemy from figuring out your next move. 

Movement Affects Aim:

Something that is often neglected when it comes to aim and crosshair placement is how movement affects it. When you are playing a battle royale game in PUBG: New State, you will come across close range engagements. In those situations, you will notice that more than just aim, it is also your movement that comes into play. In close range situations, the objective is not just to get a shot on the enemy but also to get no shots on you. By moving around and doing moves like jiggle peeking you will throw the enemy’s aim off. However, this comes at a cost as your aim will be off as well. 

PUBG: New State Headshot Guide - Send Some Metal to the Head

Getting a good aim lock on a moving target is very difficult for most players. When you incorporate movement in your engagements, your aim needs to adjust as well. Finding out chinks in your aim will go a long way when it comes to skill improvement. If you have a habit of peeking angles poorly, your aim will also get adjusted to that way of peeking. This is what is called a bad habit in the game and players tend to build them up over time. Players who get stuck in their ranks tend to have a ton of bad habits that make them lose a ton of engagements. Something that can help you avoid getting blindsided by a bad habit is to always review your games to play smarter.