In conquest and war games like Reign of Empires, your power is a representation of your overall progress and proficiency. This number, while not necessarily indicative of the strength of your army (though a big army definitely contributes to this number), it shows that you’ve been around the block and know your way in the game. In this sense, increasing your power is almost as important as actually developing your town, and while both processes are linked, there are some things that give more power than others, and that you might want to prioritize once you’re initially set up.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

Moreover, when it comes to Reign of Empires, specifically, there is an event that rewards players according to how much they increase their power within a time period. In this sense, increasing your power in this civil war game is more important than ever, especially if you want to reap the sweet, sweet rewards. To this end, we have created a guide with several simple pointers that you can follow to increase your power in this game.

If you’re looking to progress and increase your power quickly, then keep these things in mind.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

The Power Breakdown Menu

In these civil war games, there are countless ways in which you can increase your power. In fact, it’s very likely that you’ll simply grow your power without even noticing simply by playing the game. Since there are so many ways to go about this, it’s easy to lose track of the sources that contribute to your overall power, making it difficult to discern the best ways to go about this process.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

Luckily, the power menu is very detailed when it comes to showing the most important sources that are contributing to your power in Reign of Empires. You can access it at any time by simply clicking on your power—that is, the little box where your power is displayed. In this new screen, you can see exactly how much power you have in this game, as well as its sources. Moreover, you can also find many interesting tidbits of information including the number of battles you’ve fought in, your victories, and many different combat stats. Be sure to check in often to view your progress.

In particular, one of the best uses for the power breakdown menu is that it can also help you learn how to increase your power in this Reign of Empires as each item on the list is a potential source of power for your town.

Constructing Building and Upgrades

The first and most straightforward way of ‘building’ your power in Reign of Empires (pun definitely intended) is by constructing buildings and upgrades. You don’t really have to worry too much about this process since the act of building is already necessary for many different purposes, and you’ll likely do it anyway without putting much thought into your power.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

Now, some buildings give more power than others once finished, and their respective upgrades usually grant even more power than the initial construction. Especially when you’re upgrading to higher levels, these projects give a bunch of power. As we said, you don’t really need to worry about increasing your power through building—you’ll do a lot of construction anyway. However, the takeaway here is that you should ALWAYS be building. The time that your workers are idle is time that you could be spending on increasing your power. The same goes for training troops and researching, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Unlocking and Upgrading Your Greatmen

On another occasion, we wrote about how to unlock and upgrade your Greatmen in Reign of Empires. In a nutshell, these powerful people are the backbone of your empire. Not only do they look striking and fearsome, but they can also bestow certain effects and use abilities that can aid you in specific manners. However, usefulness aside, these Greatmen also increase your power considerably once unlocked and upgraded. In fact, their contributions to your power are so significant, that they have their own category in the power breakdown menu.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

Make sure to upgrade your Greatmen every time you get the chance. Not only will these upgrades increase their contributions to your town, but they will also grow your power even further.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

Train Troops

As a civil war game, combat is inevitable in Civilization War. In this sense, you should always be training troops, even if war is not currently on your agenda. Even if you don’t plan on attacking, your troops are useful for many things such as defending from enemy attacks, collecting resources from the map, and hunting evildoers on the map. And lastly, every unit you train will also contribute to your overall power, so training soldiers is a surefire way to climb through the ranks in this game.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

If you’re just starting and are not sure which troops to train, we suggest focusing on every type since this is the best way to ensure that you’re not left vulnerable to certain troops in case of an enemy attack. However, give priority to your siege units as these are the type of troops with the highest load capacity, which means they’re great for when you want to gather resources from the world map, which is something you should always be doing.

Researching Technologies

Once you reach Castle level 6, you’ll unlock the Academy, which is the place where you can pay resources to research all sorts of technologies that will increase the efficiency of your town in many ways. From increasing march speed and troop training capacity to speeding up the rate at which you produce resources and increasing your building speed, there’s always something you can improve by researching the appropriate tech.

Civilization War on PC- How to Increase Your Power

Like with most other things that you can work on in Reign of Empires, every time you develop new technology, you get power. The amount of power you get depends on the technology in question but, similar to upgrading buildings, the higher the level of the tech, the more power it’ll give.

And there you have it, four easy ways to increase your power in Reign of Empires. By focusing on these tasks, you’ll make quick progress in this awesome civil war game in no time.