SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH is a fun, exciting, and adrenaline pumping stealth game in which the titular schoolboy, who hates to study and loves to play, must escape from his house while his parents keep a watch on him. The schoolboy must use all the tools at his disposal to trick his parents and find a way out of the house.

While the list of characters for SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH may be short, knowing what you are up against, and what your own character can do can be very helpful when playing the game. For that reason, BlueStacks presents you with a character guide for SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH. To know more about the game, you can check out our  beginner’s guide, and our list of tips and tricks to make your stealthing journey easier. 

Character 1 – The Schoolboy

Mastering the Escape: Ultimate Character Guide for SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH

The schoolboy is the titular character and throughout the course of the game we do not learn his name. Before the game begins, we find out that he has gotten an ‘F’ in school, as well as a complaint from his teacher saying he was ‘goofing off’ and misbehaving in class. Once his mother finds this out, playing or going outside the house is a complete no-no for our poor schoolboy.

The schoolboy can interact with all the objects within the house, including cupboards, cabinets, closets, appliances such as the fridge, washing machine, and microwave, as well as the computer in his room. All of these have specific uses and will need to be used in order to escape from the house. The schoolboy has the ability to crouch and stay quiet when need be, and can also distract his parents using various methods. 

Character 2 – The Mother

Mastering the Escape: Ultimate Character Guide for SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH

The mother is our principal antagonist in the game, constantly on the lookout for her child in case he is doing, or attempting to do, anything apart from studying. The mother will check in on the schoolboy from time to time in order to see whether he is studying, and the frequency of these check-ins will depend on the difficulty level that the player has chosen.

The mother spends most of the time in-game in the kitchen, which also has some vital supplies needed for the user to escape from the house. For this reason, distracting the mother is very important. Be careful, however, too many distractions too quickly will lead to her getting suspicious and punish you for trying to escape. 

From time to time the mother will also go outside to water the plants in the garden, which provides the player with an opportunity to rummage through the supplies in the kitchen, or to create a distraction such as a smokescreen which can be created by turning off the exhaust fan. The mother’s preferred form of punishment for the schoolboy is making him sweep the floor outside or in the kitchen.

Character 3 – The Father

Mastering the Escape: Ultimate Character Guide for SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH

The father is the secondary antagonist in the game, since he spends most of the time in his room watching football. However, to get to the master bedroom, which has all sorts of supplies such as batteries, tools, and even a safe which can only be opened by solving a very interesting puzzle, the user must get past the father by either being very stealthy or by distracting him in some way.

One of the ways to distract the father is by sending him a fake text through your computer which will lead him into the bedroom. This way, the player can check the TV room for anything that may be of use.

The father visits the bathroom from time to time, depending on the difficulty level chosen by the user. Be careful, however, if you accidentally leave the lights on or the door to the bathroom open, your father will become suspicious and come into your room to punish you. His favorites include making you do squats or beating you up with his belt.

Character 4 – The Dog

Mastering the Escape: Ultimate Character Guide for SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH

The dog is a minor character with not much of a role in the game. However, since this is the ultimate guide to SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH, we will include the dog as one of the characters.

The dog is always outside the house in his kennel. If you get too close to him, he will begin to bark, which will lead to your parents finding out that you are trying to escape. Oftentimes, the dog is also guarding a wooden plank or some other item which is essential for you to escape from the house. In order to distract him, the user must feed him something from the kitchen.

The dog can be fed meat which you have found in the fridge and then microwaved. This allows you to look through his kennel while he is enjoying his meal. 

Enjoy SCHOOLBOY RUNAWAY – STEALTH on your Laptop or PC   with keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks! Check out our Features Guide to learn how to use BlueStacks to optimise your stealth experience.