Throughout your entire journey in the immense world of Midgard, you are going to spend most of your time traversing far lands, fighting multiple types of enemies, and gathering resources for upgrades. It can undoubtedly become very tedious at some point however it does not have to be that way permanently. In spite of the mundane things that you have to do in Ragnarok X, the game still has plenty of features that can not only greatly assist you in doing those things but also add some more spice that can alleviate the tediousness.

In this guide, we’ll talk about some tips and tricks that can make your common activities in Midgard much easier.

Know Which Monsters to Fight

It is important to familiarize yourself with the various monsters in the world of Midgard. This becomes more important when you are trying to farm for a specific resource because there are certain monsters that have the chance of dropping the resource that you are looking for when they are eliminated.

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

To know information about monsters, click on the ‘Academy Handbook’ followed by ‘Monsters’. This will lead you to an encyclopedia detailing all of the monsters of Midgard. 

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

Clicking on one monster reveals where they can be seen in Midgard (you can click on their location to make your character automatically travel there via auto-travel) as well as all the items that can drop by chance after killing one. Additionally, you can also view research objectives which can reward your with Adventure Experience upon completion.

Teleporting Around Midgard

Fast travel is part and parcel of open-world games. Oftentimes, fast travel in games can be unlimitedly used but Ragnarok X does things differently by limiting that.

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

In order to fast travel – or rather teleport – all around Midgard, you need either a Fly Wing or a Butterfly Wing. These items can be garnered from the Sundries Store, life activities, or from merchant-class characters. 

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

Buying from the Sundries Store is the easiest option to procure the Fly Wing or Butterfly Wing and they cost 1800 and 3600 Zeny respectively. 

The Fly Wing teleports your character to a random location in Midgard. On the other hand, the Butterfly Wing is for travelling to specific locations. By ‘specific locations’ however, that does not mean literally any point of the map. 

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

The Butterfly Wing only teleports you to save points that you must set yourself by approaching a character named W. W is an employee of the Kafra Service Corporation that provides various services for your character.

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

W can provide you free fast travel to any of Midgard’s five major cities: Prontera, Izlude Island, Geffen, Morroc, and Payon. If you are in any of these cities and want to fast travel to another one, then just find W teleport from there. However, if you are far away from those cities, then it is best to use a Butterfly Wing.

Do Daily Quests in the Right Order

The Mission Board contains daily quests in which you do certain tasks for various people all around Midgard in exchange for moderate amounts of Base EXP, Job EXP, as well as Odin’s Blessing. 

Daily quests more often than not involve travelling to multiple places around Midgard that may not necessarily be close to each other. For the sake of efficiency, it is best to do daily quests in a proper order.

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

Firstly, approach a Mission Board and accept all the quests that are posted to the board. Afterwards, do all of the quests that are located to your nearest location. If there are five daily quests that take place in Prontera, then just stay in Prontera and finish all those quests. After Prontera, travel to the next nearest location of the daily quest and keep repeating until all daily quests are finished.

You will know that a daily quest is finished when the next objective is to go back to the Mission Board. When this objective shows up for one quest, do not immediately travel to the board yet to claim the reward for that quest. It is much more efficient to collect all the pending rewards at once after all quests are accomplished.

Teaming Up 

There are plenty of adventurers like you roaming around Midgard and teaming up with them can actually give you and your teammates some collective benefits. 

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

Aside from the increased efficiency of eliminating monsters due to increased manpower, you and your teammates can receive EXP bonuses while working together. The more teammates that you have in your party, the greater the EXP bonuses. The complete details of the bonuses are shown below:

Team Members Bonus Member Jobs Bonus
1 100% 1 100%
2 110% 2 105%
3 120% 3 110%
4 130% 4 115%
5 140% 5 120%

Weather Effects

Ragnarok X has a day-night cycle as well as a weather system that gives Midgard additional aesthetic details. However, these features are not merely for decorative purposes but in fact serve some functionalities.

5 Tips and Tricks for Your Journey in Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

There are six special weathers in Midgard, and you can actually different passive buffs depending on the weather. To know the current weather, simply look at the top-rightmost part of the street and you should see a tab that displays the current location your character is in. Within that tab is a small circular icon that displays the weather.

Weather Effect 
Dawn, Sunny, Sunset, Rainbow, Starry No effect. These are common weathers.
Meteor Shower
  • Final Vigor +10%, Final ASPD 10%
  • Gardening ripening speed bonus
  • Final Dodge Rate +5%, Earth Damage Dealt +5%
  • Gardening ripening speed bonus
  • HP Regen -10%, Fire Damage Dealt +5%
  • Gardening ripening speed bonus
  • Final Crit Rate & Final Anti-Crit Rate +5%, Wind Damage Dealt +5%
  • Gardening ripening speed bonus
  • SP Regen +10%, Water Damage Dealt +5%
  • Gardening ripening speed bonus
  • Small monsters will attack
  • Can capture pets with special affixes, Merchant-class characters can set up stalls