Hyper casual games like Pull the Pin are designed to give users tons of fun with minimal commitment, and without having to sit down for hours progressing through complex systems or mechanics. These games present all their elements front and center, and then give users free rein to progress through their levels at their own pace. And in some cases, they also progressively continue adding additional elements to make later stages more difficult to complete.

The gameplay in Pull the Pin is quite easy to grasp and understand, as progress is mostly achieved by completing the different levels as they become available. However, shortly after beginning, you’ll notice that these levels quickly become much more complex and difficult, and this is where you’ll need to really apply yourself in order to keep progressing.

But there’s no need to worry since, in this guide, we’ll be going through a few basic Pull the Pin tips and tricks to get you started and progressing on the right track.

How to Complete Levels

The mark of a good casual puzzle game is that its basic mechanics are clear and easy to understand and that the difficulty comes solely from the way its levels are designed. In this regard, Pull the Pin shines brightly thanks to its simplistic gameplay consisting of, as its title implies, pulling pins to complete levels. Specifically, the way to win levels in this game is by filling the container at the bottom with the colored balls that are present in the upper levels of the stages. To do so, you must pull pins to make the balls fall, and eventually land in the container. 

While levels start out very simple, requiring you to pull only a few pins in very obvious orders, they will quickly progress to include multiple pins, walls, bombs, and other hazards that you’ll need to keep in mind before making a single move. 

Nevertheless, despite its rising complexity, the objective is still always the same: fill the container with the colored orbs, while avoiding the hazards that could prevent you from completing this task. 

Level Hazards

While the basic gameplay in Pull the Pin is always the same, there are a couple of level hazards that you need to keep in mind whenever you’re playing. Specifically, these two hazards are the bombs and the gray balls.

Bombs are stationary objects that act in the same way as regular orbs, which means that they are also affected by gravity and fall freely when their floors are removed. However, unlike orbs, bombs immediately ignite when they touch other orbs, and explode shortly after, decimating everything in their immediate radius, and sending everything else careening in all directions. In other words, you never want these bombs to explode next to your orbs, or inside the goal container, since they will shatter it and make you lose the stage. Luckily, in all cases, there are ways to get rid of bombs by throwing them off the stage, or by making them blow up behind a wall, far from your orbs or goal container.

Gray orbs are different in that they’re not really hazards, but they’re also worthless for your current goal, since they don’t count towards your completion of the stage, even when deposited into the container. As such they must be transformed into colored orbs before being deposited. Luckily, this is quite easy to achieve as all it takes to turn your gray orbs into their colored counterparts is simply making them come into contact with a colored orb. In this sense, before dropping gray orbs, you will first need to drop some colored orbs into them so they can get colored as well.

By avoiding bombs and coloring all your gray orbs, you can complete virtually any level in Pull the Pin.

The Different Types of Unlockables

As you complete levels, you’ll earn lots of coins, which can be used for a couple of different purposes, with one of these being purchasing cosmetics and other unlockables from the in-game store, which you can access by clicking on the paintbrush button on the top right of the screen. 

In the store, you can find a variety of features, including a gumball machine gacha that you can spin to receive rewards, including some themes, balls, and other cosmetics. Moreover, there are also specific cosmetics that can only be unlocked by purchasing them from the store using coins. These cosmetics fall into four different categories:

  • Balls: Customizes the appearance of the orbs present in every stage.
  • Themes: Changes the background in the stages.
  • Sticks: Changes the appearance of the pins in every stage.
  • Trails: Makes orbs leave behind a trail when they are falling through the stages.

The Town Builder Feature

While coins can be used for purchasing stuff from the store, they can also be used in the town builder aspect of Pull the Pin, which is accessed by clicking on the house icon on the main screen.

In this menu, you can use coins to build and upgrade different structures, which serve to generate a passive income of coins every few seconds. The more advanced your town, the more coins it’ll generate. In this sense, you’ll basically need to spend money to make money, so to speak.

Your town can accommodate a wide variety of buildings, though you’ll need to max out your current structure before being able to move on to the next. Moreover, you can visit every few hours and click on each of your buildings to pick up your earnings. 

Working on building and upgrading your town is not only gratifying, as you can see it grow the more you invest into it, but it’s also a great source of passive income, which will let you buy even more stuff from the store.

Watch the Ads Whenever Possible

While you can always work on your town and complete levels to earn coins, these methods always require some effort, time, and energy. However, a good FREE way to earn extra coins is by watching the ads that pop up every now and then whenever you complete a level. These short intermissions can be a bit boring to watch, but they eventually reward you with tons of extra coins. And in the case of the town builder, the only way to decorate the areas outside your buildings is actually by watching these ads.

Luckily, if you’re playing Pull the Pin on PC with BlueStacks, you can simply let the ads play in the background while you do something else on your computer, and come back a few seconds later to pick up your rewards.