From a roleplay perspective, Cosmo is the spirit energy that each of your Saints has learned to gather, control, and channel into attacks. The Cosmo concept from Kurumada’s Saint Seiya universe has been adapted to this game in such a way that it behaves very much like gear, which, if you’ve been playing Saint Seiya Awakening for any amount of time, you’ve noticed is completely missing. Your characters in Saint Seiya Awakening might not be able to equip any armor, but they can be strengthened with the help of Cosmos and skill levelling. You can also check out more of these tips for beginners.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

The cool thing about the Cosmo mechanic is that it also allows your units to gain abilities that they do not normally have. Essentially, this aspect of the game provides yet another strategic dimension you can play and theorycraft with. Similarly, knowing whose skills to level is tremendously important for F2P players, as they will definitely have a harder time coming across doubles of their strongest Saints – which is what you need to level up individual abilities.

Awesome DPS Cosmos

If you happen to have Sagittarius Aiolos, who is one of the best DPS Saints in the game, you can go ahead and give him a Daffodil + Kingfisher + King Giant + Silver Dragon combo with P.stone, Tenacity/Bloom, and Staunch. This is obviously a setup that is designed to increase the character’s physical attack damage as much as possible, since he is meant to be a one hit, OTK combo. Naturally, you’ll first want to level his Golden Arrow, and then his Justice ability.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

Since our main goal is to improve DPS output, it makes sense that we use a similar setup for the handsome Pisces Aphrodite, a Saint who is often on par with Aiolos. For his Cosmo, you might consider going Kingfisher + King Giant + Daffodil + Silver Dragon with the same P.stone, Tenacity/Bloom, and Staunch. We prioritize his Bloody Rose skill.

Scylla Io, on the other hand, fares better with an Equinox Flower combined with a P.stone or Firedrop, Tenacity/Bloom, and Staunch. If you happen to have doubles, always upgrade Scylla Power. The Firedrop, Staunch, Tenacity, and Bloom will increase Io’s health pool (and, by implication, that of his summoned beauty Scylla), thereby boosting his odds of landing more attacks during a combat. We want the same from our other damage dealers since their survivability increases our odds of success.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

Another aspect many people loose track of when it comes to Scylla is that he is often present in the top 50 Galactic Duel compositions. Aside from being a good DPS, his monster can also inflict a 1-turn stun via the Scylla’s Power passive. Such a CC is a major game changer in any PvP engagement.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

Ridiculous Support Cosmos

Eagle Marin, the undisputed healer of Saint Seiya, should get the Laurel Tree Legendary Cosmo, which will increase her healing by a massive 20%. Aside from this, equip her with Rosary, C.Stone/Eagle, Tenacity/Bloom, and the Heal Book. If you have Laurel, but Marin is not in your lineup, you might want to consider switching things up just to include her because she’ll easily turn the tides of your hardest PvE engagements. Without a doubt, we upgrade her Eagle God’s Technique.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

Chameleon June is another Saint you don’t want missing from your collection. Her Vines Growth will link all of your party together, which will make you invulnerable to OTK combos if you get to cast it (hint: play Kiki alongside her). We always level her Chameleon Breath, rather than the Long Whip Penetration, since the former skill greatly increases her survivability. That and the vines cannot be upgraded.

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If you happen to have the Legendary Mandala Cosmo, June is the perfect Saint to carry it. The -15% damage received buff will annoy your adversaries to no end. Iris is also ok, but much less effective than the former. In terms of regular Cosmos, she’ll do just fine with Fire Drop, Tenacity or Bloom, and the Letter.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

We all know how strong Kiki can be in both PvE and PvP line-ups. Most of the players who regularly top the Galaxy Battle charts have one of these in their compositions. Now imagine a turn wherein his Psychokinesis directly generates 2 energy instead of transferring it to the next turn (which will happen more often than you think, given its outstanding 40% chance of occurrence at level 1).

A casual Marsh Fairy Legendary Cosmo will give your party yet another 1 energy to work with. Nothing out of the ordinary with this, except for the fact that it will give your Luna a free Star Fate Prayer cast. We might as well just stop here, because it’s getting pretty ugly, very fast. Obviously, we level Kiki’s Flash of Wit and, as for regular cosmos, we can do a Flower/Eagle, Tenacity/Bloom, and New Moon.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

Here’s a cheat sheet of substat priorities that’ll always help you make the right choices when it comes to other hero/Cosmo combos:

  • For Tanks: percentage (%) increase in max HP, flat increase in max HP, physical or Cosmo defense.
  • For Healers: % Heal increase, % Cosmo ATK, flat increase to ATK.
  • Physical Attack DPS: % Physical ATK, flat PATK.
  • Cosmos Attack DPS: % Cosmo ATK, Cosmo DMG, flat increase to Cosmo ATK.
  • For PvPers: Speed, since it enables you to take your turn before your enemy does.
  • Don’t pick status hit substat unless you’re looking to increase somebody’s Control (for instance, if you’re using a Freeze, Stun, or Silence character in your lineup).
  • Lifesteal is not really that big. You might, however, increase the sustain on some of your damage dealers.

Empower Your Cosmo With BlueStacks

Since we’re sure you’re already playing Saint Seiya Awakening on BlueStacks, we won’t be dwelling on the matter any further. With regards to the Cosmos mechanic, it might seem a little odd to begin with, but we guarantee you’ll get used to it in no time. We finally managed to do it, and, believe us, we’re usually not that keen on new ways to play the types of games we already know and love. Now, we can’t get enough of it.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Cosmo Setups for the Best Saints and their Skill Priorities

The idea behind a great Cosmo setup is to always try and augment/complement what a particular Saint is really good at. For instance, we give glass cannons more attack power, but also a bit of survivability to make sure we barely, just barely outlast our enemies. With these setup and skill priority examples, you’ll be able to progress through the game and level your characters in no time.

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